Outstate News (7-19-15)

Knoblach/Baker/Daniels/Fritz/Dornholt/sawatzky/Peppin: Some DFL lawmakers who lost in 2014 aim for rematches. (MPR-Willmar)

Schoen: State lawmaker gets job with medical cannabis firm. (MPR)

State Rep. Schoen takes job with medical marijuana provider. (St. Paul)

Schoen: Legislator, advocate for medical marijuana law takes job with cannabis firm, Leafline Labs. (Strib)

Dibble: Medical marijuana still not easy to get for some. (AP)

Petersen/Hosch/Moua/Buesgens/Abeler/MelinBeard: The high cost of being a Minnesota legislator. (MinnPost)

Poppe/Lesch: New law requires large breeders to be licensed. (AgriNews)

Quam: Some Rochester officials deliberately making traffic worse. (Rochester)

Al Franken visits Winona, talks mental health challenges in criminal justice system. (Winona)

Franken: Rural Health Faces Critical Shortages, Barriers. (WDIO)

Franken, Paulsen team up to save federal funds for mental health services in Minnesota. (Strib)

Franken/Peterson/Nolan/et al: Minnesota seeks work permit exemption to new Canadian work permit. (Grand Forks)

Franken/Peterson: Local members of Congress concerned, cautious with Iran nuclear deal. (Moorhead)

Rep. Peterson hits back at critics: ‘I don’t … need to spend a nickel to get elected’ (ForumNews-Willmar)

Westrom: MN07: Which lucky soul will spend a nickel to run against 13 term congressman Collin Peterson? (BSP)

Peterson sees value in Export-Import Bank. (Litchfield)

Dayton, Nolan visit damaged resorts, meet aid workers. (Brainerd)

Downey/Martin: Minnesota voters give most cash by far to Clinton. (Fergus Falls)

Minnesota adds 2,900 jobs in June. (HTF)

DNR has updated PolyMet timeline. (Timberjay)

Protest planned after Moorhead mom breast-feeding at pool told to cover up. (ForumNews)

The many misconceptions about Minnesota’s new buffer program. (MinnPost)

Toll of bird flu in Minn. approaching $650M. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Vaccine not at top of federal avian flu response plan. (ForumNews)

Hann Letter: Sen. Skoe is out of touch on political pay raises. (Detroit Lakes)

Letter (Ingebrigtsen): Senator has short memory. (Alexandria)

Letter: Why retirees leave Minnesota. (Brainerd)

Column: Why can’t DFLers realize Dayton is no Perpich? (Virginia)

Column (Daudt): Dayton’s pay raises threaten DFL. (MnDaily)

Column: We don’t need more tar sand oil pipelines. (Brainerd)

Column: Protecting water quality is not a game. (Alexandria)

Column: Despite article’s thrust, farmers understand, care about environmental challenges. (Pipestone)

Column: Today’s farms are greener than grandpa’s. (Strib)

Column: Rural communities will continue high hopes. (Albert Lea)

Column: Regulating mining – Petition reveals a state government captured by a major industry. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Franken-Nolan-Emmer): Thawing relations with Cuba is an opportunity for Minnesota. (Duluth)

Editorial (Otto-Carlson): Legislative black eye: State Auditor dealt a mean hand. (ECM)

Editorial: Labor shortage needs multi-faceted fix. (Grand Forks – Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: ‘High-tax’ Minnesota is No. 1 [business state]. (Moorhead-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Extremists trying to change rules [regarding Polymet]. (Virginia)

Editorial: School trust lands – Change in law and policies won’t make a difference for schools. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Election process shouldn’t be a joke. (Fergus Falls)

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Doug Peterson Column: Biofuels are better for environment, rural economy. (St. Cloud)

Grassley Column: Ethanol a scapegoat for what’s really wrong. (AgWeek)

Lourey/Mack: Minnesota health care problems not fixed by ruling. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Dill/Tomassoni/Bakk: Rustic restroom in northern Minnesota to get $300,000 upgrade – Iron Range legislator says it’s needed, but neighbors question use of state funds. (Strib).

State Sen. Matt Schmit shares state updates during commissioners’ meeting. (Rochester)

Melin: Medical pot sales to begin in Minnesota, but fight not over. (AP)

Thissen/Clark/Ellison/Klobuchar/McCollum/et al: Minnesota politicians respond to same-sex marriage ruling. (MinnPost)

Franken/Klobucher/Kline/Paulsen/Walz/Ellison: Minnesota politicians react to Obamacare ruling. (MPR)

Franken: Ranier rail bridge safe. (International Falls)

Franken: Sugar faces attack from corn refiners. (WashPost)

Burr, Franken present bill to quicken FDA review process for new devices. (RiponAdvance)

Franken/Klobuchar: U.S. Olympic committee selects Minnesota venue as an Official Training Site for the U.S. Olympic Curling Team. (ECM)

Peterson/Klobuchar/Franken: Minnesota lawmakers, activists weigh in as Congress ponders delisting gray wolves. (Strib)

Simon: County, Secretary of State work together to stop domestic violence. (Little Falls)

Commissioner Rukavina plans July outreach meeting in Brimson. (HTF)

Regents finalize tuition hikes. (MnDaily)

Minnesota’s neediest schools have fewer tenured staff. (St. Paul-Detroit Lakes)

North Dakota abides same-sex marriage mandate. (Detroit Lakes)

Minnesota is America’s best state for business. (CityPages)

PolyMet clears another hurdle for copper-nickel mine. (Timberjay)

ADM, biofuels supporters challenge U.S. ethanol ‘blend wall’ (AgWeek)

Letter (Bennett): Representative had good 1st session. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Hackbarth isn’t fooling all of the voters. (Duluth)

Letter (Anderson-Ingebrigtsen): No tax break is a slap in the face to veterans. (Alexandria)

Franken Column: Making rail safety a top priority in MN. (Detroit Lakes-Little Falls-Morris-St. Cloud-Rochester-Willmar-Worthington)

Klobuchar Column: To remain global leader, U.S. must invest in biomedical research. (Duluth)

Nolan Column: Time to restore democracy in America. (Aitkin)

Walz Column: Embrace what a Minnesota summer has to offer. (Austin)

Schmit Column: Session puts Minnesota in strong position. (Red Wing)

Ingebrigtsen Column: Editorial missed the mark about legislation. (Alexandria)

Torkelson Column: Rural Minn. benefits from state budget laws. (Albert Lea-Worthington)

Craig Clark Column: Session didn’t deliver on high hopes. (Austin)

Cramer Column: Stand up against EPA’s overreach on carbon regulations. (Grand Forks)

Column: Nice guy Marty not nice for the Iron Range – His excessive views on environment often at odds with region. (Virginia)

Column: Put simply: our broken roads are broke! (Glencoe-Worthington)

Column: Heavy tax could hurt, not help, railroad safety. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: Minimum wage hike good for MN. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Nursing homes – Finally, a funding boost that will make a difference. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Keeping the faith on PolyMet – Major step forward taken toward final EIS. (Virginia)

Editorial: Good day for basic civil rights. (Moorhead)

Editorial: Pope’s climate talk a big step forward. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (6-21-15)

Editorial (Schultz): Non-metro areas snubbed in session. (Duluth-Alexandria-Worthington)

Editorial: The 2015 Legislature’s failures for west central Minnesota. (Willmar)

Editorial: Outstate gets small wins at Capitol – While legislators articulated big needs for outstate during the election, those needs went largely unfilled. (Mankato)

Editorial: Was special session good for Greater Minnesota? (Detroit Lakes)

Daudt/Dorman/Seifert: Outstate interest groups say the Minnesota Legislature disappointed them – Rural communities expected more after they helped the GOP gain a majority in the House. (Strib)

Sparks/Poppe/Dorman: Municipal officials, rural lobbyists blame lawmakers for poor Greater Minnesota session. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Dorman/Seifert: Coalition says Legislature did very little for Greater Minnesota. (Detroit Lakes)

Marquart/Saxhaug/Peterson: Agreement lacking on Legislature greater Minnesota accomplishments. (ForumNews)

Mahoney/Dorman/Gottwalt: With session over, did rural Minnesota’s GOP bet pay off? (MPR)

Greater Minnesota officials not pleased – Legislative session given an ‘Incomplete’ grade. (Virginia)

Editorial: Dayton did Senate leader Bakk no favors. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Range lawmakers: Job well done – Senate Majority Leader Bakk was especially effective. (Virginia)

Scalze/Bonoff/Rest: Despite dissent, Bakk retains post as DFL Senate Majority Leader. (Strib)

Carlson/Goodwin/Pappas/Dibble/Bonoff/Eken: DFL senators divided over Bakk’s leadership in wake of special session. (MinnPost)

Poppe/Bakk/Drazkowski/Liebling/Nelson: Special session ends with anger. (AgriNews)

Column: Bakk in the crossfire as Dems revolt over his tactics. (Timberjay)

Loyal DFL senators rally around Bakk – Tomassoni praises Range lawmakers; Sen. Marty broke deal on special session. (Virginia)

Eken fights MPCA, says costs could break Greater MN cities. (Detroit Lakes)

Solar, wind backers feel burned after MN lawmakers OK new ‘grid fee’ (MPR-Owatonna)

Tomassoni/Rukavina/Oberstar/Wellstone: Iron Range solar deal generating cash and controversy. (Strib)

Tomassoni: The lobbying cycle that limits Iron Range progress. (MnBrown)

Gruenhagen/Urdahl/Newman: Reception mixed on new education bill. (Hutchinson)

Anzelc: As Minnesota taconite producers cut their costs, labor contracts are next. (Duluth)

Bennett looks back on 2015 session. (Austin)

Bakk/Jesson: Judge to Minnesota: Fix program or sex offenders may be released. (ForumNews)

Baker: Farmers should consider relief loans. (Willmar)

What online public records reveal about Rep. Denny McNamara’s real estate partnership. (BSP)

Rep. Peggy Bennett serves as judge. (Albert Lea)

Franken reacts to RFS. (KIMT)

Franken: MN Eligible for Ethanol Pump Grant Dollars. (KFGO)

Sen. Franken to Postmaster General: Stop the deterioration of postal service across NE Minnesota. (Grand Rapids)

Franken blasts PayPal about user agreement. (HTF)

Sen. Franken Speaks Out Against Payday Loans In St. Paul. (WCCO)

Franken’s staff talks rural health care during meeting at The Hormel Institute in Austin. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Franken staff to lead health care discussion in Worthington. (Worthington)

Franken, Stanek: Inmates with mental illness are ‘society’s dirty little secret’ (Strib)

Klobuchar, Franken Announce $5.75 Million to Support Job Training Programs in Minnesota. (Brainerd)

MnSCU freezes 2-year tuition; Rises coming at 4-year schools. (St. Paul-Austin)

State changes marijuana law. (Alexandria)

MnDOT: No EIS for Highway 169, project may even start year sooner. (Ely)

Pope’s climate-change encyclical puts GOP candidates in an awkward place. (MinnPost)

General Mills executive: Producing food while preserving planet is the issue of our time. (Morris)

Requirements of proposed buffer strip bill have strict timeline. (Morris)

Enrollment for ARC and PLC safety-net programs underway. (Benson)

Programs give farmers incentive to create bee habitat. (Benson)

Avian flu outbreaks slow, but impact still being felt. (Benson)

State money heads to bird flu victims. (ForumNews)

McNamar Letter (Peppin): Letter: DFL legislature helped turn Minnesota around. (Morris)

Letter (Norton-Liebling): Rep. Davids seems to use special session to change his theme. (Rochester)

Letter (Stumpf-Fabian-Hancock-Dill-et al): Area legislators stood with cooperatives [on net metering]. (Bemidji)

Letter: Dayton’s vision was better for our region. (Worthington)

Letter: Pipelines better than tankers for moving oil. (Duluth)

Nolan Column: Postal consolidations, a plan to cut service. (Aitkin)

Walz Column: The great outdoors offers something for everyone and benefits all. (Faribault)

Franken Column: Rail safety must remain key priority in Minnesota. (Rochester-Winona)

Klobuchar Column: Boosting exports to Cuba, creating jobs in Minnesota. (Detroit Lakes-Hutchinson)

Kelly Column: Insisting on gas tax dooms long-term road funding. (Red Wing)

Urdahl Column: ‘Unusual’ legislative session was also productive. (Hutchinson)

Bennett Column: Reviewing the success, looking ahead to 2016. (Albert Lea)

Column: Tax hikes aren’t the answer to government problems. (Hutchinson)

Column: Minnesota officials bowing to demands of mining companies. (Duluth)

Editorial (Chamberlain): Stop the secret deals. (Worthington)

Editorial (Anzelc): Broken process – Legislators rightfully upset over this session’s special interest orgy. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Bakk-Daudt-Cohen): Post-session job 1: Create a doable transportation plan. (ECM)

Editorial: DWI law tightened; Sunday sales loosened. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Daudt-Bakk-Otto-Dayton): Legislative silliness mocks the transparency of government. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Freedom Act should make you shake your head. (St. Cloud-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Job surplus in Alexandria has impact. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Climate effects wildlife. (Moorhead)

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Outstate News (6-7-15)

Editorial: In wake of fail, finish in St. Paul. (Duluth)

Editorial (Daudt-Bakk-Dayton): State government theater slogs toward climax. (ECM)

Editorial: ‘Requirements’ of special session are ridiculous. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Urdahl-Newman): Dayton disappoints. (Litchfield)

Editorial (Frans): Another government shutdown looms. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Dayton, GOP reach tentative agreement. (Glencoe)

Daudt/Bakk/Hann/Pelowski/Nelson: Chaotic sessions, last-minute votes: Is there a better way to run the state Legislature? (MinnPost)

Bakk/Pappas/Carlson/Daudt/Anderson/Otto/et al: Hasty 3 a.m. decision triggered Minnesota’s budget impasse. (Strib)

Column (Bakk/Pelowski/Nelson/Otto/et al): Minnesota’s last-minute legislating makes a mess of things. (Strib)

Otto: Rochester state audit exemption in political spotlight. (Rochester)

Daudt/Peppin/Hortman/Stumpf/Torkelson/Morse: Everything ready for special session other than auditor issue. (ForumNews)

Daudt/Stumpf: Lawmakers go public with budget agreements. (AP)

Daudt/Davids: Capitol catch-up: Road to special session has been more like a roller coaster. (PioneerPress)

Bakk/Torkelson/Daudt/Hann/Marty/et al: Session draws closer as leaders shape budget. (AP)

Dahms: Buffer legislation likely to emerge from special session. (Willmar)

McNamara/Morse: How the MPCA’s Citizens’ Board did itself in. (MinnPost)

Daudt/Dayton: FF lawyer against disbanding MPCA: Citizens’ environmental board on legislative chopping block. (Fergus Falls)

Dill/Tomassoni/Marty/Dibble: Pro-industry planks overload environment bill. (Timberjay)

Anzelc/Saxhaug/Persell: Cass County hears legislators’ view of session. (Brainerd)

Hornstein on one-sided language: bad process leads to bad provisions in enviro budget bill. (BSP)

Bakk: Highway 53 funding part of bonding bill deal. (MnBrown)

Reinert/Daudt: Notebook: Pre-special session grumbling loud this year. (ForumNews)

Vogel: Le Sueur commissioners press legislator on failure to bolster transportation funding. (LeCenter)

Schmit/Hansen: Agritourism legislation becomes law. (AgriNews)

Reinert: New law requires University of Minnesota show how it allocates money among campuses. (Duluth)

Franken: Northland agencies sharpen efforts to prepare for railroad emergencies. (Duluth)

Franken struck by paradoxes in Cuba. (KARE)

Sen. Al Franken Ready To Improve Relations With Cuba. (KEYC)

Franken finds sandwich shop’s noncompete rule ridiculous. (Strib)

Klobuchar: Senate passes Franken-backed bill reforming NSA surveillance. (MinnPost)

Sen. Al Franken is demanding information from FBI on surveillance flights. (Strib)

Sen. Franken’s statement on new Renewable Fuel Standard proposal. (AgriNews)

Peterson: RFS announcement a setback for rural America. (AgriNews)

Franken/Peterson/Nolan/Walz/Klonuchar/et al: Minnesota’s water war: Battle brews over needs of tourism, agriculture. (Strib)

Urban and rural areas suffer as Minnesota’s inequality grows. (MinnPost)

Kaler recommends tuition hike. (MnDaily)

Minnesota receives $38 million in federal grants for Veterans homes. (HTF)

Medical marijuana: Sick, dying, and waiting for doctors. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Sandpiper pipeline receives one of two permits for construction. (Detroit Lakes)

Fabian/Green/Hancock/Kiel/Lueck/Lipman: Opposition bashes judge’s pro-Sandpiper report. (Park Rapids)

Mille Lacs Band vows to fight Sandpiper. (Brainerd)

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness land dispute sees early signs of progress. (Strib)

EPA announces volume requirements for RFS. (AgriNews)

EPA proposes reduced ethanol blends. (Benson)

Avian flu strikes 40th Kandiyohi County farm. (Willmar)

Collin Peterson Letter: Time to get serious about transportation funding. (Alexandria)

Peppin Letter (McNamar): Backer has delivered for western Minnesota. (Morris)

Letter: Nolan is strong ally in steel dumping fight. (Duluth)

Nolan Column: House approves amendment to defense bill. (Aitkin)

Pelowski Column: Chaos and pointless debate: Is this what Minnesotans want? (Hutchinson-Rochester-Worthington)

Column (Nelson): There must be a review period before voting on bills. (St. Cloud)

Bly Column: Legislative session ends with much left to be done. (LeCenter)

Column (Erickson-Ray-Loon-Clausen): Legislators offer frank, surprising views on education. (ECM)

Column: Remember NAFTA and CAFTA? Well, here comes SHAFTA. (Worthington)

Column: Is it time for a real Cuban cigar? (Blue Earth)

Editorial (Otto-Dayton): State Auditor’s snit latest ridiculousness. (Virginia)

Editorial (Daudt-Johnson-Dayton): Lack of road funding disappoints. (Mankato)

Editorial: ‘Build the Sandpiper pipeline,’ edit boards agree. (Park Rapids)

Editorial: Railroad safety. (Timberjay)

Editorial: MN’s medical marijuana problematic. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (5-31-15)

Dill/Anzelc/Lueck/Melin/Metza/et al: The Iron Range Way in St. Paul. (Virginia)

Daudt/Bakk/Anzelc/Metsa/Dill: Partial government shutdown possible. (Timberjay)

Daudt: Dayton calls latest budget talks disappointing. (MPR)

Daudt: Dayton drops pre-kindergarten plan to settle unfinished state budget. (ForumNews)

Daudt/Peppin/Miller: House GOP stomps on dignity of transgender kids to troll Dayton in ed bill dealmaking. (BSP)

Garofalo/Dibble: Vetoed jobs bill would have blown $1.3 million hole in MN Highway User Tax Distribution Fund. (BSP)

Daudt/Baker/McNamara/Bly/et al: With more budget vetoes, shutdown preparations begin. (ForumNews)

Dayton vetoes ag funding bill. (AgriNews)

Gruenhagen/Newman: Legislators: Gas tax hike would hurt more than help. (Glencoe)

Dill/Phillips: Area winners in new IRRRB funding plan. (Timberjay)

Daudt: Minnesota’s Ex-felons Can Have Guns with Silencers, But They Can’t Vote. (CityPages)

Daudt/Morrow: Political Notebook: Reporters take all the information they can get in budget talks; Achievement gap; Walz picks manager. (ForumNews)

Hamilton presented with leadership award. (Worthington)

Sen. Franken: Student debt reforms will help graduates and the economy. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken proposes measure on rail delivery. (Hibbing-Virginia)

Sen. Franken Introduces Bill To Protect Phone Data. (CBS)

Franken Advises Close Look at Charter-TWC. (Broadcasting)

Sen. Franken Returns from 5-Day Visit to Cuba. (KSTP)

Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar Want Higher Minimum Wage Yet Don’t Pay Their Interns. (CityPages)

Sen. Franken’s statement on new Renewable Fuel Standard proposal. (AgriNews)

Peterson: RFS announcement a setback for rural America. (AgriNews)

Walz touts benefits of investing in solar energy. (Rochester)

Peterson: Farmers analyze new federal water rule and wonder: Does it go too far? (ForumNews)

Dick Franson, frequent candidate, dies at 86. (MPR)

CN trestle burns, collapses near I-Falls. (Timberjay)

Taconite production taxes 101 – Is their distribution fair? (HTF)

What’s behind Mesabi Nugget’s long term idle? (MnBrown)

Solar-powered pedaling. (Park Rapids)

Hormel buys Applegate Farms. (Austin)

Corn drops, soybeans rise after EPA sets biofuel targets. (AgWeek)

Avian flu toll now counts 102 farms in Minnesota. (Willmar)

Turkey-producing county hit hard by ripple effects of Minnesota’s bird flu epidemic. (AP)

Egg shortage from bird flu trickling down to consumers. (Strib)

USDA offers $100M for ethanol pumps. (TheHill)

Collin Peterson Letter: Shovel-ready projects in the 7th District stand idle because no one is getting serious. (Crookston-Willmar-Litchfield)

Marquart Letter: ‘Every vote I take’ is for rural MN. (Detroit Lakes-Moorhead)

Persell Letter (Hancock): A different take on estate tax cut. (Bemidji)

Letter: Bennett worked diligently in session. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Fabian, Kiel deliver for northwestern Minnesota. (Grand Forks)

Letter (Bennett): There’s not enough education funding. (Albert Lea)

MnChamber Letter (Heinzteman-Lueck): Education has bipartisan support. (Brainerd)

Letter: Legislative session “a failure to voters” (Worthington)

Davids Column (Norton-Liebling-Daudt-Lenczewski-Nelson): DMC legislation problems started before recent session. (Rochester)

Sparks Column: Work on bills is ongoing in the Legislature. (Albert Lea)

Miller Column: Higher ed bill made important investments. (Winona)

Franken Column: Millions of Americans Are Struggling to Pay Student Loan Debt. (Time)

Tim Penny Column: Finding rural ‘brain gain’ in Minnesota. (Winona)

Column (Bakk-Daudt-Dayton): Special session represents ‘do-over’ for Greater Minnesota. (Faribault)

Column: Taconite production taxes 101 – Where the money goes: Everywhere. (HTF)

Column: Minnesota Republicans block the way of true progress. (Little Falls)

Column (Johnson-Thissen-Daudt): Roads, kids, taxes: Potential compromises. (Mankato)

Column (daudt-Bakk-Dayton): In special session, focus on outstate priorities. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Bridges need more funding. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: 2015 session shows importance of transparency. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Special session gives rural Minnesota one last chance. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: Still time to salvage session for rural areas – LGA, broadband, sulfate standards, workforce grants at stake. (Virginia)

Editorial: Legislature frustration goes across the state. (Duluth-Willmar)

Editorial: Legislature fails to get job done – again. (Alexandria)

Editorial: End of session – An ugly finish that leaves state’s top priorities unaddressed. (Timberjay)

Editorial: MN lawmakers hit deadline with too much undone. (Strib-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Gov. Dayton vetoes education bill. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Universal pre-K has merit, but many questions remain. (ECM)

Editorial (Nolan): No fast track – Trans-Pacific Partnership puts corporations over people. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Allocated funds pass tuition freeze for community and technical colleges. (MnDaily)

Editorial: MN’s medical marijuana problematic. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (5-17-15)

Bakk/Daudt: Gov. Dayton threatens to veto budget over early education – Legislators locked in standoff with Dayton. (Strib)

Newman/Daudt/Bakk/Wiger/Nornes: Dayton, lawmakers remain at budget impasse. (PioneerPress)

Daudt/Bakk: Dayton promises to veto budget if passed without universal preschool. (MinnPost)

Bakk/Daudt: Dayton, leaders clash over school funding. (ForumNews)

Metsa/Tomassoni: Education impasse looms over session
Gov. – Dayton wants $150 million more funding, but deal already set, say leaders Bakk and Daudt.

Bakk/Daudt: Minn. House DFL minority sides with Dayton on education veto threat. (Strib)

Loon/Wiger: U.S. Education chief pressures legislators on pre-K. (MPR)

Loon/Wiger/Daudt/Bakk: Education deal in hand, as Mark Dayton’s veto threat looms. (PioneerPress)

Bonoff/Nornes/Kelly/Lourey/et. al: Despite veto threat, lawmakers press ahead on budget. (MPR)

Bakk/Daudt/Thissen: Brewing budget deal spares health program, defers tax cuts. (Austin)

Carlson/Daudt/Torkelson/Bakk: Minnesota House Republicans craft last-minute bonding bill. (ForumNews)

Melin: Iron Range legislators, Dayton reach compromise over sulfate standards for wild rice. (MPR)

Schmit/Dorman: How the Legislature is cheating Greater Minnesota on broadband. (MinnPost)

Schmit/Dorman: The emperor has no bandwidth. (MnBrown)

Bakk/Daudt: ‘They jumped in the boat’ – Gov. Dayton hits the jackpot on opening day. (Timberjay)

Ray/Thissen: Supporters of immigrant driver’s licenses wait on fate of transportation bill provision. (MinnPost)

Tales from the goat trail: MoveMN.org sends postcard to voters in Rep. Tim Miller’s district. (BSP)

Sieben/Daniels/Cornish/Walz/Franken: Notebook: Leaders always leave little time for budget talks; Political payback?; One in, one out; Sibling bill signed; Ortman won’t run. (ForumNews)

Al Franken Eyes Case of Woman Fired for Resisting Tracking App. (CityPages)

MN Sen. Al Franken Talks Rail Safety Regulations. (KVRR)

Senator Franken on Minnesota Bird Flu Crisis: “We need to be doing everything we can” (KVRR)

Franken/Klobuchar/Paulsen/McCollum: Norwegians angry over U.S. envoy nominee. (Strib)

Franken/Kline: Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig administrators resign after student protest. (Park Rapids)

Peterson/Ellison/Paulsen: Minnesota’s two Democrats of different stripes bond over turkey hunting. (Strib)

Lipman: Enbridge decision will take a bit longer pending appeals. (Park Rapids)

Minnesota crop farmers could be facing losses this year. (Strib)

Renville chicken farm suffers Minnesota’s worst bird-flu toll. (Strib)

Avian flu casts long shadow over Swift, Kandiyohi counties. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Minnesota bans bird exhibitions. (ForumNews)

Minn. State Fair cancels poultry shows due to bird flu. (AP)

Hamilton Letter: Letter: Farmers prioritized in House ag finance bill. (Worthington)

Anzelc Letter: Stand up for greater Minnesota. (Brainerd)

Liebling Letter: House Republican budget makes compromise difficult. (Rochester)

Drazkowski Letter: Marquardt fights for Dems, not his constituents. (Detroit Lakes-Moorhead)

Kresha Letter (Heintzeman): Disappointed in Rep. Winkler. (Brainerd)

Peppin Letter (Backer): House majority leader visits Central Minnesota. (Alexandria)

Letter (Hancock): Hancock’s voting priorities are questionable. (Bemidji)

Letter (Franson): At what price is nursing home funding? (Alexandria)

Letter: Schmit addresses citizens’ needs. (Red Wing)

Letter: Kudos to Heintzeman. (Brainerd)

Letter (Drazkowski-Daniels-Jensen):
Let legislatures know what you think of reimbursement program. (Faribault)

McNamar Letter: Legislators are leaving rural communities behind. (Morris)

Letter: Urdahl in tough position with GOP caucus. (Litchfield)

Letter: House GOP spotlight on rural state fades. (Glencoe)

Gruenhagen Letter: GOP delivering on key issues. (Hutchinson)

Letter: Republican tax bill will cost the state in the years to come. (Morris)

Letter: Time is now for road funding. (Willmar)

Letter: We must stop wolves from killing dogs. (Duluth)

Letter: Why utility ‘net metering’ reform is needed. (Glencoe)

Sparks Column: Senate prepares to wrap up 2015 session. (Albert Lea)

Sundin Column: Minnesota House Republicans are betraying our trust. (Duluth)

E. Murphy Column: This year, make an enduring commitment to kids. (Crookston)

Bonoff-Clausen Column: Minnesota Senate leads the way on higher education. (Crookston)

Schmit Column: Betting on a balanced budget at state Capitol. (Rochester)

Gunther Column: Don’t be fooled, GOP is serving needs of rural areas. (St. Cloud)

Kuisle Column: Is Gov. Dayton?’s buffer strip proposal political payback? (Rochester)

Column: Greater MN Counties – Local roads and long-term funding this year. (Crookston)

Column: Invest state surplus in education, infrastructure. (Duluth)

Column: Legislators should approve these four good ideas. (ECM)

Column: Don’t worry, they will find a budget deal – in secret. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Big ooops by Lt. Gov. Tina Smith – It’s Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, not Fond du Lac Band. (Virginia)

Editorial: Highway 14 gains with DFL plan. (Mankato)

Editorial: More help needed for bird flu losses. (St. Cloud-Austin)

Editorial (Bakk-Daudt): When the governor catches fish, the opener is deemed a success. (Ely)

Editorial: Don’t fret over big weekend in St. Paul. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Kline and Franken provide bipartisan leadership on Indian schools. (Strib)

Editorial (Klobuchar-Franken): State’s U.S. senators should explain foreign policy stance. (Little Falls)

Editorial: So how did Greater Minnesota fare? – Details of budget deal will decide if promises met. (Virginia)

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Outstate News (5-3-15)

Editorial: Severe LGA cuts a betrayal. (ForumNews)

Editorial (Schultz): End political games, nonsense over LGA. (Duluth-Willmar)

Editorial (Quam): House LGA proposal deepens rural-urban divide. (Rochester)

Editorial: Minnesota Republicans, take a lesson from N.D. (Grand Forks)

Editorial (Garofalo): GOP must show more for outstate. (Mankato)

Editorial (Bakk): Senators fighting for LGA — good. (Virginia)

Drazkowski/Daudt/Simonson/Davids/Uglem: Is the House GOP going out of its way to pit the Twin Cities against rural Minnesota? (MinnPost)

Quam: Officials weigh in on LGA proposals, implications. (Austin)

Dean/Liebling/Davids/Thissen/Lourey: MinnesotaCare’s future at stake in House GOP budget. (Rochester)

Dean: PoliGraph: DFL correct about HHS budget ‘hole’ (MPR)

Daudt/Bakk/Cohen: Capitol leaders ready for high-stakes budget poker. (MPR)

Daudt/Dean/Bakk/Lenczewski/Davids/Thissen: For Minnesota House Speaker budget crunch time is a big test. (St. Paul-Grand Forks)

Westrom wants overpass to RR crossing. (Alexandria)

Westrom: Local officials testify at Legislature for Hwy. 29 overpass of CP railroad. (Glenwood)

Mayors appeal to state for highway funds. (ForumNews)

Hornstein/Marquart/Uglem: Oil trains’ dangers fuel debate at Minn. Capitol. (St. Paul-Detroit Lakes)

Shut down the train: Newberger’s concerns about prison visitors and metro date back to 2008. (BSP)

Anzelc/Metsa: Audit of Minnesota’s taconite tax system calls for changes. (ForumNews)

Audit shows lack of clarity, transparency in mining taxes. (MnBrown)

Bakk: Senators want provisions removed from enviro bill. (MPR)

Davids: Tax reciprocity hopes rekindled. (Red Wing)

Koenen/Miller: State Commissioner approves four-day school week for five school districts. (ForumNews)

Gazelka/Rothman: GOP senators grill commissioner over MNsure, Minneapolis nonprofit woes. (AP)

Bly/Miller/Peterson: House OKs first part of turkey flu fiscal aid. (ForumNews)

On school funding, education advocates ask: What will Bakk do? (MinnPost)

Torkelson/Marty: Buffer bills stalls, but hope remains. (AgriNews)

Morse/Frederickson: Coalition calls for adoption of buffers now. (AgriNews)

Local Meat Markets, Sen. Franken Say Poultry Products Are Safe To Eat. (KEYC)

Sen. Al Franken raises concerns about ‘personalized pricing’ by airlines. (Strib)

Franken concerned new airline pricing policy is costing MN consumers. (BMTN)

Franken/Klobuchar: Regulators toughen safety standards for rail cars carrying Bakken crude. (Strib)

John Kline Silent as Pressure Mounts Against His Sugar Daddy, For-Profit Colleges. (CityPages)

With Republican Party in Shambles, Chairman Keith Downey Wants $35,000 Raise. (CityPages)

Tower gears up for Governor’s Fishing Opener and community picnic. (HTF)

Free picnic kicks off Governor’s Fishing Opener in Tower. (Ely)

Area readies for ‘The Guv’-Fishing opener weekend activities start Thursday. (Timberjay)

Gear up for the opener with some new walleye recipes. (HTF)

Landwehr: Gov. Dayton halts moose collaring by executive order. (Timberjay)

ACGC eighth-graders host Minneapolis students. (Willmar)

Avian flu toll grows: Governor signs emergency funding bill. (Willmar)

Hawk in Yellow Medicine County is state’s first wild bird infected by avian flu. (Willmar)

Bird flu virus raises questions scientists working to answer. (AP)

PETA wants to erect billboard image in Willmar area. (Willmar)

Schomacker Letter: House GOP prioritizing rural Minnesotans. (Worthington)

Ruud Letter: Skoe, Dems play games with bird flu funding. (Detroit Lakes)

Pederson Letter: Stumpf should rethink support for tax hike. (Grand Forks)

Letter (Kresha): Want to help pay phone bills? (Alexandria-Brainerd)

Ruud Letter: Land-line telephone service won’t be going away. (Brainerd)

Letter: Misinformation regarding telephone companies. (Brainerd)

Sparks Column: Senate E-12 bills provide quality investment. (Albert Lea)

Daniels Column: Legislative update. (Faribault)

Penny Column: Multiple partnerships focused on workforce. (Albert Lea)

Wenzel Column (Nornes): MnSCU students deserve equal consideration for funds. (St. Cloud)

Column: Farming buffers are common sense for conservation. (Winona)

Column: A tough time for Mille Lacs. (Aitkin)

Editorial: Chipotle’s GMO gimmick is hard to swallow. (WashPost)

Editorial: House builds another roadblock to budget compromise. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Dziedzic): Our legislators are doing important work, like making guns quieter. (Crookston)

Editorial: Moose collaring – Gov. Dayton made the right call; moose research needs more oversight. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Don’t ignore health, St. Paul. (Duluth)

Editorial: Time to scuttle SW light-rail plan. (Glencoe)

Editorial: MCA testing gets an ‘F’ (Worthington)

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Outstate News (4-26-15)

Recipes: Sen. Franken hosts 5th Annual Minnesota Congressional Delegation hotdish competition. (HTF)

Kiel/Marquart/Daudt/Hamilton/Dorman: At Minnesota Capitol, GOP hits major snags in playing to rural base. (Strib)

Metsa: Minnesota House Votes Down Relief for Iron Range Miners Facing Layoffs. (CityPages)

Melin/Metsa/Lueck/Bakk: Steel amendment vote fires up Range lawmakers; but GOP says it’s justified. (Virginia)

Anzelc/Hackbarth: Reeling U.S. Steel asks for relief on state mining leases. (MnBrown)

Rep. Jim Newberger: “Convenient” to Connect Rail Between North Mpls, Prison. (CityPages)

Video: Rep. Newberger booed on House floor for North Minneapolis comment. (MinnPost)

Koenen: Senate makes surprise turn to legalize silencers. (AP)

Gazleka/Simonson/Daudt/Schmit/Fabian/Garofalo: Legislature considers smörgåsbord, from sprinklers to broadband. (ForumNews)

Kelly/Atkins/Uglem: Minnesota House passes GOP funding plan for road fixes. (AP)

Garofalo/Mahoney/Ortman: Competing Minnesota budget plans show depth of legislative differences. (AP)

Schoen/Zerwas/Bakk: Why an impending ruling on Minnesota’s sex offender program may force lawmakers to convene a special session. (MinnPost)

Kiel/Fabian: Buffers: Mankato Free Press doubles down on farmers’ accountability for cleaning up MN water. (BSP)

PoliGraph: Gruenhagen climate claim doesn’t hold up. (MPR)

Now We Know He’s Good Enough – In which we learn that Senator Al Franken is good at his job. (Esquire)

Franken: Comcast dropping Time Warner bid is good for consumers. (MPR)

After a year of railing against it, Sen. Al Franken relieved Comcast dropped bid to buy Time Warner. (Strib)

For Al Franken, a Comcast victory 14 months in the making. (CNN)

In Comcast’s Failed Merger, a Victory for Al Franken. (TheHill)

Sack cartoon: Franken vs. Comcast. (Strib)

Dayton vows to veto bills legalizing gun silencers. (MPR)

McDonald, Entenza are finalists for North Hennepin post. (Worthington)

Local transportation needs: safe roads, dedicated funds. (Alexandria)

State officials accidentally spark Roseau County wildfire. (AP)

DNR invites public input on Invasive Carp Action Plan. (HTF)

New wind farm proposed for Freeborn Co. (Albert Lea)

Growing Chorus of Complaints on Chemicals in Gasoline. (MorningConsult)

Reminder: Ethanol is not subsidized. (MnCornerstone)

Doug Peterson: Buffer talk dominants MFU meeting in Oronoco. (AgriNews)

Dayton declares state of emergency over bird flu crisis. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Baker/Franken/Frederickson: Avian flu leads to state emergency. (ForumNews)

Franken/Dayton: Governor, officials meet in Willmar for avian flu crisis. (KARE)

Dayton And Franken Talk Bird Flu At Central Minn. Turkey Farms. (WCCO)

Koenen/Baker/Franken/Peterson: Officials promise more help to fight avian influenza. (Willmar)

Northland farmers keep watch as avian flu spreads. (Duluth)

Is the wind to blame? Bird flu’s spread remains mystery. (Litchfield)

Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory in Willmar becomes statewide hub for avian flu testing. (Willmar)

Asphyxiation used to kill condemned poultry. (ForumNews)

Avian flu won’t have negative effect on poultry supply, cost. (ForumNews)

By the numbers: U.S. bird flu outbreak in poultry. (AgWeek)

Bly Letter: State is responding to avian influenza. (Brainerd-Worthington)

Schomacker Letter: Rural nursing homes get boost under provisions. (Worthington)

Letter (Davids): Representative exhibits misguided understanding of water quality crisis. (Red Wing)

Letter (McCollum): Range mayors stand with Nolan on mining. (Duluth)

Letter: Emmer deserves kudos for not catering to backers. (St. Cloud)

Poppe Column (Bly): State’s turkey industry needs a quick response to avian flu. (Rochester)

Davids Column: Don’t stop believing tax policy has potential to change. (Rochester)

Bennett Column: Where things stand with a few weeks to go. (Albert Lea)

Sparks Column: Senate making headway on session. (Austin)

Daniels Column: Legislative update. (Faribault)

Simon Column: Be heard on legislation to let teen voters pre-register. (St. Cloud-Worthington)

Column (Schomacker-Lourey): It’s a Minnesota party role reversal on nursing home funding. (Strib)

Column (Bakk-Bly): How are things going at Minnesota Legislature? Don’t ask. (ForumNews)

Column (Daudt-Bakk): How Dayton, Senate DFLers and House Republicans could forge a budget deal — and avoid a shutdown. (MinnPost)

Column: Don’t blame wolves for fewer moose. (Timberjay)

Column: Dismal legislative effort on broadband continues. (MnBrown)

Column: Hemp is nothing like marijuana. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Franken-Peterson-Baker):Avian flu impact is serious for state. (Willmar)

Editorial: It’s time for legislators, Dayton to make deals. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Hancock-Franken): Mental health care a critical need. (Bemidji)

Editorial (Davids-Pawlenty): Come together for tax reciprocity deal. (Winona)

Editorial (Quam-Simonson): No one wins if largest cities cut. (Strib-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Time for follow through on rural issues. (Virginia)

Editorial: Bird flu poses a serious threat to Morrison County. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Let’s talk some serious turkey. (Red Wing)

Editorial (McCollum): Wilderness areas need protection. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (4-19-15)

Knoblach/Nornes/Cornish/Thissen: Republican rush to cut spending could put some in party at risk. (MPR)

Poppe/Sparks/Loon: Lawmakers, education experts at odds with Dayton’s pre-K proposals. (Albert Lea)

Newman/Gruenhagen: Dayton’s push for buffer strips goes too far, critics say. (Litchfield)

Sparks: Governor starts putting money behind buffer proposal. (AgriNews)

Schultz/Hamilton/Frederickson: Bird flu likely to be around for years. (ForumNews)

Gruenhagen/Pelowski: [House] Committee votes down tuition freeze. (MnDaily)

Davids/Davnie/Quam: Rep. Duane Quam’s Cuts Could Close Parks and Libraries in Twin Cities. (CityPages)

Senjem/Nelson/Drazkowski/Garofalo/McElroy: Tip credit proposal takes center stage at Eggs and Issues. (Rochester)

Urdahl: Dayton includes Litchfield project in bonding proposal. (Litchfield)

Drazkowski/Daudt: Farmers, businesses would get GOP tax breaks. (ForumNews)

Garofalo/Knoblach/Mahoney/Gunther: Republicans add $8 million for broadband after complaints from rural Minnesotans. (ForumNews)

In campaign, Miller made no-broadband pledge. (BSP)

Reinert/Tomassoni/Petersen: Minnesota Senate defeats bid to open Sunday liquor sales. (AP)

Dehn/Anderson/Mullery/Cornish: House votes to legalize silencers, approves other gun bill. (AP)

Sheran/Scott: Lawmaker wants to restrict access to birth certificate data. (MPR-Winona)

Rep. Bennett enjoys learning, meeting constituents. (Albert Lea)

Sen. Franken gets amendments into massive No Child overhaul. (Strib)

Bird flu outbreak may cause higher turkey prices. (KSFY)

Franken: 4 New Bird Flu Cases Identified in Minn. (KEYC)

Franken talks mental health care crisis in Bemidji visit. (Bemidji)

Sen. Al Franken Makes Stop In Mankato On Rural Health Tour. (KEYC)

Sen. Al Franken Tours 75F To Gain Insight On Energy Efficiency. (KEYC)

Sen. Franken Says He Strongly Supports “Fight for $15” Campaign. (KLDT)

Nolan: McCollum seeks ban on new mines in much of northeastern Minnesota. (MinnPost)

McCollum: Bill could prohibit new mining near BWCA – Opponents also lobby Obama for executive ban. (Timberjay)

McCollum seeks ban on new mines in much of northeastern Minnesota. (Ely)

Nolan, Klobuchar, Franken blast anti-mining bill – Rep. McCollum measure called ‘duplicative regulatory scheme’ (Virginia)

Nolan to vigorously oppose McCollum’s new proposal to ban future mining on Minnesota’s Iron Range. (Ely)

Congressman John Kline Believes Minnesota’s Wealthiest .2% Need a Tax Break. (CityPages)

Swanson: Attorney General sues companies for misleading consumers with deceptive renewal notices. (HTF)

Dayton/Mondale: Insider squabbles at Vikes’ stadium board spill into public view. (MPR)

Wolves trapped after attacks on dogs in Duluth, Two Harbors area. (Duluth)

DNR tightens walleye regs. (Aitkin)

DNR asks wild turkey hunters in 5 counties to help with avian influenza surveillance. (Brainerd)

Avian flu mystery has turkey farmers on edge. (MPR-Albert Lea)

12 turkey barns in Swift County infected with avian influenza. (Benson)

Letter (Sparks-Anderson): Factory farm nuisance law. (Brainerd-Worthongton)

Hamilton Letter: Places of disagreement in State of the State. (Worthington)

Peppin Letter: Backer enthused about representing District 12A. (Morris)

Letter (Peppin-Backer-McNamar): Are Republican leaders here when it really counts? (Morris)

Letter: Nolan, Franken have supported postal center. (Duluth)

Letter (Nolan-Franken-Klobuchar): Conservation fund must be maintained for future. (Duluth)

Letter: Legislature must address workforce housing issue. (Bemidji)

Anzelc Column: Legislative review. (Brainerd)

Heintzman Column: Legislative update. (Brainerd)

Daniels Column: Legislative update. (Faribault)

Gruenhagen Column: GOP’s plan prioritizes roads, bridges. (Glencoe)

Hancock Column: Dayton continues high spending, high taxes. (Park Rapids)

Atkins Column: The state found your lost wallet, but we aren’t going to tell you. (Morris-Rochester-Worthington)

Simon Column: Get good voting habits started early. (Duluth)

Column: Emmer’s style, votes paint different pictures. (St. Cloud)

Column: Nolan’s commitment to problem-solving not seen since Kennedy. (Duluth)

Column: Minnesota needs a transportation fix. (Park Rapids-Willmar-Detroit Lakes)

Column: Minnesota should not approve proposed Sandpiper route. (Brainerd)

Column (Waldorf): Buffers – Good for water quality, good for habitat. (Little Falls)

Column: Rural Minnesota may be used to slow Internet, but is fed up with slow legislators. (Duluth)

Editorial (Garofalo-Baker-Miller-Urdahl-et al): Follow through on broadband pledge to Minnesota. (Willmar)

Editorial (Kresha-Schmit-Garofalo): State can’t back out of broadband effort. (Rochester)

Editorial (Garofalo): Don’t kill broadband program. (Mankato)

Editorial (Dorman): Funding rural broadband – It should be an opportunity for bipartisan agreement. (Timberjay)

Editorial: GOP disses broadband in committee – Bad message sent to rural areas, even if it’s just negotiating tactic. (Virginia)

Editorial: Follow through on broadband pledge. (Duluth)

Editorial: Broadband: Senate funding still falls short. (Duluth)

Editorial (Franken-Nolan-Klkobuchar): Beware anti-mining regulatory tactic – Rep. McCollum’s bill targets northeastern Minnesota; we applaud state federal lawmakers who say it is unnecessary. (Virginia)

Editorial: Franken, Klobuchar should join swing Democrats on Iran bill. (Grand Forks-Willmar)

Editorial (Waldorf): Dayton presented buffer zone plan all wrong. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Dean): Move with caution when revamping MinnesotaCare. (Austin)

Editorial: Don’t forget work for greater Minnesota. (Austin)

Editorial: Editorial: Ag can’t deny water pollution. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Minnesota should approve Sandpiper. (Brainerd)

Editorial: New wild rice recommendations as clear as mud. (Ely)

Editorial (Downey): Don’t hold your breath waiting for a check from surplus. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Return LGA to 2002 levels. (Worthington)

Editorial: Weather may aid avian flu battle. (Willmar)

Editorial: MN to consider aid-in-dying bill. (MnDaily)

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Outstate News (3-29-15)

Dill: MPCA proposes new sulfate regulations. (Timberjay)

Anzelc: New rules shift debate on wild rice, mining controversy. (MnBrown)

Senjem/Petersburg/Jensen/Bennett/Frederickson: Farmers voice frustration at waterway buffer meeting. (Owatonna)

Frederickson: Buffer strip proposal draws criticism from farming community. (Pipestone)

Drazkowski/Garofalo/Norton/Davids/Thompson: Bill to block public funds for Zip Rail advances. (Rochester)

Kresha/Gazelka: Governor proposes railroad tax-funded safety fixes to include Little Falls and Randall. (Little Falls)

Marquart/Kelly: No early rail bill debate. (ForumNews)

Daudt/Baker: Transportation, two ways. (Willmar)

Eken/Kiel/Lenczewski/Skoe: Cities that border Dakotas want continued state support. (ForumNews)

Marquart/Eken/Green: Pre-K teachers may lose business with Gov. Dayton’s pre-school proposal. (Detroit Lakes)

Schools in favor of Gov. Dayton’s pre-school proposal if they have space. (Detroit Lakes)

Anderson/Daudt/Schomacker: State’s long-term care field in financial mess. (Glenwood-Brooten)

Bakk/Hann/Knoblach: Senate Democrats stress education, reserves. (AP)

Bakk/Sieben/Hann: Minnesota Senate Democrats take middle budget ground. (ForumNews)

Stumpf/Bakk/Hann/Sieben: Senate budget seeks to bridge gulf between Dayton and GOP. (MinnPost)

Daudt/Thissen/Knoblach/Downey: Minnesota Republican budget plan features $2 billion tax cuts. (ForumNews)

Daudt/Knoblach/Thissen/Dean/Bakk: House budget elevates tax cuts, squeezes health. (AP)

Daniels/Daudt: Daniels backs GOP budget plan; says there’s middle ground with DFL. (Faribault)

Senjem/Bakk: Capitol building restoration to run $30M higher. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Dettmer/Pugh/Peppin/Thissen/Folliard: Equal Rights Bill Faces Baffling Opposition in Minnesota House. (CityPages)

Lucero/Hamilton/Daudt/Bachmann: Doyle “crazy upset” anti-transgender bill didn’t get heard but immigrant driver’s license bill did. (BSP)

Tomassoni: RAMS elects Perfetto as new president. (Hibbing)

Sen. Sparks sponsors workforce housing bill. (Albert Lea)

Peppin/Marty/Benson/Bakk/Abeler/Day/Sviggum/Seifert/Moe/Hottinger/Johnson/Solberg/Beard/et al: Many Minnesota lawmakers make fast, lucrative jumps to jobs as lobbyists. (St. Paul-Duluth)

Dahms/Torkelson: Lawmakers to talk buffer strips. (Willmar)

Ingebrigtsten, Franson to hold town meetings. (Alexandria)

Ingebrigtsten: Disability Matters Town Hall Forum to highlight key legislative priorities for the disability community. (Fergus Falls)

Davids: Minnesota House Agriculture Finance Committee hearing. (Preston)

Bakk/Thissen/Franken/KlobucharDavids/Skoe.Kline: Capitol Chatter: Where will Minnesota House call home?; Phone standards sought; Government shutdown?; Franken wants safety funds; Senator wants ‘Skoe savings’ (ForumNews)

Sen. Franken calls on FRA to make Bakken crude less volatile. (ProgRR)

Sen. Franken to appear on Letterman. (St. Paul)

Sen. Franken aims to fund mental health courts, crisis intervention. (KMSP)

Franken: The very serious politics of ‘vote-a-rama’ (MinnPost)

Franken: Some Democrats Who Could Step Up If Hillary Isn’t Ready For Hillary. (FiveThirtyEight)

Franken/Klobuchar/Nolan/Smith: MN Congressional Delegation and Lt. Gov. Meet at White House About Steel Imports. (WDIO)

Downey: MNGOP’s Ill-Fated, $150,000 “Give It Back!” Campaign Is Officially Dead. (CityPages)

Landwehr: Dayton wants to get tough on poachers. (Bemidji)

Rukavina: Political theater – Meeting in Cook movie house, board OK’s road bonding. (Timberjay)

Peterson: Pope meets with Farmers’ Union leader. (ForumNews)

Zelle visits Glencoe. (Glencoe)

Governor wants to put more money into Minnesota state parks. (ForumNews)

Meetings to address programs to help farmers who lose livestock to wolves. (Fergus Falls)

Frederickson: Farm with Jennie-O ties hit by bird flu outbreak. (AP-Austin)

3rd turkey farm hit by bird flu. (AP)

New study says ethanol could cut carbon emissions more than many think. (CrainsClevelandBus)

Letter: Rep. Peterson has always supported Keystone XL. (Park Rapids)

Letter: Nolan is working for you. (Brainerd)

Letter (Franken): Rerouting trains is not the answer. (Alexandria)

Letter: Where was Rep. Baker? (Willmar)

Letter (Backer-Westrom): Clean energy legislation needs our help. (Morris)

Kiel-Fabian Column: Dayton targets farmers with buffer-zone proposal. (Grand Forks)

Lueck Column: Update on work at the Capitol. (Aitkin)

Daniels Column: Legislative update. (Faribault)

Bennett Column: GOP roads plan funds long-term needs. (Albert Lea)

Gruenhagen Column: GOP transportation plan prioritizes roads and bridges. (Hutchinson)

Anderson Column: Discussion continues on buffer strips. (Alexandria)

Column (Emmer-Paulsen): TPA good for Minnesota. (AgWeek)

Hilty-Solon Column: Homegrown energy is the way to go for Minnesota. (Rochester)

Downey Column: Focus on policy with surplus, not politics. (Duluth)

Column: It’s time to invest in transportation. (Willmar-Worthington)

Column: GOP transportation proposal leaves plenty of room for tax cuts. (MinnPost)

Column: Farmers are losing the battle of public perception. (Worthington)

Editorial: GOP road plan filled with potholes. (Mankato-Austin)

Editorial: Railroad tax plan logical. (ForumNews)

Editorial (Back-Daudt-Liebling-Schomacker-Miller-Reinert): Evidence points to cooperation. (Rochester-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Miller-Bernardy): Stop meddling with MnSCU. (Strib-Albert Lea)

Editorial: MPCA on sulfates – As debate moves forward, public shouldn’t stand for misinformation. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Common sense MPCA [sulfate] decision. (Virginia)

Editorial: Investing in state parks, trails system a good plan. (Park Rapids)

Editorial: Child protection laws need update. (MnDaily)

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