Outstate News (2-15-15)

Nolan perseveres through challenges in personal, professional life. (Duluth)

Daudt/Hausman/Seifert: How the metro vs. Greater Minnesota debate is playing out in the Legislature. (MinnPost)

Crisis time for Minnesota roads spending? (MPR-Albert Lea)

Kelly: State’s road system is big, complex — and in need of solutions. (PioneerPress-Duluth)

Eken,Fabian sponsor bills on environmental peer review. (Crookston)

Bakk/Daudt/Thompson/Goodwin: Commissioner pay raise fight leads to Dayton-DFLer blowup. (MPR)

Bakk/Daudt/Nash/Peterson/Drazkowski/Goodwin: Capitol fireworks erupt as Senate seeks to suspend raises for Dayton’s commissioners. (PioneerPress-Detroit Lakes)

Daudt/Drazkowski: Dayton-Bakk rift surprises Minnesota Capitol. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Daudt/Dayton: Bakkstabbed. (MinnPost)

Bakk/Daudt: Mark Dayton “Stabbed in the Back” by Democrats as Pay Raise Drama Heats Up. (CityPages)

Bakk: Democratic rift after Senate vote on Dayton cabinet raises. (AP)

Dayton: Arne Carlson weighs in on salary tussle. (MinnPost)

Reinert/Dahle/Goodwin/Pappas: Fractured Dayton-Bakk relationship throws DFL agenda into doubt, could have lasting political implications. (Strib)

Bakk/Cohen/Dayton: Photos: Dispute over commissioner raises gets personal. (Strib)

Peterson/Drazkowski/Anderson: Dayton’s Huge Pay Raises Spark Year’s First Legislative Slap Fight. (CityPages)

Anderson/Knoblach/Davids/Peterson/Drazkowski/Cornish: Republicans slap back at commissioner raises. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Cohen/Frans: Commissioner hearings on hold in the Senate. (MPR)

Tomassoni: U.S. Steel fights new environmental standards for MN mine. (MPR)

Daudt/Bakk: New MN House bills checking regulators would benefit mines. (MnBrown)

Drazkowski ties DMC funding to Zip Rail ban. (Rochester)

Limmer: Lower wages become an issue for state justice system. (ForumNews)

Tomassoni: Competition for president of RAMS. (Virginia)

Marty: ‘Small plastic, big problem’ (ForumNews)

Winkler/Koenen/Daudt: Rep. Tim Miller will so vote for a big budget if forced by things the governor wants to do. (BSP)

Benson/Rosen/Nelson: Political Notebook: Minn.-ND-Wis. man to run GOP convention; ‘Black market [cigarette] highway’; GOP unveils MNsure plan. (Moorhead)

Kahn: Degenerates Rejoice! Legislator Pushing for Legalized Sports Gambling. (CityPages)

Anderson/Johnson/Hamilton/Schultz/Bly: State’s dairy farmers discuss legislative priorities. (AgriNews)

Schmit/Miller/Pelowski/Drazkowski: Winona County SWCD meets with legislators. (AgriNews)

Schomacker co-authoring bill for state’s family farmers. (Worthington)

Backer and Westrom announce upcoming town hall meetings. (Morris)

Demmer/Luther: Committees cannot decide on two university regent candidates. (ForumNews)

Sen. Franken Helps Introduce Bill to Allow American Workers to Earn Paid Sick Days. (InsNews)

Franken looks back at ‘SNL,’ St. Cloud-set film. (St. Cloud)

Franken: Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special Guest List Is Insane—Check Out Everyone Appearing! (Enews)

Franken/Klobuchar: Nolan: PEIS won’t be needed. (Virginia)

Franken/Klobuchar/Peterson): Nolan to co-sponsor gray wolf bill. (Virginia)

Kline/Peterson: Bills to end Endangered Species Act protections for wolves introduced in Congress. (Duluth-Detroit Lakes)

Obama signs Walz’s veterans suicide prevention bill. (MinnPost)

Tim Walz Thinks Volunteers Can Solve America’s Trail Maintenance Problem. (CityPages)

Broadband service is a constant work in progress. (Redwood Falls)

League of Women Voters speaker believes felons need second chance at jobs, voting. (Willmar)

Republicans, Iron Range DFLers Want to Give Mines Free Reign to Pollute. (CityPages)

How vulnerable is Minnesota to climate change? (Brainerd)

Sand mining plan could be staggering. (Red Wing)

Solar energy: A new farm crop from proposed Aurora project. (Willmar)

As corn prices fall, Minnesota farmers worry about future. (MPR-Willmar)

Farm Rescue accepting applications for spring planting help. (AP)

Plant a seed: Loos encourages farmers to be their own advocates. (Redwood Falls)

Letter: Thank you Congressman Nolan. (Brainerd)

Letter: Nolan wrong about ‘fast track’ powers for president. (Aitkin)

Letter: Governor Dayton proposes 50-foot buffer. (Alexandria)

Letter (Hackbarth-Daudt): Minnesota’s ‘democracy’ is frightening. (Red Wing)

Letter: Backer should tell us where he stands. (Alexandria-Morris)

Letter (Anderson-Franson-Backer): GOP transportation plan will not address rural issues. (Morris)

Sparks Column: Working together to protect farms. (Austin)

Rarick Column: Spending will go up under governor’s plan. (Pine City)

Bennett Column: Grow better paying jobs in all parts of state. (Albert Lea)

Daniels Column: Legislative update from Brian Daniels. (Faribault)

Column: A-Bakk-alypse Now. (TPBB)

Column (Carlson-Ventura-Pawlenty): This time, it’s personal: Why Mark Dayton’s ‘unbound’ second-term style is nothing new. (MinnPost)

Column (Urdahl): Strengthening Minnesota’s classrooms, with nary a punitive thought. (Strib)

Column: Are we willing to pay for good highways? (Hutchinson)

Penny Column (Dayton): School-only approach to pre-K is off target. (Red Wing)

Column: It just makes sense to improve relations with Cuba. (Glenwood)

Column: Why we still need alternative fuels when gas is cheap. (MinnPost)

Editorial (Solon-Smith-Daudt): Sen. Bakk right; Dayton overreacted. (Virginia)

Editorial: Dayton’s pay raises dampen income inequality argument. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Dayton): Tie pay increases to performance. (St. Cloud-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Miller): Super Gav is taking on the Legislature. (Winona)

Editorial (Tomassoni-Dicklich): Is RAMS working? (Timberjay)

Editorial: Broadband expansion investments have benefits. (Mankato)

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Outstate News (2-8-15)

Erickson/Hancock/Miller/Koenen: Schools with 4-day weeks plead to continue. (ForumNews)

Erickson: Bill would preserve four-day school weeks for some districts. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Daudt/Moe: Winning Majority Unlocked Loads Of New Money For House GOP. (AP)

Gov. Dayton Isn’t Running For Reelection So He Gave Huge Raises to His Top Employees. (CityPages)

Peterson: Hefty pay raises for state commissioners draw fire from Republicans. (MinnPost)

Hann/Anderson: Dayton defends raises for cabinet members – Republicans criticize commissioner pay hikes. (AP)

Peterson: Dayton: Raises for cabinet necessary to attract, keep talent. (AP)

Lakeville Rep. Peterson: Salary increases for political appointees ‘outrageous’ (ECM)

Peterson/Eken/Franken/Nolan/Klobuchar/Drazkowski: Political notebook: Dayton, GOP disagree over commissioner raises; Hemp on agenda; Money sought for trail; End ‘politician welfare’? (ForumNews)

Hann: Tomassoni quits Range job, citing ‘distractions’ (ForumNews)

Tomassoni/Hann: Senator gives up outside job despite ruling in his favor. (AP)

After weeks of blowback, Tomassoni drops Range job. (MPR)

Tomassoni declines RAMS job amid controversy. (MnBrown)

Baker/Daniels/Lillie/Newman: Baker so shocked by nursing home funding rates that he skips 2 Aging committee roll call votes. (BSP)

Green/Drazkowski/Hancock: Residents talk taxes at forum. (Park Rapids)

Koenen/Drazkowski: Farmer tax fix may not be immediate. (ForumNews)

Drazkowski/Koenen: Proposal would limit property taxes to homestead and one acre. (AgriNews-Rochester)

Cornish/McNamara: Some Republicans Say Walkers and Bikers Should Pay Extra Fee to Use State Trails. (CityPages)

Loon: Dayton’s expanded pre-K plan under fire from critics. (MPR)

Hoppe/Petersen/Atkins: Rep. Kahn again proposes lower drinking age. (PioneerPress/Detroit Lakes)

Torkelson/Stumpf: The Legislature doesn’t have to pass a bonding bill in 2015. But it will. (MinnPost)

Bakk/Dill: With handwritten plea, 84-year-old hunter charms Minnesota lawmakers. (AP)

Baker/Barry: Kandiyohi County to question state’s mental health plan. (Willmar)

Wiger: Wolf bills would ban snaring, increase livestock fund. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Hamilton: Greater Minnesota budget: from nursing homes to wolves. (ForumNews)

Urdahl makes push for ‘real reform’ in education. (Litchfield)

Baker/Garofalo/Koenen: Propane fix in the works. (ForumNews)

Baker: Legislative committee will hold hearing Monday in Willmar: Propane affordability focus of public testimony. (Willmar)

Bonoff/Demmer: Regent candidate drops out of election. (MnDaily)

Rep. Glen Gruenhagen Says Funding “Traditional Families” Helps Kids Learn to Read. (CityPages)

Video interview with Representative Jeff Backer available. (Alexandria)

Net neutrality: Franken hails FCC chair’s move toward Internet service as utility. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken Talks Rural Healthcare Strategy. (KEYC)

Lyft to Sen. Al Franken: We are guarding customer privacy. (HotDish)

Sens. Klobuchar, Franken push Minnesota Supreme Court justice for federal judgeship. (HotDish)

Emmer on Cuba embargo: ‘Clearly that’s not working’ (MinnPost)

Ellison/Nolan/McCollum: Keith Ellison Is Pushing to Add Mobile Internet to Net Neutrality. (CityPages)

Dayton blasts lottery ban bill, threatens veto. (MPR)

Jesson: State designs new option for adoption. (Peach)

Sieben: 2015 edition of “A Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota” now available. (HTF)

Commissioner Rukavina schedules local meetings. (HTF)

Higgins: County to stay course on NLX passenger rail board. (Isanti)

Getting connected: Lt. Gov. Smith visits Luverne to mark $5 million for broadband expansion. (Worthington)

Blandin works with Redwood County to meet broadband goal. (Redwood Falls)

University of Minnesota, Morris moves up in EPA Green Power Partners listings. (Morris)

USDA creating more bird habitat areas on irrigated farmland. (Benson)

Seeking clarity on the Minnesota River. (AgriNews)

[Ditch] Buffer proposal has people talking. (AgriNews)

Aging farmers, fewer farmers: Trends in agriculture bring sweeping changes in Winona County, countrywide. (Winona)

Money available for training beginning farmers and ranchers. (Morris)

Hamilton Letter: Dayton’s budget falls short for nursing homes. (Worthington)

Johnson Letter (Ward-Radinovich): Broadband infrastructure grants. (Brainerd)

Johnson Letter (McNamar): Broadband development coming to greater Minnesota. (Morris)

Hancock Letter: Democrats’ tax, fee increases too much. (Park Rapids)

Letter (Heintzeman): Where’s John Ward? (Brainerd)

Letter (Heintzeman-Ward): Appalled at letter. (Brainerd)

Letter (Rosen): Remember the smaller dairies. (Albert Lea-Worthington)

Letter (Tomassoni): RAMS appointment a symptom of a corrupt system. (Timberjay)

Letter (Cassellius): Benefit of new education money from state misleading. (BCN)

Letter: Don’t reward Dayton’s mismanagement. (Little Falls)

Letter: Backyard chicken benefits outweigh fears or concerns in the community. (Crookston)

Letter: Legislation on grass filter strips is needed. (Worthington)

Sparks Column: Senate priorities will help our local schools. (Albert Lea)

Poppe Column: We, as a state, are a community of support. (Austin)

Kresha Column: Jobs bill boosts workforce development, better-paying jobs across state. (Brainerd)

Penny Column: Expand choices in Dayton Pre-K plan. (Mankato)

Column (Franken): ‘Made in America’ Just a Political Slogan to Conservatives. (OpEdNews)

Column: Oberstar earned airport terminal honor. (Duluth)

Column: Will we pay for good highways? (Aitkin)

Column: Bring true high-speed rail to Duluth. (Duluth)

Column: Ventura takes aim at sniper film. (MnDaily)

Column (Bachmann): A GOP outbreak of scientific illiteracy. (Worthington)

Column: Pass the Cuban cigars please. (Aitkin)

Column: Global warming, volcanoes or a fluke? (Glencoe)

Column: The real concern behind IRRRB stock purchases. (Timberjay)

Column: There’s more to rural-urban split in Minnesota than dollars. (Spring Grove)

Column: Step up for greater Minnesota, Legislature. (Duluth)

Editorial (Simonson-Reinert-Bakk): Resist divide, focus on all Minnesotans’ needs. (Duluth)

Editorial (Dicklich): Tomassoni decision right for Range. (Virginia)

Editorial (Cornish-Johnson-Schoen): Body camera bill defeats purpose. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Time to set aside partisanship, fund statewide transportation improvements. (Owatonna)

Editorial (Nolan): Climate threat
Arrowhead faces dramatic change without action on carbon emissions.

Editorial (Morse-Dayton): Stream buffers should be enforced. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Pine-to-potatoes is a concern. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Clean lakes are well worth the investment. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Reform code need for renewables. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Simon busy as new secretary of state. (Worthington)

Editorial: Sunday sales would come with hangover. (Litchfield)

Editorial: Don’t overreach with sick-days law. (Duluth)

Editorial: RAMS could be better in the long run. (Ely)

Editorial: Rural areas and legislators drove broadband. (Virginia)

Editorial: For-profit schools deserve scrutiny. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (2-1-15)

Editorial (Petersburg-Kelly): Let’s agree on roads plan this session. (Mankato)

MN Chamber Column: Let’s focus on sustained, strategic transportation funding. (Worthington-Rochester)

Kelly/Hann/Pederson/Zelle: Dayton seeks $11 billion for transportation. (ForumNews)

Jensen/Dahle: Dayton’s transportation plan means $1 million more for Rice County. (Faribault)

Sundin/Finstad: State of rural MN: Poorer and more diverse. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Green/Hamilton/Eken: Nonmetro Minnesota budget: From nursing homes to wolves. (ForumNews)

(Koenen/Franson/Peterson/Tuma) Political Notebook: Report sparks debate on plant-based fuels; No [DHS job]cuts, then cuts; Ex-lawmaker to PUC; Fighting water [WOTUS] definition; Childcare union battle; Minnesota prevents pollution; Walz top sportsman. (ForumNews)

Dayton: Human Services cutting jobs. (MPR)

Koenen/Baker/Dayton: Proposed DHS cuts would affect Willmar. (Willmar)

Dayton’s proposal would force addiction recovery program in Fergus to close. (Fergus Falls)

Hancock-Drazkowski/Thissen: School levy limits factor in tax talk. (Bemidji)

Drazkowski/Poppe/Davnie/Bennett/et al: Farmers say property taxes are too high. (AgriNews)

Anzelc/Phillips: IRRRB, DEED lost big bucks on Duluth Metals stock. (Duluth)

Good ruling for Sen. Tomassoni – Advisory finding: Holding RAMS job and Senate seat OK. (Virginia)

Anzelc: Job conflict dogs Tomassoni; RAMS members losing faith. (MnBrown)

Considine/Liebling: Sunday liquor sales pit owners against drinkers. (Mankato)

Torkelson/Hansen/Wagenius/Persell: A gentle buzz: pollinator-friendly legislation quietly moving through Minnesota House. (BSP)

Cornish/Latz/Scott: Bill that would keep videos from police body cameras private raises alarms. (MPR-Brainerd)

Stumpf: Skeptics question the cost of free college. (MPR-Albert Lea-Brainerd)

Clausen: Loan forgiveness could attract health professionals to rural areas. (ForumNews)

Freiberg: State bill would require parents talk to doctor before kids skip vaccinations. (PioneerPress-Willmar)

Willis: Minnesota Zoo asking lawmakers for $1.5M amid budget crisis. (AP)

Rarick/Daubt: Musgrove meets with lawmakers. (Pine City)

Franken: Ms. Stangler goes to Washington. (StarNews)

Franken: 6 EP students nominated for U.S. Service Academies. (SWNews)

Senator Franken nominates Bemidji teen for U.S. Naval Academy. (WDAZ)

Biodiesel Conference Honors Franken for Impact. (DomesticFuel)

Al Franken Brings The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ To Fracking Boomers. (HuffingtonPost)

Isakson, Franken named to leadership positions on Senate workplace safety subcommittee. (Safety&Health)

Klobuchar, Franken raise pet issues at Lynch hearing. (MPR)

Franken/Paulsen/Klobuchar: Repeal of Medical Device Tax More Likely With Friends Across Party Lines. (OpenSecrets)

Franken/Nolan/Peterson/Klobuchar: Red Lake officials talk tribal jurisdiction in D.C. trip. (Willmar)

Franken/Peterson/Walz/Nolan/Klobuchar: Minnesota’s agricultural, er, representational largesse on the Agriculture Committee. (Strib)

Walz appointed ranking member of commodities committee. (Austin)

Challengers Already Lining Up to Take On Congressman John Kline. (CityPages)

Emmer/Mcfadden/Mills/FitzSimmons: Sorry about your losing campaign — now pay up. (MinnPost)

Dayton plays hardball with Minneapolis Parks Board. (MinnPost)

Dayton proposes more compensation to farmers for wolf losses. (AP)

Rothman: Dayton wants new financial protection law for elderly. (AP)

John Tuma appointed to Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. (ECM)

Wind farms once used for U research may close. (MnDaily)

Juhl continues clean energy expansion. (Pipestone)

MNsure tops 100,000 total enrollments. (HTF)

Additional $34 million CCIIO funds will accelerate MNsure IT development. (HTF)

North Dakota may lose $4 billion of taxes as oil prices drop. (ForumNews)

Minn. cattlemen angered by court ruling restoring wolf protection. (AgWeek)

Number of PEDV cases down dramatically from last winter. (AgriNews)

Persell Letter: A common-sense approach to energy policy. (Worthington)

Schomacker Letter: Tax relief could soon be on its way. (Worthington)

Hamilton Letter: Importance of ag industry will be recognized. (AgWeek)

Letter (Heintzeman): Missing John Ward. (Brainerd)

Backer Letter (Marquart): DFL leaders should be open to real dialogue. (Morris)

Letter: Backer off to the right start. (Alexandria)

Letter (Newman/Gruenhagen/Nash): Appreciates legislators’ efforts for Hwy. 212. (Glencoe)

Letter (Shimanski): Vote on board chair is disturbing. (Glencoe)

Letter: Governor’s land grab. (Brainerd)

Letter: Accountability needed for gas tax. (Alexandria)

Letter: Greater Minnesotans will lose [with gas tax]. (Brainerd)

Letter: State Chamber focuses on business every day. (Duluth)

Franken Column: Finding common ground. (Pine City)

Klobuchar Column: Put governing over gridlock in 2015. (Alexandria-Detroit Lakes)

Drazkowski Column: Roads and bridges, not light rail, deserve state lawmaker attention. (Rochester-Winona)

Pelowski Column: Change accelerates disaster assistance. (Winona-Rochester)

Sparks Column: Governor’s budget addresses needs at home. (Austin)

Daniels Column: This week at the legislature. (Faribault)

Petersburg Column: Legislative update. (Owatonna)

Bennett Column: Legislature working together in 1st month. (Albert Lea)

Bauerly Column: Minnesota is fourth most expensive state in nation for child care. (ECM)

Column: Time for Legislature to step up for Greater Minnesota. (Alexandria-Hutchinson-Litchfield-Rochester)

Column: Bring balance before spending more or less, or taxing more or less. (Glenwood)

Column: {Sen.] Rosenmeier was a legend in his own time. (Little Falls)

Column: Keystone Pipeline: Foreign profits, American risk. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Haze issue: Nolan gets ‘A’; EPA an ‘F’ (Virginia)

Editorial (Pelowski): Will MnSCU listen to Dayton’s demands? (Winona)

Editorial (Daudt): Facing a GOP-led House, Dayton still decides to play hardball with his priorities. (PioneerPress-Willmar)

Editorial (Kent): State has critical need for school counselors. (Austin)

Editorial (Gruenhagen): Proposals to change referendum funding. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Gazelka-Heintzeman/Klobuchar): Legislation to help veterans deserves support. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Change the rural-vs.-Twin Cities mentality. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: More clear air in Minnesota. (Bemidji)

Editorial: Early childhood funding should address causes. (Little Falls)

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Outstate News (1-25-15)

Hancock/Erickson: Secretary of State Simon says ‘true early’ voting will speed system. (Bemidji)

Simon: Sec. of state pursuing voting advancements. (Albert Lea)

Kresha: Top Minnesota GOP bill features business breaks. (ForumNews)

Daudt: Urban-rural split in Minnesota grows deeper, wider. (Strib)

Thissen/Marquart: Democrats say they helped Greater Minnesota. (ForumNews)

Marquart: Property taxes top ag priority list. (AgriNews)

(Murphy-Baker): If Baker is embarrassed now by nursing home funding, just wait until he learns how it happened. (BSP)

Schmit: Senator introduces bill extending liability for agritourism activities. (AgriNews)

Schultz/Simonson/Reinert: Lawmakers aim to block state aid cuts for Duluth. (Duluth)

Drazkowski/Lien: Farmers plead for tax relief. (Rochester)

Knoblach/Carlson: Crisis behind him, Dayton faces different budget pressure. (AP)

Tomassoni: More disarray at RAMS – Meeting canceled for lack of quorum; Virginia council wary. (Virginia)

Public lobbying group that hired Tomassoni now reeling. (MnBrown)

Daniels/Jensen/Schomacker/Dean: Faribault nursing homes seek more state funds. (Faribault)

Hann: Dayton sheds light on education funding increases in budget. (AP)

Miller wants local school boards to be given more power. (Benson)

Senjem/Marquart: Legislators consider plan to phase out state tax on Social Security income. (MinnPost)

Mack/Murphy: Minnesota House Republicans could help the cause of abortion opponents. (AP)

Latz/Lesch/Scott: Minnesota lawmakers renew push to regulate license plate readers. (AP)

Rep. Steve Drazkowski Believes Motorcyclists Need Protection from Overzealous Cops. (CityPages)

Loon/Reinert/Bakk: Sunday liquor sales advocates promise to keep fighting ban in Minnesota. (AP)

Bakk/Daudt/Torkelson/Urdahl: Work on ‘people’s house’ to proceed. (ForumNews)

Ruud/Heintzeman/Nolan/Klobuchar: Top political officials honor Brainerd elementary schools on National Blue Ribbon awards. (Brainerd)

Al Franken Meets Constituents In Minnesota To Discuss Rural Health Issues. (JBN)

Senator Franken seeks input from Northshore Area Partners. (Two Harbors)

Franken: Everyone Wants Net Neutrality, But How Do We Get It Done? (CityPages)

Klobuchar, Franken announce additional $9 million in critical heating assistance. (ECM)

Peterson: 70 percent of Minnesota dairy producers enroll in margin program. (AgriNews)

Rep. John Kline: No new federal programs for community colleges. (HotDish)

State unemployment rate drops to 3.6 percent. (HTF)

Pro-life groups rally at State Capitol. (Alexandria)

Zip Rail study process rolls on. (Red Wing)

Willmar native begins his work as first full-time chairman of Met Council. (Willmar)

Minnesota Power’s Bison project expands wind portfolio to more than 500 megawatts. (HTF)

Butterfield Foods files reply to HSUS allegations. (AgWeek)

How Minnesota got its green giant. (MinnPost)

Collin Peterson Letter: Let Minnesota control wolf population. (Detroit Lakes)

Green Letter: Working to strengthen Greater Minnesota. (Park Rapids)

Hamilton Letter: Committee will work for all in agriculture. (Worthington)

Marquart Letter (Daudt): Bennett must pick politics or people. (Albert Lea)

Bennett Letter (Marquart): Both sides need to listen to the other. (Albert Lea)

Marquart Letter: Are Lueck, Heintzeman waving the white flag? (Brainerd)

Letter (Marquart-Heintzeman): Elections have consequences. (Brainerd)

Letter (Lueck): Short-term road fix won’t work. (Brainerd)

Marquart Letter: Is Rep. Jeff Backer waving the white flag on transportation? (Morris)

Letter (Backer): Republican priorities are big business, not us. (Alexandria)

Letter: Jeff Backer is off to a good start in the House. (Morris)

Letter (Hancock): GOP waving white flag on transportation? (Park Rapids)

Letter (Anderson-Rosen): West Central Minnesota has concerns about ag, transit. (Alexandria)

Letter: Democrats refused transportation fix. (Glenwood)

Letter: Polk County Board reiterates support for the Sandpiper. (Crookston)

Franken Column: Congress can find common ground. (Red Wing)

Swanson Column: Receiving calls from own phone number part of scam. (Mora)

Bakk Column: Senate DFLers focus on rural Minnesota. (St. Cloud)

Stumpf Column: Tuition grants can build Minnesota’s workforce. (Grand Forks)

Poppe Column: New legislative session has a new feel. (Austin)

Anderson Column: Legislative session gets off to good start. (Glenwood)

Westrom Column: Federal conformity, zero-based budgeting in first week of session. (Morris)

Drazkowski Column: It’s time to end ban on Sunday liquor sales. (Red Wing)

Column (Peterson-Ness): A local case study in bipartisanship. (Litchfield)

Column (Kelly-Dibble): Addressing our crumbling infrastructure – The DFL transportation bill is far better than the proposed Republican alternative in MN. (MnDaily)

Chamber Column: Transportation solution must be sustainable, strategic. (Duluth)

Column: Results, more than anything, will get voters to the polls. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Obama-Stumpf): Tuition plans need ‘political rocket fuel’ – Bipartisanship. (Grand Forks)

Editorial (Kiel-Daudt-Dayton-Zellers): Will all this pleasant talk lead to positive action in St. Paul? (Crookston)

Editorial: Compromise is critical for state’s highways and bridges. (Duluth)

Editorial (Daudt): A real cure for road, bridge repairs. (Litchfield)

Editorial (Pierson-Quam-Drazkowski): Local voices help define taxing concerns. (Rochester)

Editorial (Seifert): Outstate agenda gains momentum. (Mankato)

Editorial: State of the Union – President Obama has achieved much, but refuses to rest on his laurels. (Timberjay)

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Outstate News (1-18-15)

Obituary (Rep. Jerry Dempsey): Goodbye, good guy. (Red Wing)

Obituary: Donald Kahn, U professor, husband of Rep. Phyllis Kahn. (Strib)

Sundin/Finstad: State of rural Minnesota: poorer and more diverse. (ForumNews)

Bennett/Drazkowski: State reps to hold listening session on taxes. (Albert Lea)

Pierson/Quam/Drazkowski: GOP lawmakers host property tax meeting in Stewartville. (Rochester)

Peppin/Bennett: Majority leader seeks middle ground. (Albert Lea)

McNamara/Hackbarth/Wagenius/Hansen/Marty: Enviro conference gets testy. (HotDish)

Petersburg/Cornish: [Motorcycle] Anti-profiling bill could stall in committee. (Owatonna)

Kent/Kelly/Dibble/Reinert: Senate eyes transportation tax. (ForumNews)

Dibble/Kelly/Daudt: Two for the roads: comparing the parties’ transportation funding plans. (MinnPost)

Bakk/Tomassoni/Metsa/Dill/Anzelz: Range lawmakers back gas tax increase. (Virginia)

Jensen/Daniels: Broadband back on the Legislature’s agenda. (Faribault)

Poppe/Sparks/Bennett: Riverland announces programs, projects at legislative breakfast. (Austin)

Pelowski: Legislature considers full funding for WSU’s Education Village. (Winona)

Bonoff: Bill that would strip teacher seniority introduced by DFL senator. (HotDish)

Hornstein/Dibble: Minnesota study shows lack of oil safety training. (ForumNews)

Dayton ‘open’ to Bonoff teacher seniority bill, miffed with Senate GOP leader Hann. (HotDish)

Bakk/Skoe: House passes tax conformity bill. (PioneerPress-Austin)

Cohen/Pawlenty: Minnesota budget busters: K-12, health care. (Pioneer Press-Moorhead)

Lourey/Newman/Reinert/Martin: Capitol Chatter: Wisconsin Democrats drool over western neighbor; Change MNsure; City background common; Dayton ‘incivil'; New safety leaders; Water project a pilot; Biodiesel not for ships. (ForumNews)

Dill: Range leaders beginning to talk broadband. (MnBrown)

Reps. Nick Zerwas and Dan Schoen Think Beers and Hockey are in the Best Interest of Bipartisanship. (CityPages)

Anderson, Backer take oaths of office for 12B, 12A. (Glenwood)

Interview with newly elected Rep. Brian Daniels (R-Faribault). (Faribault)

Franken/Huntley/Sertich: Franken seeks solutions to rural health challenges. (Duluth)

Franken Visits Duluth, Addresses Rural Health Care Needs. (WDIO)

Franken renews push for American-made steel for Keystone. (MinnPost)

Letter seeks Franken help in wolf ruling. (GrandForks)

Franken blasts GOP’s ‘watered-down’ Internet proposal. (TheHill)

Sens. Hatch, Franken Push for Medical Device Tax Repeal. (NewsMax)

Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken Are Paid Well to Shill for the Medical Industry. (CityPages)

Amy Klobuchar Defends Shilling for a Corporate Tax Cut, But Facts Don’t Back Her Up. (CityPages)

Minnesota’s Tom Emmer Named One of Congress’s Best New Haters. (CityPages)

Q&A: What Tom Emmer wants for Minnesota businesses. (MinnPost)

Is former House Minority Leader Seifert lobbying for gas tax hike? Highway 14 Partnership a client. (BSP)

Dayton: U of M president throws flag on banning early games. (ForumNews)

University of Minnesota, Morris receives NSF funding for STEM education. (Morris)

Raich named Provost of Hibbing Community College. (HTF)

Center for Small Towns studies population change in west central Minnesota. (Morris)

Lipman: Enbridge Pipeline Hearing in Crookston: Supporters cite safety, jobs and economic benefits, while opponents fear for the land. (Crookston)

Governor proposes 50-foot waterway buffers, enforcement to create habitat. (Willmar)

Big bucks aimed at little bird. (Duluth-Willmar)

RRV diversion project gets boost from conservation program. (AgWeek)

Extension, FSA add farm bill education seminars. (AgriNews)

Beginning Farmer and Rancher money available. (AgriNews)

Farmers, ranchers left waiting for ban to drop before they can use unmanned aircraft. (Grand Forks)

Skoe Letter: Session begins with surplus, tax conformity. (Park Rapids)

Newman Letter: Dayton’s sophomoric statements. (Hutchinson-Litchfield)

Bly Letter (Rosen): Family farmers are Minnesota’s ‘real ag’ (Litchfield-Worthington)

Dahms-Weber Letter: Southwest Minnesota has something for everyone. (Worthington)

Letter: Backer’s priorities support businesses, corporations. (Morris)

Letter: Thank you, John Ward. (Brainerd)

Letter (Saxhaug-Ward): Thank Ward for new law. (Brainerd)

Letter (Ward-Saxhaug): Thank Saxhaug for boat trailer licensing law. (Bemidji)

Letter (Garofalo-Norton): Zip Rail proposal doesn’t meet need of the state and its people. (Rochester)

Letter: Conservation stewardship program improvements needed. (Alexandria)

Franken Column: Finding common ground, standing up for the middle class in new Congress. (Owatonna-St. Cloud-Worthington)

Nolan Column: Hard work, bipartisanship must mark the 114th Congress. (Pine City)

Kline Column: Change needed to restore local control in classrooms. (Rochester-Winona)

Newman Column: Preview of 2015 legislative session. (Glencoe)

Bennett Column: Agriculture is burdened by too much gov’t. (Albert Lea)

Column (Nienow-Tomassoni): Senators’ entanglements do not pass the smell test. (Strib)

Column (Peppin-Baker): Kresha off to a good start in St. Paul. (Little Falls-ECM)

Column (Daudt): Erickson influence will be felt in 2015 legislative session. (ECM)

Martin Column: GOP transportation plan falls short. (Detroit Lakes)

Column: Don’t buy PolyMet’s assurances on environmental outcomes of sulfide mining. (MinnPost)

Moe-Beard Column: Reliability and affordability should be priorities in our energy supply. (Morris)

Column: Recreational wolf hunt was unnecessary, counterproductive. (Bemidji)

Column: Gray wolves listed again, for better or worse. (Timberjay)

Column: Free community college a good plan. (Fergus Falls)

Column: Minn. ag land property taxes rising. (AgWeek)

Column: Rural Minnesota needs a miracle. (Litchfield)

Column: Rural mail will suffer with more mail plant closures. (Little Falls)

Column: Minnesota has a bright future. (ECM)

Editorial (Tomassoni): Why a RAMS, is real issue. (Virginia)

Editorial: Highway funding – All agree on the need, but GOP aversion to new revenue may block a deal. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Klobuchar-Franken-Nolan): Will Minnesota’s U.S. senators back Keystone? (Virginia)

Editorial: ‘Free college’ plans need refinement. (St. Cloud-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Nolan): If Duluth mail plant closes, the impact will be felt in Ely. (Ely)

Editorial: Xcel offers encouraging plan for clean energy. (St. Cloud-Austin)

Editorial: President should veto Keystone Pipeline approval. (St. Joseph)

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Outstate News (1-11-15)

Drazkowski/Davnie/Thissen/Daudt/Lesch/Skoe: An urban vs. rural fight for Minnesota state aid? (PioneerPress)

Daudt/Bakk/Dibble: Dayton: House transportation plan ‘pure fantasy’ (MPR)

Daudt/Dayton: Agreement, disagreement in transportation. (PioneerPress-Detroit Lakes)

Thissen/Doug Peterson: Big gap in road-fixing plans means bigger fight at Capitol. (AP)

Kelly/Bakk/Dibble/Stumpf/Lanning/Luther: Political Notebook: Transportation plans evolving; Politicians left off [regent list]; Stumpf, Obama agree. (ForumNews)

Gunther/Nornes/Bakk: Help wanted for rural workforce, housing problems. (ForumNews)

Davids/Osmeck: Sunday liquor rematch brewing at state Capitol. (MPR)

Daudt/Kresha/Baker/Marquart/et al: First legislative day combines ceremony with policy. (ForumNews)

Nornes, Ingebrigtsen take office as new session begins. (Fergus Falls)

RAMS picks Tomassoni [as executive director] – State senator will take unpaid leaves of absence during legislative sessions. (Virginia)

Kahn: Chorus of lawmakers want money for Minn.’s state band. (AP)

Bakk/Thissen/Daudt/Hann/Kelly/Dibble: First bills: DFLers want free education, Republicans want business tax breaks. (MPR)

Daudt/Bakk: What the parties’ first bills tell us about 2015 legislative session. (MinnPost)

Daudt/Bakk/Clausen/Schomacker/Eken/Sieben/Hann: Senate DFL, House GOP show contrasting priorities. (ForumNews)

Obama proposes publicly funded community college for all. (AP)

Obama’s college proposal a potential ‘game changer’ for Faribault’s SCC. (Faribault)

Garofalo: Republican lawmaker in an electric car, and loving it. (AP)

Minnesota Energy Policymaker Rep. Pat Garofalo’s Complicated Vision for the Future. (CityPages)

Terri Bonoff: Minnesota PIPELINE apprenticeships help build stronger workforce. (Grand Forks)

Jensen/Metzen: State Senate praises credit union’s student-run branch at Owatonna High School. (Owatonna)

Reinert says he won’t run for Duluth mayor. (Duluth)

U.S Senator Al Franken appoints his first Somali staffer. (SomaliCurrent)

Franken/Nolan/Klobuchar: The Iron Range’s Highway 53 paradox. (MnBrown)

Franken/Paulsen/Klobuchar: Medical device tax opponents’ $29 billion question. (MinnPost)

Paulsen, Kline vote to approve Keystone XL Pipeline. (ECM)

Nolan, Peterson and Walz join GOP on Keystone pipeline. (MPR)

Walz to serve on Armed Services Committee. (BSP)

Franken/Dayton/Martin: Downey seeks re-election as Minnesota GOP chairman. (KARE)

Simon/Otto: Dayton celebrates at low-key inaugural ball. (AP)

Radinovich: Governor names Mark Phillips as IRRRB commissioner. (MnBrown)

Gov. Dayton appoints Mark Phillips commissioner of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board. (ECM)

Mark Phillips appointed Commissioner of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board. (HTF)

MN DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr announced two high-level appointments. (HTF)

Seifert/Dayton: Salisbury steps aside — almost — as political reporter. (ForumNews)

Pot potential: Some tribes request guidance on enforcement of Controlled Substance Act on tribal lands, Red Lake to discuss issue. (Bemidji)

DC judge ruling puts wolves back under fed management, ends hunting for near future. (Ely)

Duluth treatment plant’s new permit to allow mercury, sulfate pollution. (MInnPost)

Doug Peterson: Minnesota Farmers Union urges appeal of gray wolf decision. (Hutchinson)

Minn. wetland restoration program signup under way. (AgWeek)

HSUS alleges cruelty at Minn. chicken plant; company denies claims. (AgWeek)

Letter: DNR should relocate wolves to metro area. (Duluth)

Letter: [Wolves], a clear and present danger to the future. (Ely)

Letter: Wolf decision should prompt people to get involved. (Timberjay)

Newman Letter: Balanced budget should benefit all Minnesotans. (Hutchinson)

Letter: 2015 begins with a [nursing] win for rural Minnesotans. (Moorhead)

Lourey Column: Pleased with budget forecast. (Pine City)

Krauthammer Column: The revenue-neutral gas tax. (Faribault)

Column (Pogemiller): ‘Unconscionable’ mistakes by Minnesota Office of Higher Education. (ECM)

Column: Tax relief leads Minnesota Chamber agenda. (Fergus Falls)

Column: Sportsmen not buying PolyMet’s sulfide mining whitewashing. (Duluth)

Column: How to ease [rural] labor shortages: Raise pay. (Grand Forks-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial (Gunther):Road funding becoming critical. (Mankato)

Editorial (Pelowski-Daudt): Rule change strengthens democracy. (Winona)

Editorial (Miller-Reinert): End prohibition on Sunday alcohol sales. (Winona)

Editorial (Saxhaug-Lueck): Make your [transportation] arguments. (Brainerd)

Editorial (Miller-Baker-Koenen): Legislature is off to a civil start for 2015. (Willmar)

Editorial: Make 2015 session of rural Minnesota. (Virginia)

Editorial (Bakk-Daudt): Editorial: It’s time to do best for state. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Wolf ruling – The science supports de-listing; the law should, too. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Judge’s ruling on wolves defies biology. (Grand Forks-Park Rapids)

Editorial: Dayton cranks up the candor. (ForumNews)

Editorial (Garofalo): New legislative balance could mean more cooperation. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Minnesota is winning this border battle. (Winona)

Editorial: Open those doors, and Viva Cuba! (St. Joseph)

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Outstate News (12-21-14)

NORAD set to track Santa’s flight. (Austin)

Daudt/Thissen/McNamara: House GOP bounces Minneapolis’ Wagenius from longtime post on natural resources committee. (Hotdish)

Wagenius/Thissen/Daudt: Democrats cry foul on rosters. (AP)

Thissen: DFLers lament Wagenius’ absence from House environmental committee. (MinnPost)

Zellers/Bakk/Thissen/Marquart/Torkelson/Nornes: Doubt remains in Daubt; Democrats have concerns about new House speaker. (ForumNews)

Melin/Anzelc/Tomassoni/Metsa: $1.95 million more to solar plant. (Virginia)

Kelly/Sawatzky/Hamilton/et. al: Western Minnesota loses out in state house transportation committee assignments. (BSP)

Hann/Hayden/Champion/Martin: DFL calls for ethics review into Ortman campaign’s alleged payment for endorsement. (HotDish)

Cornish/Rosen/Johnson/Torkelson/Jensen: Property taxes, transportation top legislative agenda. (AgriNews)

Sheran/Zerwas/Jesson: Pressure mounts to fix Minnesota Sex Offender Program. (MinnPost-Willmar)

Saxhaug/Rosen/Gazelka: Minnesota senators look to Wisconsin for workforce advice. (ForumNews)

Garofalo/Eken/Bakk/Marquart/et.al: Political chatter: North Dakota is major Minnesota political topic; New tax eyed; More leaders named; Bakk raises money. (ForumNews)

Erickson: Teacher seniority headlines GOP’s education plans. (AP)

Rep. Joe Atkins Reverses Course: There’s No Evidence of Powdered Alcohol’s Danger. (CityPages)

Bakk: Dayton urges swift action on flood-aid package. (AP)

Bakk/Daudt/Jennings/Moe/Sviggum: Why are Minnesota’s elected officials studying a 30-year-old legislative session? (MinnPost)

Franken Not Satified with Uber’s Non-Answers About Privacy Policy. (CityPages)

Franken backs Hillary Clinton for president. (MinnPost)

Franken/Klobuchar/Nolan: Movement made to name portions of Interstate 35 in memory of Congressman Oberstar. (ECM)

Bachmann plans post-Congressional role as Clinton foil. (MinnPost)

Secretary of State-elect Steve Simon appoints Jake Spano as chief of staff. (ECM)

Pope County makes top 10 list for Minnesota voter turnout. (Glenwood)

Sertich scores historic win in final IRRRB meeting. (MnBrown)

IRRR Board approves major investments in businesses, infrastructure, and education. (HTF)

State employers add 6,600 Jobs in November. (HTF)

MN exports reach record $5.5 billion in third quarter. (HTF)

Business lobby targets auto-hikes to minimum wage. (AP)

Solar Skies to close in Alexandria. (Alexandria)

Wolves regain federal protection. (ForumNews)

U.S. judge restores Endangered Species Act protections to Great Lakes gray wolves. (Brainerd)

MPCA seeking comments on upgrades at four Riverview [dairy] facilities. (Morris)

EPA reviewing WOTUS comments. (AgriNews)

Minnesota Cattlemen hear from national leader. (AgriNews)

Heitkamp: Change to U.S.-Cuba Policy Supports Ag Exports for ND Farmers. (AgriNews)

Easing of Cuba restrictions creates opportunity for ag. (AgWeek)

US agriculture has big appetite for Cuba trade. (AP)

Green Letter: Rep. Green prepares for next session. (Park Rapids)

Letter: On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda. (MinnPost)

Marquart Column: DFL delivered results for Greater Minnesota. (Fergus Falls)

Column (Mariani-Ray-Bonoff): 7 successes of Minnesota education in 2014. (ECM)

Column: Kurt Daudt — the legislative doctor in the House? (Strib)

Landkamer Column: Getting covered is good for rural Minnesota families. (Morris)

Column: Pheasants – High Hopes And Realities. (Benson)

Column: Reopening economic ties between the U.S. and Cuba will benefit both countries. (MinnPost)

Column: The Conservative Case For Normalizing Relations With Cuba. (Federalist)

Editorial (Limmer-Peppin): Legislature, stay out of MSHSL decisions. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Governor: New IRRRB commissioner must get back to agency’s core mission. (Virginia)

Editorial: Time is right for policy change on Cuba. (Willmar)

Editorial: Engaging Cuba is the best route for changing it. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Cuba libre, U.S. style. (Mankato)

Editorial: GOP has right priority on roads. (Mankato)

Editorial: Minnesota seed law is too strict for library. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Despite media onslaught, torture is not American way. (Glenwood)

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Outstate News (12-7-14)

Editorial: Greater Minnesota is looking for a political party. (Fergus Falls)

Most Lake Pepin phosphorus from industrial sources and sewage. (AgriNews)

Peppin: Republican leader takes aim at High School League. (MPR)

Hackbarth/McNamara/Marty/Morse: Wetlands, mining on 2015 [legislative] agenda. (AP)

Bakk/Daudt: Minnesota lawmakers size up $1 billion surplus. (AP)

Bakk/Daudt: Inflation eats away surplus. (ForumNews)

Groups seek share of new money. (ForumNews)

Nornes: Surplus isn’t ‘free pot of money’ (Fergus Falls)

Sen. Dahms: Transportation must be a priority. (Redwood Falls)

Hamilton: Under state plan, Luverne is 199 miles away from nearest proposed medical cannabis dispensary. (BSP)

Sheran: Legislators grill administrators on Security Hospital problems. (Mankato)

Daudt: From farm boy to speaker of the Minnesota House. (ECM)

Ruud receives award in Philadelphia. (Brainerd)

Franken: Senator heads up rural health talk. (ForumNews)

Franken focuses on Uber and Lyft privacy policies. (MPR)

Franken/Klobuchar/Bachmann: Senate passes bill renaming Minnesota post office. (Austin)

Franken: Minnesota tree lights up U.S. Capitol. (MPR)

Klobuchar: Minnesota shines bright: U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree from Chippewa National Forest officially lit. (Bemidji)

Franken/Kline/McCollum/Ellison: How Rich Are Minnesota’s Congress Members? (CityPages)

Michele Bachmann’s last stand. (MinnPost)

Looking forward, Bachmann wants a voice in 2016 elections. (MinnPost)

Dayton Slams “Despicable” Anti-Transgender Bigots in Awesome Rant. (CityPages)

Downey/Franken: GOP claims DFL, Dayton violated campaign rules. (MPR)

Hausman: Efforts to boost midterm voter turnout ineffective. (MnDaily)

Midterm voter turnout varied widely across Minnesota. (MPR)

Cook County had highest voter turnout rate in Minnesota: 70 percent. (MinnPost)

Voter turnout in Douglas County: 55 percent. (Alaxandria)

E-pulltabs show signs of turnaround in Minn. (MPR-Moorhead)

Considering cameras in the courtroom in Minnesota. (Duluth)

Enbridge paves the way for another pipeline project. (Detroit Lakes)

Wolf hunt races to quick close. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Cows caught wandering downtown. (Red Wing)

Greater Mankato Growth hopes to nourish agricultural growth. (AgriNews)

USDA extends application deadline for Dairy Margin Protection Program to Dec. 19. (AgriNews)

Sort through Farm Bill: Free seminar for Kanabec farmers. (Mora)

Land Stewardship Project fights for small farms. (Willmar)

ALDI to open Willmar grocery store. (Willmar)

Letter (Ward-Nolan): It’s up to elected officials. (Brainerd)

Letter: Nolan is right to back bill on colon cancer screenings. (Duluth)

Letter: Nolan did the right thing on Keystone vote. (Duluth)

Nolan Column: Time to reform campaign practice. (Aitkin)

Schmit Column: Creative solutions needed for Minnesota’s rural roads. (Rochester)

Beard-Moe Column: State needs diverse power sources. (St. Cloud)

Column: Elements of an effective privacy policy courtesy of Senator Al Franken. (DailyPlanet)

Column: Environment, economy can flourish together. (Duluth)

Column: GMOs will be the future of agriculture – Despite criticism from many environmental groups, there are many benefits of GMO use. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Where’s the [property tax] relief? Legislators gave with one hand and are taking away with another. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Large surplus is good problem to have. (Winona)

Editorial: Minnesota budget forecast reinforces need for restraint. (Strib-Austin)

Editorial: Put big chunk of budget surplus toward roads. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Faults aside, don’t scuttle MnSCU’s visioning process. (ECM)

Editorial: What’s good about gas prices being so low? (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Frac sand report is reason to celebrate. (Winona)

Editorial: Voter ID desperately needs bipartisanship. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: State should help translate at polls. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (11-30-14)

Martin: Republicans and Democrats may continue to swap control of the Minnesota House — for years to come. (MinnPost)

Editorial (Martin-Downey): [Bigstone Co GOP] Chairman’s post sparks backlash. (MnDaily)

‘Bigotry’ on Facebook costs Big Stone GOP chair his day job. (Strib)

County GOP chairman resigns over Facebook comments about Muslims. (ForumNews)

Press release: CAIR-MN welcomes ‘outpouring of support’ following GOP county chair’s comments. (BSP)

Mullery/Loon: Education leaders talk disparities. (MnDaily)

Kelly prepares to lead on transportation. (Rochester)

Benson/Hoppe/Daudt/Atkins/Mack/Lourey: Split state power tempers GOP’s health care plans. (AP)

Rosen/Benson/Housley/Daudt/Paulsen/Downey: Handicapping the next race for governor: The Republicans. (Strib)

Franken/Klobuchar: EPA releases RFS decision: No change before end of year. (AgriNews)

After eight years in Congress, Walz finds a voice on veterans and military issues. (MinnPost)

Ritchie reflects on 2014 vote, past eight years. (MPR)

Frederickson/Sertich: Construction at State Capitol could overshadow session. (ForumNews)

Schowalter: Into Minnesota’s crystal ball… Tax collections and spending likely to stay steady. (PioneerPress-Detroit Lakes)

Jesson: Minnesota names new official to head child protection. (Strib-Duluth)

Jesson: Governor’s child protection task force seeks public input. (Glenwood)

Greater Minnesota legislative wish-list includes broadband and job training. (MinnPost)

State jails overflowing with women. (Alexandria)

Enbridge wants southern route for Line 3 pipeline. (ForumNews)

E-2 alternative recommended for Hwy. 53 relocation. (HTF)

State to name marijuana producers. (AP)

Turkeys’ frowns turned upside down for farmers. (ForumNews)

GM paying carbon credits to farmers. (AgWeek)

Erickson Letter: Legislator thankful for opportunity to serve. (Bemidji)

Pelowski-Miller Letter: 10 Days of Giving deserves your support. (Winona)

Letter: Dicklich for IRRRB; editorial wrong. (Virginia)

Letter: Board of Regents seeks candidates. (Alexandria)

Letter: Roadway safety trumps no new taxes. (Fergus Falls)

Ward Column: Election civility is endangered species. (Winona-Rochester)

Peppin Column: Balance in state government brings all voices to the table. (Rochester-St. Cloud-Winona)

Column (Ellison): How to get out the vote? (Strib)

Column: Action on immigration comes just in time for Thanksgiving. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Knoblach’s new (old) role comes with clout. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Peterson-Ellison): Minnesota National Guard deserves higher hardship compensation. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Roadway safety trumps no new taxes. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Executive order might goad Congress to act, for a change. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Internet access should be a given, but how? (St. Cloud)

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Outstate News (11-23-14)

Rukavina: Our trip to Boston – Family, friends, and food: Fuhgeddaboudit! (HTF)

Dayton, Daudt share lunch, prepare for power shift. (AP)

Daudt/Gunther/Hamilton/et. al: Minn. GOP puts focus on rural issues in state House reorganization. (Strib)

Hamilton/Anderson/Drazkowski/Daudt/Thissen: Rural Republicans to chair agriculture committees. (AgriNews)

Kelly/Drazkowski/Daudt/Thissen: Lawmakers lead House committees. (Red Wing)

Ingebrigtsen appointed Assistant Minority Leader in Senate. (Alexandria)

Urdahl appointed to Legacy Committee. (Hutchinson-Litchfield)

Thissen warns of aid cuts for metro under GOP. (Strib)

Thissen/Bakk/Swanson/Walz/Smith/et. al: Handicapping the next race for governor: the DFLers. (Strib)

Political Notebook: Kuisle reflects on election loss; Franken: Cruz ‘completely wrong’ on net neutrality. (Rochester)

Al Franken Was Liberal Enough, Tough Enough, and Doggone It, People Reelected Him – The Minnesota senator showed Dems how to win. (MotherJones)

Al Franken Grills Uber Over Privacy Policy. (CityPages)

Walz passed over for top spot on vets committee. (AP)

Walz calls on House to take immigration action. (Rochester)

Sertich: Gov. Dayton calls for applications to lead IRRRB. (MnBrown)

U.S. House members honor the late Rep. Bill Frenzel with floor speeches. (Minnpost)

In Facebook status, Big Stone Co GOP chair calls Muslims “parasites,” writes “frag em” at Mecca. (BSP)

Local leaders: Obama’s executive order just a start. (Austin)

Out of the shadows: Obama’s immigration plan likely to have impact locally. (Worthington)

MN ranks fifth in student debt. (MnDaily)

State seeks input on passenger, freight rail plan. (Red Wing)

A new plan for paint: Minnesota starts its paint stewardship program. (Bemidji)

Minnesota not on track to meet emission reductions. (AP)

Indoor farmers market and local produce processing facility being built in Little Falls. (Little Falls)

Extension launches 2014 Farm Bill crops education seminars. (Morris)

Letter (McNamar-Franken-Dayton): Marriage equality vote not a factor in loss. (Morris)

Letter (Ward-Radinovich): Single issue voters. (Brainerd)

Walz Column: Fuel standard good for US economy. (AgWeek)

Gazelka Column: Minnesota’s retired veterans are an asset worth our investment. (Alexandria)

Thissen Column (Daudt-Peppin): GOP record doesn’t bode well for outstate. (St. Cloud-Winona)

Column (Ward-Radinovich): Election message to GOP: beware of 2016. (Aitkin)

Column (Wiger-Ray-Erickson-Garofalo): House, Senate education leaders share several priorities. (ECM)

Column (Peppin): Opportunity for House GOP to be leaders for greater MN. (Detroit Lakes-Worthington)

Column: Pipeline fight a case of thinking globally, acting locally. (Timberjay)

Column: Science must guide sulfide mining choices. (Duluth)

Editorial: Nolan puts pipeline ahead of party line. (Duluth)

Editorial: Minnesota is doing mining the right way. (Duluth)

Editorial: Franken reiterates stance on net neutrality. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Election is over, now what? (Alexandria)

Editorial: MnSCU changes needed. (Mankato)

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