Outstate News (4-19-14)

Editorial (Knoblach): Senate Office Building plan still lacks answers. (St. Cloud)

Ingebrigtsen/Rosen: MNGOP senators pen fear-mongering anti-pot letter, write that ganja “rips families apart” (CityPages)

McNamar/Murphy: Cyrus Fire Hall gets legislative boost. (Morris)

Urdahl/Hausman: No money for Litchfield in House bonding bill, yet. (Litchfield)

Schomacker/Hamilton/Weber: State lawmakers hear from constituents at Legislative Breakfast event. (Worthington)

Melin/Pedersen/Lesch: Minnesota lawamkers fret about law enforcement clout. (MPR-Grand Forks)

Schoen/Bakk/Koenen/Thissen: Tired legislators take their holiday break with much done, much left. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Daudt/Thissen/Garofalo: Post-break, DFL legislators face dealmaking with GOP, selves. (MinnPost)

Zellers/Seifert/Thompson/Johnson: Dayton fundraising laps GOP gubernatorial field. (PIM)

Franken: $5.9M in campaign funds. (Strib)

Franken campaign gets fundraising assist from Amy Poehler. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken talks sugar, rail service in East Grand Forks, Minn. (AgWeek)

U.S. Senator Al Franken discusses slowing sugar production. (WDAZ)

Franken visits Fergus Falls. (Fergus Falls)

Sen. Al Franken pushes nutrition for kids and seniors. (HotDish)

Franken adds to push for more rail inspectors. (Moorhead)

MN Sen. Al Franken Talks Railway Safety in Moorhead. (KVRR)

Senator Al Franken asks Netflix CEO Hastings to fight Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. (BizJournal)

Peterson/Franken: UAS Taking Flight In Minnesota; Summit Highlights Regional opportunities. (Grand Forks-AviationPros)

Sertich: Segetis seeks $21 million from IRRRB for big project. (MnBrown)

[Doug] Peterson shares travel tales. (AgriNews)

Charges possible after fight at GOP committee meeting. (Fergus Falls)

Poll: Minnesotans remain split on same-sex marriage one year later. (CityPages)

Federal judge strikes down Minn. rules on out-of-state power plants. (Willmar)

Federated seeks to expand its fiber cable in area. (Benson)

Court case set for trial to test Minnesota’s ‘Buy the Farm’ law. (AP)

Property taxes at top of issues list [for farmers]. (AgriNews)

BNSF outlines fertilizer shipment plan to feds. (AP)

USDA orders farms to report pig virus. (AP)

Faust Letter: Local projects in bonding bill. (Pine City)

Kiel Letter: Reflections on the 2014 Minnesota Legislature. (Crookston)

Letter: Concerns about Westrom’s political agenda. (Morris)

Letter (Franson-Davnie): Representative turned her back on school district. (Alexandria)

Letter (Sawatzky): Bill won’t end bullying. (Willmar)

Letter: Walz gets this writer’s vote. (Worthington)

PolyMet Letter: Visit with us at Earth Fest. (HTF)

Jensen Column: Why I voted against the minimum wage hike. (Owatonna)

Poppe Column: Minimum wage, equal pay for women, increase will benefit families. (Austin)

McNamar Column: Women’s Economic Security Act provides the fairness we expect. (Morris)

Kresha Column: Bigger is not always better. (Little Falls)

Column (Hausman-Stumpf): Minnesota’s bonding cap needs to be raised. (Grand Forks)

Column: Building opportunities for MnSCU and state. (Red Wing)

Column: Transportation is a non-partisan issue in greater Minnesota. (Crookston)

Column: Iron Range sulfide mining can be done without harming wild rice or raising mercury levels. (MinnPost)

Column: Iron mining and the environment: Reclaiming the land. (HTF)

Column: Irrigation helps U.S. farmers feed the world. (Willmar)

Column: Legislation won’t end bullying. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Franken): Oil train regs front and center. (Moorhead)

Editorial: Stronger bullying law should help schools. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Wild rice and sulfate – Legislators undermine their own cause by resorting to power politics. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Pay attention to politics in spring. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Minimum wage bill. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Three cheers for wage increases. (Sartell)

Editorial: Hiking minimum wage commendable, but it is a double-edged sword. (Glencoe)

Editorial: We would say wage hike goes overboard. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Buying an election through lies is in vogue. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Capitol restoration should have ‘big wow factor’ (ECM)

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Outstate News (4-13-14)

Column (Savick-Malin-Kahn-Erickson): Progress, past and present, for women. (Strib)

CGMC Column: Senate, governor need to follow House lead on rural broadband, local gov’t aid. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: On medical marijuana, Dayton disappoints. (Crookston)

Editorial: Debate Medical Marijuana. (Mankato)

Dibble/Benson/Dayton: Public health commissioner Ed Ehlinger testifies against senate medical marijuana bill. (CityPages)

Thompson: KSTP/SurveyUSA Poll: Minnesotans Favor Medical Marijuana. (KSTP)

Benson/Dibble/Dayton: Panel’s medical pot hearing continued. (AP)

Melin/Kiel: House passes women’s economic aid. (ForumNews)

Lawmakers pressured Dayton on water quality rule. (Timberjay)

Barrett/Lourey/Radinovich: Legislature clarifies farmer market requirements. (ForumNews)

Hamilton: Renewable fuels bill progresses through legislature. (Windom)

Reinert/Skoe/Atkins: Sunday alcohol sales may stall over ‘growlers’ (MPR-Austin)

Mary Franson characterizes anti-bullying bill as “fascism,” GLBT community as “special interest” (CityPages)

MNGOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen misses the days when teachers hit students. (CityPages)

MNGOP Rep. Jim Newberger compares anti-bullying bill to Orwell’s 1984. (CityPages)

Thissen/McNamar/Murphy: DFL’s “Building a Greater Minnesota” Tour stops in Cyrus April 16. (Morris)

Sparks/Bly/Radinovick/Poppe/Winkler/et al: Poppe votes for minimum wage hike. (AP-Austin)

Ward, Radinovich support raise in minimum wage. (Brainerd)

Mahoney/Uglem/Lien/Drazkowski/Metsa/Winkler/Anzelc: Minimum wage headed up. (ForumNews)

Zellers/Thompson/Johnson: Republicans claim near-total power to cancel minimum-wage raises. (MinnPost)

Ruud, Gazelka support bipartisan tax bill. (Brainerd)

Bakk/Ritchie: Legislature finishes some issues, several left for after break. (ForumNews)

Most of legislative session already completed. (AP)

Metzen/Klobuchar: EPA ban creates tough call for ice rinks. (St. Paul-Moorhead)

Sheran/Johnson: Legislators host mid-session town hall forum in St. Peter. (St. Peter)

Schomacker/Webaer: Legislative breakfast is Friday. (Worthington)

Urdahl to speak about ‘Conspiracy!’ (Litchfield)

Gruenhagen to escort Dayton. (Glencoe)

GOP newcomer from Byron to challenge U.S. Rep. Walz. (Faribault)

Walz: Aaron Miller, GOP-endorsed Congress candidate, repeats bizarre anti-evolution story. (CityPages)

Nolan: Stewart Mills endorsed for Congress by 8th District GOP. (Brainerd)

Nolan: GOP endorses Mills for Congress in 8th District. (ForumNews)

Nolan: Stewart Mills distances himself from recording suggesting his family supports illegal PAC. (CityPages)

Emmer wins endorsement in 6th District. (MPR)

Krinkie/Emmer: Succeeding Bachmann: GOP rivals pledge to ignore Saturday’s likely Emmer endorsement. (MinnPost)

Peterson raises $218K in first quarter. (MPR)

Franken/Martin: Rivals for Minnesota Senate seat are tied to same investment firm. (AP)

Franken: Mike McFadden hits back after DFL calls presser “a train wreck you have to see to believe” (CityPages)

Franken: Mike McFadden fences with reporters and ducks specifics. (MinnPost)

Franken: U.S. Senate candidate says he’ll let voters know his philosophy, but he avoided giving specifics. (HotDish)

Franken: McFadden favors philosophy over specifics. (MPR)

Franken: Ten elected officials endorse U.S. Senate GOP candidate Dahlberg. (MinnPost)

Franken raised $2.7 million in 2014′s first quarter. (MinnPost)

[Franken] and Peterson to host UAS meeting in Thief River Falls Tuesday. (WDAZ)

Franken/Klobuchar/Heitkamp: State, federal minimum wage laws find new attention. (Grand Forks)

Franken: Family discovers painting of late World War II Brainerd veteran hangs in the Pentagon. (Brainerd)

Franken takes shots at Comcast/Time Warner merger in Senate hearing. (BMTN)

Franken’s Campaign Against Comcast Is No Joke. (NYT)

Sen. Franken backs Duluth Airport expansion project. (NorthlandNews)

Gophers victory sweet for Klobuchar, Franken. (HotDish)

Sens. Franken, Kirk Introduce New Bipartisan Bill to Keep Costs Down for Employers & Workers. (InsNews)

Bachmann reflects on career, says she is ‘going to different perch’ (AP)

Dayton/Jesson: MNsure: Anatomy of a breakdown. (PIM)

State commissioner [Sieben] impressed with Bemidji’s entrepreneurial spirit. (Bemidji)

McCarthy: RFS will reflect most recent data. (AgWeek)

Sparboe Farms expands, upgrades Litchfield egg complex. (Litchfield)

USDA announces $19 million in grants for beginning farmers. (AgWeek)

Slow train service impacts ethanol industry. (AgriNews)

Farm leaders, energy producers: Rail delays are fewer, but still causing widespread havoc. (Grand Forks)

Anti-bullying law will add to old rules, Steele County superintendents say. (Owatonna)

Newman Letter: DFL placing burden on businesses, taxpayers. (Hutchinson)

Letter: Dahlberg’s campaign takes time away from constituents. (Duluth)

Savick Column: House continues progress on caregivers’ pay. (Albert Lea-Owatonna)

Poppe Column: Lawmakers move forward on benefits for greater Minn. (Austin)

Newman Column: Passed Bullying Bill reminder of ‘1984’ (Glencoe)

Westrom Column: Bullying Bill bullies its way through the legislature. (Morris)

Column (Nolan-Wagenius-Dayton): Franken, Klobuchar gamble with PolyMet letters to DNR. (Duluth)

Column: Does your vote really matter? Consider Minnesota and Wisconsin. (Strib)

Editorial: Senate panel passes [DFL] office plan. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Davids): Break out the champagne, folks; time to celebrate ACA success. (St. Joseph)

Editorial (Wellstone-Boschwitz): Editorial: Voting still trumps money in politics. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Hornstein-Marty): State needs a recycling jump-start. (Strib-Austin)

Editorial (Thissen): What in the world is Speaker talking about? (Fairmont)

Editorial: Low-income voters will protect their pay raises. (Rochester)

Editorial: DFL’s minimum wage plan goes too far. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Jensen’s vote on minimum wage bill shows strength. (Owatonna)

Editorial: Minimum wage hike goes beyond reason. (Bemidji)

Editorial: Finance roads, but ask for less. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Take steps to protect state waters from invasives. (ECM)

Editorial: Anti-bullying law can’t be worse than bullying. (New Ulm)

Editorial: “Anti-bullying” law is somewhat misleading. (Marshall)

Editorial: Special legislators’ privilege; Reps. Metsa, Melin, Dill vote to keep ridiculous immunity. (Virginia)

Editorial: End DWI immunity for lawmakers. (ForumNews)

Editorial (Klobuchar-Franken): Democratic senators missed an opportunity. (Virginia)

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Outstate News (4-6-14)

Melin/Dibble/Hamilton: Notebook: TV commercial blasts Dayton medical marijuana stand. (ForumNews)

Gov. Mark Dayton slammed in medical marijuana commercial. (CityPages)

Bakk/Thissen/Daudt/Winkler/Cohen: With DFL unity at stake, Bakk sets his own priorities at State Capitol. (Strib)

Murphy/Dean/Daudt/Bakk/Zellers: House advances plans for $77 million Senate office building. (MinnPost)

Nelson/Anzelc/Liebling/Drazkowski/Davids/Simonson/et. al: House lawmakers OK union bill despite opposition from city, chamber. (Rochester)

Hamilton/Schomacker/Weber/Hausman: Officials meet with Dayton on Lewis & Clark. (Worthington)

Bryneart/Torkelson/Johnson/Sheran: Legislators take a look at session as it nears a close. (New Ulm)

Anzelc: Range lawmakers spiked wild rice report. (MNBrown)

Anzelc/Tomassoni: Iron Range rebellion halted wild rice initiative. (Strib)

Dayton: MNsure defects were no surprise. (Strib)

Hansen/Wagenius: South St. Paul lawmaker Rick Hansen isn’t easy to categorize. (PioneerPress)

Dill: Legislator wants more money for deer feeding in Minnesota. (Duluth)

Davnie/Torkelson/Marquart/Skoe: Farm families could get property tax relief. (AP)

Murphy/Daudt/Simonson/Huntley/Hornstein: House budget bill leans toward greater Minnesota. (ForumNews)

Poppe/Daudt/Marquart: House passes $322M budget. (AP)

Nornes/Thissen: Rep. Nornes: ‘It’s just a poor way to do business’ (Fergus Falls)

Melin/McNamara/Anzelc/Anderson/Persell: Bill to close gender pay gap advances in Minnesota Legislature. (ForumNews)

Urdahl/Hausman/Stumpf: House bonding bill grants Duluth’s wishes. (ForumNews)

Sen. [Weber]: Possible bullying law too costly, sets schools up to fail. (Marshall)

Sparks: Minnesota Senate passes anti-bullying bill. (AP)

Kiel: U of M Crookston students discuss issues at State Capitol in St. Paul. (Crookston)

Kahn, Noor to face primary after deadlocked DFL convention. (MinnPost)

Ward, Radinovich endorsed for Legislature. (Brainerd)

Gordy Wagner to consider run for House District 12B. (Glenwood)

Walz: Miller wins upset victory in Republican [1stCD] endorsement. (Mankato)

Walz: Miller selected as [1stCD] GOP nominee. (Albert Lea)

Walz/Quist/Benson/Martin: DFL releases statement about [1stCD] GOP nomination. (Albert Lea)

Franken: Dahlberg travels the state in underdog Senate run. (Duluth)

Franken: Ortman marches to the right with endorsements, positions. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken urging for creation of oil transport fund in midst of Bakken oil boom. (NorthlandNews)

Franken slams Supreme Court decision on campaign contribution limits. (HotDish)

Nolan/Klobuchar/Oberstar/Grams: 20th senior trip to D.C. underway. (Ely)

Glen Taylor, new Star Tribune owner, once paid $10k for a Bachmann-Palin photo op. (CityPages)

Conservationists claim victory on new farm bill. (AP)

MPCA outlines sediment reduction strategy for rivers. (New Ulm)

Red Lake 15 years later: Historic agreement the Red Lake Band of Chippewa and Minnesota DNR signed in April 1999 produced walleye recovery. (Bemidji)

Minn. cattle group will consider its options after failed beef check-off increase. (AgWeek)

US-Mexican sugar dispute sweetens US sugar prices. (AgWeek)

Minn. veterinarians discuss PEDv. (AgWeek)

Radinovich Letter (Erickson-Ruud-Brown-Ward): Bipartisan efforts underway. (Aitkin)

Skoe Letter: Funding reform helps rural school districts. (Bemidji-Park Rapids)

Letter (Persell): Legislator misinformed on medical marijuana. (Bemidji)

Letter: Savick’s definition of life is hers. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Kresha’s ‘no’ votes don’t lie. (Little Falls)

Letter: Who’s giving money to Faust? (Mora-Pine City)

Letter: No DUIs for lawmakers, no marijuana for us. (Duluth)

Ruud Column: Controversial [Senate office building] project sends wrong message. (Aitkin)

Penny-Horner Column: Minimum wage: Balancing fairness, cost. (Duluth)

Column: Transportation funding in critical need. (Granite Falls)

Column: Musings on legislative session, quality of life. (Aitkin)

Editorial (Kahn): Hemp, drone regulations can’t leave the U behind. (MnDaily)

Editorial (Walz): Quick endorsement in First District. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Change state constitution to fix Senate election schedule. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Hosting Super Bowl is not stadium funding. (Austin)

Editorial (Sheran): Gather data on legislative immunity. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Sheran/Thissen): Lawmakers don’t need DWI immunity. (Mankato-Austin)

Editorial: Lawmakers’ work for elderly not done. (Duluth)

Editorial (Bakk): Legislators on right track about minimum-wage issue. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Let legislators make their own decisions. (New Ulm)

Editorial: We elect lawmakers to decide these issues. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Please ban e-cigs indoors. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: MNsure stats will determine if changes are needed. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Pipeline opposition simmering. (ForumNews)

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Outstate News (3-30-14)

Column: Peterson makes it official — he’s running. We need more of his kind, not fewer. (Glencoe)

Rep. Kathy Brynaert to retire. (Mankato)

Editor’s Column (Seifert-Zellers): Pot: A no-win for Dayton. (Marshall)

Editorial (Dayton): Marijuana issue needs more serious consideration. (New Ulm)

Contradicting published reports, Mark Dayton now denies telling moms to buy pot off street. (CityPages)

Dayton denies telling mother of sick child to buy marijuana illegally. (MPR)

Medical marijuana activists contradict Dayton’s denial that he encouraged illicit purchases. (PIM)

Dayton further explains his stand on medical marijuana. (MinnPost)

Dayton denies telling mother to buy pot on the street. (Albert Lea)

Gov. Dayton denies suggesting mother buy pot on the street. (HotDish)

Marijuana advocates take aim at Dayton. (AP)

Column: Dayton shouldn’t suggest that patients break law. (Rochester)

Lenczeswki/Thissen/Bakk/Huntley: Capitol Chatter: Medical marijuana keeps producing controversy. (ForumNews)

Editorial: Governor: Back broadband now – Rural Minnesota needs initiative. (Virginia)

Editorial: Invest in high-speed broadband access. (Worthington)

Schmit: Scandia, like other small towns, seeks better Internet access. (PioneerPress)

Schmit/Kelly/Rest: Wabasha asks lawmakers to OK 1% sales tax. (Rochester)

Swedzinski: Month into session, progress at the Capitol. (Marshall)

Bryneart/Dahle/Erickson: Brynaert bill aids college, career prep. (Mankato)

Tomassoni/Rest: Minnesota House, Senate negotiators still have no minimum wage deal. (ForumNews)

Kahn: Industrial hemp bill clears first hurdle. (AgriNews)

Jensen/Schmit/Poppe/Davids/Kahn/Bakk: Farm Bureau members meet with legislators. (AgriNews)

Savick: Emergency responder bill enters House. (Albert Lea)

Rest/Bakk/Winkler/Schmit: DFL senators want the public to vote on minimum-wage inflation factor. (MinnPost)

Ruud/Rest/Thissen/Bakk: Ballot plan for minimum wage advances. (AP)

Sparks/Poppe: ArtWorks kicks off at Capitol. (Austin)

Marquart: Legislative bill would help DL recovery school stay open. (Detroit Lakes)

Lesch/Marty: Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill introduced. (HTF)

Yarusso/Hornstein: House eyes $15M in pothole repairs. (Austin)

Schoen: Bills would take guns from domestic violence suspects. (ForumNews)

Newton: Veterans groups angry over plan to change eligibility for veterans homes. (Duluth-Strib)

Latz/Morgan/Halverson/Sgeran: Proposed ban on indoor smoking of e-cigarettes to get vote in Minnesota Senate. (Duluth-Strib)

Reinert: Duluth mayor testifies to renew expired tax. (Duluth)

Kresha unanimously endorsed by District 9B delegates. (Little Falls)

Miller gets Republican endorsement; will challenge Falk in District 17A. (Benson)

Savick: Bennett wins GOP nomination for District 27A. (Albert Lea)

Radinovich: Lueck endorsed for state House District 10B. (Aitkin)

McNamar: District 12A Republicans endorse Jeff Backer. (Morris)

Peterson: Republicans endorse Westrom to challenge Peterson in the 7th Congressional District race. (Willmar-Bemidji-Morris)

Peterson stops at First District in announcing reelection bid. (Litchfield)

Recipes (Franken-Walz-Nolan-et al): Congressional Hotdish Off Celebrates Tradition. (HTF)

Franken visits Range Mental Health Center. (Hibbing)

Franken: Poetry contest open to Minnesota students. (SunNews)

Franken/Peterson/Kline/et al: MFB Members Traveled to Washington, D.C. (KWOA)

Elizabeth Warren in St. Paul for Al Franken campaign. (MPR)

State Auditor Otto honored by Government Auditing center. (MinnPost)

Begich: Iron Range school districts want to merge staff, buildings but maintain separate identities. (Duluth)

Indexing the minimum wage is a good idea — by any measure. (MinnPost)

Deer management: DNR, MDHA officials listen to public. (Bemidji)

Local hunter starts petition, saying deer population is too low. (Fergus Falls)

Twin Metals copper-nickel mine plans firming up. (Winona-Virginia)

Pipeline comment period deadline questioned. (Park Rapids)

Lower corn prices dropped Minnesota farm income in 2013. (Willmar-St. Paul)

As grain piles up, farmers ask, ‘Where are the trains? (AgWeek-Willmar)

US sugar group files petition alleging Mexico has been dumping sugar, creating subsidies. (AgWeek)

Ruud Letter: DFL lawmakers sendng the wrong message [on Senate office bldg]. (Brainerd)

Letter (Dayton): What’s really behind this tax relief package? (Bemidji-Detroit Lakes)

Letter: McNamar’s words reach the heart. (Fergus Falls)

Letter: Sen. Bakk’s achievements commendable in Legislature – But plush digs not needed. (Virginia)

Letter: Support for Urdahl at convention was impressive. (Litchfield)

Letter (Nolan): Rukavina both wrong and insulting. (Timberjay)

Pelowski Column: Legislative session moving ahead of schedule. (Albert Lea)

Poppe Column: Minnesota Legislature’s fast pace continues. (Austin)

Savick Column: Tax relief provided to the state’s middle class. (Albert Lea)

Ingebrigtsen Column: An eventful week at the Capitol. (Alexandria)

Weber Column: Lewis & Clark is vital to southwest Minnesota. (Worthington)

Drazkowski Column: Minnesota is giving your money back. (Winona)

Column: Legislators wisely listening as students ask for equal treatment. (ECM)

Column: A cop speaks out for medical marijuana. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Reinert): Sunday liquor sales not exactly a hot-button issue. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Take a second look at Senate office building project. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Dayton): Editorial: Danger of nicotine fluids is growing. (Willmar)

Editorial: Proposals from resorts make sense. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Lawmakers shouldn’t be immune from DWIs. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Finish the trail. (Austin)

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Outstate News (3-23-14)

Rukavina Letter: Their [mining] arguments need life support. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Collin [Peterson] has been good for the area. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial (Schmit-Dayton): Need for broadband Internet access is great, and the money is there. (Duluth)

Editorial (Dayton): Broadband expansion key to growth. (Mankato)

Editorial (Dayton): Fund rural Minnesota broadband. (Park Rapids-ForumNews)

Column (Schmit-Simonson-Kelliher-Dorman): Greater Minnesota broadband: An energizing effort. (Strib)

Schmit Column: Waiting on broadband exacerbates issue. (Albert Lea-St. Cloud)

Simonson Column: Invest in broadband now to ensure a bright future. (Duluth)

Skoe/Bakk/P.Anderson/Gazelka/Ray: State advice: Don’t file income tax returns this weekend. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Thissen/Dayton: Tangled Minn. tax bill exposes Democratic rift. (AP)

Bakk/Tomassoni/Bonoff/Skoe/Poppe: Move to raise state’s minimum wage held up by debate over indexing. (MinnPost)

Anzelc/Dill/Metsa: Area legislators seek to strip EPA oversight. (Timberjay)

MNGOP Rep. Pat Garofalo takes renewed heat for dumb tweet after he cracks joke about it. (CityPages)

Bakk/Metsa/Tomassoni: Grand slam for schools – Sen. Bakk brokers long-term tax deal for Range with no DJJ Fund dollars involved. (Virginia)

Jensen/Petersburg/Fritz: Local legislators, MEP discuss environmental priorities. (Faribault)

Reinert: Sunday liquor sales going for small sips. (Duluth)

Reinert/Pappas: Lawmakers look to loosen liquor laws. (PIM)

Hansen/Nelson: DFL Rep. Rick Hansen argues on behalf of DWI immunity for lawmakers, cites constitution. (CityPages)

Hillstrom/Lesch: Legislators trying to kill bill that would rescind their DWI immunity, backer says. (CityPages)

Rep. Ryan Winkler vows to keep pushing bill stripping legislators of DWI immunity. (CityPages)

Murphy/Marquart/Schmit/Simonson/Hornstein/Dibble/Winkler: House shoots for $1B in new spending. (PIM)

Newberger/Kelly/Hornstein/Thissen: Committee moves toward oil disaster preparedness. (ForumNews)

Radinovich: House passes bill increasing funding for school lunches. (Aitkin)

State Rep. Holberg, retiring from Legislature, will seek Dakota County Board post. (MinnPost)

Phyllis Kahn downplays Rybak endorsing her DFL opponent, takes a couple shots at R.T. (CityPages)

Potential GOP opponent for Ward is slow to surface. (Brainerd)

Urdahl overcomes challenge, wins Meeker County Republican Party endorsement. (Willmar)

Huntley: Schultz wins DFL endorsement for House 7A seat. (Duluth)

Radinovich: Lueck wins GOP nod for 10B seat. (Brainerd)

Al Franken’s reelection plan: No jokes. He’ll woo voters by ‘just doing his job.’ (WashPost)

Franken Wants The Federal Gov’t To Cover School Lunch Co-Pay. (WCCO)

Sen. Franken nominates Lonsdale student to U.S. Service Academy. (Lonsdale)

Franken/Nolan: President Obama signs Fond du Lac land swap bill. (HotDish)

Nolan, Franken, Klobuchar weigh in on PolyMet mine. (MPR)

Walz/Franken/Klobuchar: Blooming Prairie, Owatonna officials rally in Washington, D.C., about utilities. (BloomingPrairie)

U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson will seek re-election. (ForumNews)

Republican ad hits Peterson for health care vote. (MinnPost)

Republicans go after Collin Peterson on airwaves again. (ForumNews)

Peterson: Congressman hopeful EPA will not cut Renewable Fuel Standard by 10 percent. (Willmar)

Frederickson: Audit: Farm commodity councils need more oversight. (AP)

Remember Tim Pawlenty’s book ‘Courage to Stand’? Big advance but few sales. (MinnPost)

Coalition pushes for more funding for transportation. (Albert Lea)

MNsure courts young uninsured on their turf. (Fergus Falls)

Open house to focus on ag. (Fairmont)

Propane supplies likely to remain tight for years to come. (Willmar)

Work continues on CapX 2020 project. (St. Joseph)

Stumpf Letter: Affordable housing: Why it’s a top priority in 2014. (Crookston)

Letter: Thank you, Collin Peterson, for your work on Farm Bill. (Detroit Lakes-Alexandria)

Letter: Water usage for ethanol production is low. (Alexandria)

Letter: Vote Republican if you have these beliefs. (Alexandria)

Kline Column: Kline: Obamacare puts Minnesotans in no-win situation. (Rochester)

Faust Column: Faust responds clarifying legislative voting history. (Mora)

Sparks Column: With surplus, Senate focuses on tax cuts. (Albert Lea)

Poppe Column: Bill to compensate farmers gaining support. (Austin)

Johnson Column: Rep. Clark Johnson’s Legislative Update. (St. Peter)

McNamar Column: Momentum in greater Minnesota. (Morris)

Drazkowski Column: Return surplus, don’t spend and save it. (Winona)

S.Erickson Column (Dill-Thissen-Murphy): Public deserves access, input on Mille Lacs issues. (Aitkin)

Westrom Column: Tax conformity needed soon. (Morris)

Column (Gazelka-Kresha): After decade of ‘no,’ DFL has Minnesota moving in the right direction. (Little Falls)

Column (Dahms): [Drake's Law] A true no-brainer of a bill. (Marshall)

Column: Legislature tells nonprofits to ‘shut up!’ (PIM)

Column: Biofuel/Biodiesel concerns aren’t justified. (AgWeek-Bemidji)

Column: Renewable Fuel Standard reality check. (AgWeek)

Editorial (Reinert-Bakk-Simonson-Huntley-Murphy): Legislators not exactly rallying to Ness’ vision. (Duluth)

Editorial (Franken): Ending the practice of pulled lunches. (Hutchinson)

Editorial (Lesch-Dziedzic): The public’s ‘Right to Know’ (Blue Earth-International Falls-New Ulm)

Editorial (Holberg): More sunlight, rather than less. (St. Paul-Albert Lea)

Editorial: MNsure bounces back. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Reform state sex offender program – Lawmakers know it needs to be fixed, have failed to do anything. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Economic development investments pay off. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Strengthen bullying law. (Strib-Austin)

Editorial: Bring the bison home to roam. (Mankato-Austin)

Editorial: Rep. Nolan forceful on PolyMet – So, once again, where are Sens. Franken, Klobuchar. (Virginia)

Editorial: Focus on data with wolves. (ForumNews-Worthongton)

Editorial: Absent a hazard, state should hold off [on e-cigarettes]. (Grand Forks)

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Outstate News (3-16-14)

Hoppe/Schmit/Kelliher/Dorman: Broadband push moves on without support of the governor. (Willmar-MPR)

Editorial (Dayton): Rural broadband short-circuited. (Hutchinson)

Editorial (Dayton): No more waiting for Broadband. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Editorial (Dayton): Time to invest in outstate broadband, outstate families and businesses need it. (Willmar)

Editorial (Dayton): Fund rural Minnesota broadband. (Fargo-Moorhead)

Editorial: Broadband access is an infrastructure necessity. (Rochester)

Editorial (Dayton): Don’t give up on broadband fund. (Grand Forks)

Kelliher-Dorman Column: Minnesota must get wired statewide to stay competitive. (Glenwood-Granite Falls-Pine City)

Schmit Column: Minnesota can’t afford to delay rural broadband access. (Rochester)

Column: Will Minnesota finally invest in rural internet? (MNBrown)

Dayton/Schmit: Broadband bill advances. (Brainerd)

Schmit/Dorman: Many in Minnesota River Valley still lack access to broadband Internet. (St. Peter)

Dayton/Simonson/Schmit: Lawmakers, consumers seek rural broadband expansion. (KARE)

DFL loses appetite for taking on Urdahl. (Litchfield)

Senjem/Simon/Hillstrom/Downey: Candidate drops out of race after alleged strip club visit with Rochester lawmaker. (Rochester)

Nguyen/Senjem: The strip club is NOT the interesting part. (PIM)

MNGOP Rep. Garofalo savaged for tweet linking NBA players to street criminals. (CityPages)

Melin: Dayton says chances slim for legal medical marijuana. (MPR)

Rep. Carly Melin says it’s up to voters to get medical marijuana bill back on track. (CityPages)

Dahms/Torkelson: State legislators discuss hot topics. (New Ulm)

Urdahl/Newman/Bakk: Push to repeal taxes focuses on Senate. (Litchfield)

Davids/Miller: Local residents travel to Capitol to lobby support for area projects. (Preston)

Sheran/JohnsonCornish/Petersburg/Brynaert/Torkelson: Lawmakers’ opinions vary on medical marijuana. (Mankato)

Eken/Hayden/Bakk/Rosen: Panel OKs higher pay for home care, nursing home workers. (ForumNews)

Davids/Aitkins/Eaton: Fate of online lottery bills uncertain. (PIM)

Senjem meets with dairy producers. (AgriNews)

Selcer/Gleunhagen: House OKs plugging school lunch funding hole. (ForumNews)

Hawj/Schmit/Seiben/Rosen: Senate committee votes to suspend wolf hunt. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Murphy: Minnesota lawmakers in limbo over sex offender program. (ForumNews)

Skoe/Hayden/Thissen: Senate Democrats plan ‘aggressive’ work on tax cuts next week. (MinnPost)

Sundin/Bakk/M.Murphy: Legislature discusses Northland projects. (Duluth)

Dibble/Rey/Bachmann: Opponents to Safe Schools bill testify, but arguments are losing steam. (MinnPost)

MNGOP Sen. Chamberlain objects to “emotional distress” in Dibble bill’s definition of bullying. (CityPages)

Sen. David Osmek named Minnesota Senate Republican whip. (MinnPost)

Hornstein/Thissen/Otto: Capitol Chatter: Dayton ponders politics in body cast. (ForumNews)

State Rep. Huntley, stepping down after 22 years, honored by state officials and constituents. (MinnPost)

Rybak endorses Noor over veteran Kahn in Minneapolis House race. (MinnPost)

Franken visits. (Hibbing)

Franken/Paulsen/Peterson/Nolan/et al: Walz wins second consecutive Hotdish crown in Minnesota delegation’s annual food fest. (Strib)

Franken/Walz/Bachmann/et al: Minnesota delegation cooks up bipartisan contest. (AP)

Franken/Kline/Bachmann/et al: Minnesota Lawmakers Bring Hotdish Contest to DC. (KBOI)

Rep. Tim Walz Dominates Al Franken, Michele Bachmann In Epic Nice Time Hotdish Showdown. (Wonkette)

Nolan: Let’s permit PolyMet. (Virginia)

Collin Peterson to announce Monday whether he’ll seek re-election. (Moorhead)

Independence Party candidate announces bid for governer. (MPR)

Republican US. Rep. Paulsen nets Democratic challenger. (Strib)

Stevens County Republicans hold county convention. (Morris)

Dayton’s unintended ‘unsession’: No action, slow action on high-profile issues. (MinnPost)

Options still open on medical marijuana. (AP)

Iron Range papers among 34 sold to Adams Publishing. (MNBrown)

Minnesota employment tops 2.8 million for first time in state history. (Brainerd)

DNR, MDHA announce deer hunting listening session dates. (HTF)

USC band to march in NYC St. Pat’s Parade. (Albert Lea)

Rukavina Letter: Label me stupid. (Timberjay)

Letter (Rukavina): Mining boosters ignore the data. (Timberjay)

Letter (Faust): Don’t be fooled by politicians’ tax reversals. (Mora-Pine City)

Savick Column: Bill would reduce health insurance rates. (Albert Lea)

Poppe Column: Food program legislation tops ag committee priorities. (Austin)

Radinovich Column: Making government more efficient. (Aitkin)

Marquart Column: Property taxes going down for many Minnesotans. (Bemidji)

Kelly Column: House advances warehousing tax repeal, Senate does not. (Red Wing)

Gazelka Column: Keep the wealthy in Minnesota. (Little Falls)

Hagedorn Column: Walz support of Obamacare is concerning. (Albert Lea)

Column: Wolf plan ignored in rush for the hunt. (Duluth)

Column: Wolves’ space is smaller; they must be managed. (Duluth)

Freedom Foundation Column: Ethanol mandate hurts environment. (AgWeek)

Farm Bureau Column: Farm bill provides certainty and meaningful safety net. (Hutchinson)

Column: Rural communities, like ours, have suffered since NAFTA. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Sen. Tomassoni disingenuous – Co-location news release Pinocchio-like on funding. (Virginia)

Editorial (Torkelson): Bully bill concerns. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Proposed anti-bullying policy timely. (Park Rapids)

Editorial: [Medical Marijuana] Dayton’s reasoning wrong on this issue. (Willmar)

Editorial: It’s Time To Legalize Medical Marijuana. (Benson)

Editorial: Marijuana in Minnesota: Where’s the middle ground? (Marshall)

Editorial: Time to review Sunday closing laws. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Nanny-state should back off on liquor sales. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Let Minnesota liquor stores open on Sundays. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: Legislature should be patient [with e-cigarettes]. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Surplus comes with a new set of headaches. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Surplus suggestions. (St. Cloud-Austin)

Editorial: Don’t expect specifics on state reserve fund. (Duluth)

Editorial: Minnesota Senate needs to get on board. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Road funding should be ‘needs’ first. (Mankato)

Editorial: Raise wage for the young, and for all struggling workers. (Sartell)

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Outstate News (3-2-14)

Editorial: Medical marijuana – Melin shows courage while the governor kowtows to special interests. (Timberjay)

Melin: Should a medical marijuana proposal be scaled back to appease law enforcement? (MPR)

Minn. physicians ponder medical marijuana. (MPR)

Sen. Branden Petersen will explain all his votes on Facebook. (CityPages)

Hansen/Kiel/Hamilton/Falk/Wagenius/Fabian: Lively discussion about weeds at legislative hearing. (AgriNews)

Pederson/Pappas: Bill pulling public notices from newspapers pulled. (Virginia)

Joe Radinovich stops in Aitkin. (Aitkin)

Metsa/Tomassoni: Taconite tax, General Fund dollars would aid 5 districts. (Virginia)

McNamar: Taxes hot topic at town hall in Morris. (Morris)

Eaton/Ward/Fritz/Jensen: Minnesota legislators propose ban on underage tanning bed use. (Faribault)

Petersburg/Jensen/Fritz: Steele County lawmakers pushing surplus to be used on transportation, tax relief. (Owatonna)

Radinovich/Franson/Nornes/Garofalo/Anderson/Kelly/McNamar: Minnesota legislators begin work with propane aid, tax cut talk. (ForumNews)

Lourey/Rosen/Westrom: Legislature sends emergency heating aid bill to governor. (AP)

Jensen/Fritz/Thissen/Bakk: Faribault’s legislators see productive first week back in session. (Faribault)

Dahms/Bakk: Projected surplus grows to $1.2 billion. (Marshall)

Thissen/Bakk/Seiben/Hann/Eken: Lawmakers divided on priorities for $1.2 billion state budget surplus. (ForumNews)

Pelowski/Davids/Miller: Area lawmakers react to state surplus. (Winona)

Davids/Bakk/Cohen/Senjem: Big state tax cuts on the way? (Rochester)

Lenczewski/DavidsThissen/Bakk: Minnesota House panel advances $500 million tax cut bill. (ForumNews-St. Paul)

Ruud: Iron Range fiscal disparities study complete. (Aitkin)

Thissen: Business wish list won’t be fulfilled. (PIM)

Fischer: New bills: Legislative Water Commission redux? (PIM)

Halverson/Zerwas/Liebling: Minn. bills would treat e-cigs as standard smokes. (MPR)

Brown County Republicans endorse Torkelson – State Rep. calls for smaller government. (New Ulm)

Republican candidate Seifert names [Myhra] running mate. (AP)

Tomassoni: Minnesota officials to Volkswagen: After Tennessee trouble, come to the Iron Range. (MinnPost)

Tomassoni/Franken/Martin: Capitol chatter: Democrats express election concern. (ForumNews)

Ortman ’86 could challenge Franken: Mac grad may secure GOP nomination in August. (MacWeekly)

Al Franken missed Obama’s speech for Harold Ramis’s funeral. (CityPages)

Franken/Klobuchar: Jon Hamm Charms at Al Franken Fundraiser. (VitaMN)

Franken: Schools grapple with mental health issues. (SunNews)

Sen. Franken nominates Winona man to U.S. Military Academy. (Winona)

Walz, officials say oil boom necessitates safer rail procedures. (MinnPost)

Michele Bachmann argues anti-gay bill is actually about tolerance. (CityPages)

Mark Dayton doesn’t take credit for Minnesota’s $1.2 billion surplus… sort of. (CityPages)

Cassellius: Good news on the education gap. (Detroit Lakes)

Vilsack makes promises to ethanol industry. (AgWeek)

PolyMet comment period won’t be extended. (Duluth)

DNR won’t extend on PolyMet review. (AP)

Twin Metals unveils first look at proposed mine operations. (Ely)

Farm loan programs for beginning farmers. (AgriNews)

Business owners, bracing for a minimum-wage hike, seek to ease financial impact. (MinnPost)

State says ‘months out’ on reviewing PCMC expansion. (Pipestone)

Minn. gay rights groups turn attention to bullying. (AP)

Gun permits issued in Minnesota doubled last year. (CityPages)

Letter: Minnesotans support PolyMet mine proposal. (Timberjay)

Letter: With PolyMet, the main issue is competence. (Timberjay)

Erickson Letter: Letter: 2014 session has begun. (Park Rapids)

Erickson Column: House opens legislative session with tax cut proposal. (Bemidji)

Drazkowski Column: Be wary of DFL-controlled Legislature. (Winona)

Quam Column: ‘Unsession’ looks like business as usual for DFL. (Rochester)

Davids Column: If Wojcik has a better idea, he should share it. (Rochester)

Column: Skurla’s “mining boom” due almost entirely to taconite. (Timberjay)

Column: Heating bill collaboration in St. Paul should be rule, not exception. (Faribault)

Editorial (FitzSimmons): GOP exacts revenge for marriage vote. (Austin-Mpls)

Editorial (Solon): Fight for Duluth’s fighters. (Duluth)

Editorial: [EIS] Delay denied! (Virginia)

Editorial: Golden opportunity for GOP to recapture part of Legislature. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Editorial: State shouldn’t throw minimum wage stones. (ForumNews)

Editorial: Farm bill changes coming in 2015. (Austin)

Editorial: Editorial: Do the undo. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Can’t fix taxes until you fix all taxes. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Teacher exams important but not a one-size-fits-all. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Kudos for end of the tray-pulling policy in Willmar. (Willmar)

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Outstate News (2-23-14)

[Holberg, FitzSimmons annouce Retirements] – Weekend gatherings adjust Republican House races. (Strib)

FitzSimons: GOP endorses rival of Minn. gay-marriage backer. (AP)

FitzSimmons/Garofalo/Loon/Kieffer/Koch: FitzSimmons loses GOP endorsement over same-sex marriage vote. (MPR)

FitzSimmons/Downey/Holberg/Nienow: Blog: The Straw That Broke the Elephant’s Back. (Politics.mn)

FitzSimmons/Garofalo/Faust: When same-sex marriage support hurts lawmakers, donors step in to help. (Duluth-MPR)

Hamilton: Rural lawmakers struggle to make themselves heard. (AP)

Nornes/Westrom: Rep [Nornes] finds politics a good fit. (Fergus Falls)

Bakk/Thissen/Daudt: Dayton works at home after hip surgery. (ForumNews)

Schmit/Kelly/Bakk: Legislative leaders uninterested in pursuing silica-sand mining ban. (Rochester)

Wagenius/Metsa/Bakk/Hoppe/Bakk/Thissen: Minn. leaders try to steer around session pitfalls. (AP)

Gazelka/Bakk/Daudt/Hann/Thissen: Legislative session to be short, but full. (ForumNews)

Brynaert/Cornish/Torkelson/Woodard/Dahle/Hausman/Johnson: Bonding bill may be boon to region. (Mankato)

Metsa/Melin/Tomassoni: 3 Range lawmakers push for AEOA/RMHC building bond funds. (Virginia)

Simon/Loon/Lourey/Davnie/Dibble/Liebling/Ortman: Session ’14 agenda: The fine print. (PIM)

Local legislators ready for session. (Jackson)

Savick/Davids/Liebling/Norton/Bakk: Minimum wage to take center stage at Capitol. (Rochester)

Savick/Poppe/Sparks/Thissen/Bakk/Daudt/Hann: Legislators: Minimum wage increase will likely pass. (Albert Lea)

Savick participating in wage challenge. (Austin)

Huntley/Kent/Gazelka/Thissen/Persell: Capitol Chatter: MNsure supporters see improvement. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Thissen/Hann: Judge tells Legislature to act on sex offender treatment program. (ForumNews)

Sen. Dahms: Anti-bullying bill goes ‘too far’ (Marshall)

Melin/Bakk: Medical marijuana supporters plan new approach. (Duluth-MPR)

Fighting Franken. (WashPost)

Franken: PoliGraph: GOP claim on jobs has some truth but lacks context. (MPR)

Minnesota Poll finds conflicting views of Sen. Al Franken. (BMTN)

Obamacare question creates awkward moment for Klobuchar, Peterson and Walz. (MPR)

Nolan: In Duluth, trucks are a weighty issue. (Strib)

Rep. Nolan announces upcoming meetings. (HTF)

Michele Bachmann stirs both racial and gender controversy… in one quote. (CityPages)

Obama to travel to the Twin Cities next Wednesday. (MPR)

Poll: One-third unsure about PolyMet mining plan. (Duluth-Strib)

B2B taxes cost consumers. (Fergus Falls)

Mining for Growth – High paying mining jobs anchor the NE MN labor market. (HTF)

USS Minntac gets state expansion permits. (HTF)

It’s Not Just About Mining – The Wild Rice Sulfate Standard: Enormous implications for entire state. (HTF)

Eyes Wide Shut – Wastewater treatment produces one of the same pollutants as mining, but with no state regulations. (HTF)

New inventory gives insight into school trust lands. (Timberjay)

Rail issues hamper ag business. (AgWeek)

Number of US farms declines, farmers getting older. (AP)

Pelowski Letter: Committee Deadlines at the Legislature. (Winona)

Erickson Letter: Let’s talk about the upcoming session. (Park Rapids)

Letter: Nelson went too far in scathing critique of MNsure. (Rochester)

Letter (McNamar): Vote for MNsure was wrong for rural constituents. (Morris)

Letter: Take another look at the DFL. (Alexandria)

Gruenhagen Column: Less healthcare, higher premiums. (Glencoe)

Persell Column: Working on natural resources and wildlife management bills. (Bemidji)

Peterson Column: Finally, a farm bill. (AgWeek)

Column: New Farm Bill is a rural investment. (Park Rapids)

Column: Lunch policy not that bad. (Fergus Falls)

Column: School lunch debate boils down to parents taking responsibility. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Bakk-Knoblach): Senate building is a waste, not responsible – Minnesota Legislature did not consider taxpayers’ interests. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Repeal B2B taxes, ‘blue laws’ among top priorities for ’14 Legislature. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Franken): Let’s take steps to prevent another propane crisis. (Racine, Wi)

Editorial: Keep gov’t notices in newspapers. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Public notice legislation restricts open government. (Pine City)

Editorial: Let the public take notice! (Glenwood)

Editorial: Together we can be an informed community. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Good news, bad news on minimum wage hike. (New Ulm)

Editorial: It’s time to review no lunch policy. (Willmar)

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Outstate News (2-16-14)

Obituary: Charles “Charlie” Berg. (PedFH)

Charlie Berg, maverick Minnesota state senator, dies at 86. (Willmar-St. Paul)

Sen. Charlie Berg changed parties, not philosophies. (Strib)

Bar Stool Racing. (Brainerd)

Davids/Scott/Liebling/Walz: Notebook: Davids calls on Smith to resign from DMCC Board. (Rochester)

FitzSimmons/Garofalo/Kiefer/Loon/Petersen/Sawatzky/Fritz: Republicans who backed gay marriage face consequences. (AP)

Thissen/Wagenius: Minnesota House speaker: No mining bills this session. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Marquart/Anderson: Agricultural tax relief highlight of Minnesota speaker’s rural initiatives. (ForumNews)

Sen. Skoe talks minimum wage increase concerns, bonding bill. (Detroit Lakes)

Bakk/Thissen/Hann/Daudt: Move to repeal taxes faces some hurdles. (Fin&Com)

McNamar/Anderson: More state aid funding for county roads needed. (Glenwood)

Sen. Sheran Introduces E-Cig Ban Bill. (KEYC)

Winkler/Bakk: Minnesota’s minimum wage to be hot issue at Capitol. (Moorhead-St. Paul)

Winkler/McNamar: Legislators argue for a minimum wage increase. (Morris)

Simon/Hillstrom: AG Swanson calls for state minimum wage hike. (New Ulm)

Dorholt: Former Rep. Jim Knoblach considers House 14B bid. (St. Cloud)

Seifert/Zellers: GOP hopefuls split over MNsure. (AP)

Marty Seifert: ‘Minnesota government costs too much’ (MinnPOst)

Sen. Franken visits Nerstrand farm on propane crisis fact-finding mission. (Fairbault-Northfield-Kenyon)

Sen. Franken: Cable merger will ‘hurt consumers’ (MinnPost)

Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar not thrilled about prospect of Comcast-Time Warner merger. (CityPages)

Franken: When it comes to policy, Mike McFadden’s Senate campaign is a blank slate. (MinnPost)

Walter Mondale recovers at Mayo Clinic after heart surgery. (MinnPost)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to speak at GOP ‘Lincoln Reagan Dinner’ (MinnPost)

Minn. Chamber: Repeal business-to-business taxes. (Austin)

Newman Letter: MNsure bonuses unacceptable. (Glencoe)

Letter: Thanks to Rep. Jay McNamar for support of nursing homes. (Morris)

Letter: Nolan’s single-payer health care wish at luncheaon not reported. (Duluth)

Collin Peterson Column: Finally, a Farm Bill for America. (Park Rapids)

Izaak Walton Column: Despite cuts, farm bill is still a victory. (St. Cloud)

McNamar Column: Progress has been made on MNsure. (Morris)

Savick Column: Firefighters deserve a tax credit in Minn. (Albert Lea)

Nelson Column: Nelson: To fix MNsure, DFLers must first eat some humble pie. (Rochester)

Urdahl Column: 2014 legislative session: repeal taxes, fix MNsure. (Litchfield)

Column: EPA is wrong when it comes to biodiesel. (Hutchinson)

Column: $1 billion surplus dilemma. (Aitkin)

Column: Local legislators should support bonding bill. (Little Falls)

Column: Long overdue farm bill cuts nation’s deficit by $24 billion over 10 years. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Solon-Emmer): Governor, time to fence-mend in area. (Virginia)

Editorial (Dill): Embarrassing [Polymet] testimony. (Ely)

Editorial: Dispel this PolyMet myth. (Duluth)

Editorial (Sheran): E-cigarettes deserve study. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Minn. should keep public notices in newspapers. (Willmar)

Editorial: Keep public notices public, noticeable. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Local newspapers are still best place for public notices. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Public access threatened by proposed law. (Mankato)

Editorial: Public notices keep every citizen informed. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Change in public notice ill advised. (Brainerd)

Editorial: Push for single-sort recyclng, not a bottle bill. (Rochester)

Editorial: Use state bonding dollars wisely. (ECM)

Editorial: Plenty to like about farm bill if you’re into the outdoors. (Marshall)

Editorial: [Production tank} Tax break could hurt Martin County. (Fairmont)

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Outstate News (1-26-14)

Obituary: Win Borden; ex-state senator, farmer, writer from Brainerd area. (Strib)

R. Moe, D. Samuelson: Win Borden, Ex-State Senator, Lawyer, Dies At 70. (AP)

Anzelc/Winkler: Raising Minnesota’s minimum wage: Washington state shows one way. (MinnPost)

Gruenhagen/Davnie/Metsa/Anzelc/Erhardt: Prefiled House bills take up drones, school ‘smut’ (PIM)

Liebling/Kahn/Halverson/Metsa/Mack: Bills look to regulate booming e-cig business. (PIM)

McNamar/Franson/Westrom/Ingebrigtsen: Business leaders talk to legislators about top issues. (Alexandria)

Sparks: Propane market out of control. (Albert Lea)

Urdahl: Litchfield’s request missing from bonding proposal. (Litchfield)

Drazkowski: Bill would slap governments offering traffic ticket program to keep offenses off record. (ForumNews)

Lesch/Dibble: Law enforcement’s use of cell-phone tracking devices gets legislative scrutiny. (MinnPost)

Poppe: Local legislators encouraged by latest job report. (Austin)

Simonson: Duluth Lawmaker wants tougher sex trafficking laws. (NorthlandNews)

Benson: MNsure leaders face big decisions, bleak projections. (MinnPost)

Ritchie/Daudt/Franken: Minnesota working on shorter voter lines. (ForumNews)

Sawatzky: Willmar businessman Baker announces House bid. (Willmar)

Sawatzky: Dave Baker of Willmar Announces His Bid For District 17B. (KWLM)

Miller seeks Republican party nod for re-match with Falk. (Willmar)

Falk: Tim Miller to run for House District 17-A again. (KWLM)

Radinovich: Lueck will seek 10B House seat again. (Brainerd)

Ruud/Franken: Chris Dahlberg visits county Republicans. (Aitkin)

Ortman/Abeler/Franken: Chris Dahlberg is the lonely, long-distance candidate in U.S. Senate race. (MinnPost)

Franken says he’ll fight cuts to ethanol mandate. (Rochester)

Franken/Walz: Politicians React To EPA’s 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards. (KEYC)

Franken talks Lewis & Clark in Worthington meeting. (Worthington)

Senator Al Franken Continues To Fight For Lewis And Clark. (KELO)

Sen. Franken: Farm Bill Is Near. (KLDT)

Franken, Nolan discuss challenges of U.S. economy. (Duluth)

Franken: 2013 shipping numbers for Duluth-Superior Port show iron ore shipments down, other sectors up. (NorthlandNews)

Franken reintroduces bill to facilitate rides from nursing homes to medical appointments. (McKnights)

Franken/Klobuchar/et.al: Minn. Lawmakers Call for Immediate Action to Address Propane Shortage. (KAAL)

Franken/Klobuchar/Peterson/McCollum/Walz/Nolan/Dayton: Minnesota lawmakers urge White House action on propane shortage. (ForumNews)

Klobuchar/Franken: Minnesota senators undecided in unusual fight over Iran sanctions. (MInnPost)

Rick Nolan’s spokesman denies report Congressman violated federal law. (CityPages)

Peterson blames Grassley for farm bill heartburn. (AgWeek)

Minnesota governor listens to students’ views at Duluth forum. (Duluth)

Ritchie: A World’s Fair in Minnesota? A group of ardent fans wants to make it happen. (MinnPost)

Pawlenty calls for GOP change. (ForumNews)

Lawyer: Text messages support ex-Viking punter Kluwe’s claims. (Duluth-St. Paul)

Minnesota is second-best state to live in, according to Politico. (CityPages)

Unemployment held steady in December at 4.6 percent. (AP)

Green Line LRT won’t run late enough to get you home at bar close time. (CityPages)

PolyMet responds to concerns about water flow at proposed mine site. (Duluth)

Bee buzz gets louder at Minnesota State Capitol. (ForumNews)

Minn. wineries brace for loss from cold snap, but say grapes are tough. (AgWeek)

MPCA report flawed, says Recycle Smart Minnesota. (Aitkin)

Letter (Franken-Klobuchar): Public policy on climate change requires leadership. (Winona)

MN Cattlemen Letter: No time to waste: Take a stand for COOL. (Aitkin)

R. Erickson Letter: Share ideas for making state more efficient. (Bemidji)

Letter: DFL still embraces the ‘L’ and supports copper-nickel mining in Northland. (Duluth)

Letter: Mining benefits the entire state. (Albert Lea)

Letter (Gruenhagen): Minimum wage hike needed now. (Hutchinson)

Schmit Column: Rural Minnesota needs broadband access. (Albert Lea)

Koenen Column: Say no to reducing ethanol production. (Alexandria-Clara City-Willmar)

Column: Minnesota closing achievement gap. (ECM)

Column: State session could be a Riverland [College] opportunity. (Austin)

Column: Sen. Franken should be doing more for region. (Duluth-Worthington)

Editorial: Franken on PolyMet. (Duluth)

Editorial: Nolan flap shows need for reform. (Duluth)

Editorial (Pedersen): Legislators, tell us your thoughts on bonding bill. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Legislature, legalize pot for medicine. (St. Cloud-Brainerd)

Editorial: Let cities decide if Sunday liquor sales should be prohibited or permitted. (Crookston)

Editorial: Sunday liquor law fine as is. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Recycling has to make sense in marketplace. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Are there too many roads in Minnesota? (Albert Lea)

Editorial: It’s time to step up ethanol support. (Willmar-AgWeek)

Editorial: An ‘Unsession’ task: Undo overly onerous licensing rules. (Owatonna-St. Paul)

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