Outstate News (9-28-14)

Endorsement: [District 5B] Pick Anzelc’s focus on education, taxes. (Duluth)

Endorsement: Melin is effective for Range district [6A]. (Duluth)

Endorsement: [District 3B] Good reasons to re-elect Murphy — one last time. (Duluth)

Column (Rukavina-Dill-Nolan): Here’s what I know about our commissioner candidates. (Timberjay)

Atkins/Dayton: Early snapshot of 2015 MNsure premiums coming up. (AP)

Ellison/Hayden: Sen. Barb Goodwin Calls Out Ellison, Other Prominent DFLers Over Nonprofit Scandal. (CityPages)

Goodwin/Hayden/Ellison: State senator blasts fellow DFLers for role in Community Action scandal. (MinnPost)

Norton/Davids/Senjem/Lenczewski/Dayton: Politics might complicate DMC funding fix. (Rochester)

Savick/Mahoney/Murphy: REG applauds the legislature. (Albert Lea)

Franken/Nolan/Hamilton/Weber/et al: Capitol chatter: Campaigns fill email boxes with URGENT messages. (ForumNews)

Petersburg: House candidates split on teacher tenure. (Owatonna)

Dorholt/Knoblach/Thissen: DFL in fight to retain House. (MPR-Fergus Falls)

Emmer/Howe: DFLers search for traction in Bachmann district House race. (MPR)

Franken’s campaign recipe: lot of policy, dash of humor. (Strib)

McFadden, Franken seek votes from greater Minnesota. (ForumNews)

Franken/Peterson/Walz: Vilsack: Direct farmer payments out, new safety net in. (ForumNews)

Franken/Peterson/Walz/Klobuchar: Franken hosts agriculture secretary in Minnesota. (AP)

U.S. Senate candidates Franken, McFadden to debate in Duluth. (Duluth)

Franken: McFadden lays out plan to replace health care law, cut health care costs. (AP)

MNGOP Rips Franken… for Voting, with McCain, to Cut Obama’s Military Spending. (CityPages)

Senate candidate makes swing through Pine City. (Pine City)

Walz/Downey: Klobuchar does not want attorney general job. (ForumNews)

Nolan: Democrats target Mills’ wealth — will it work? (MinnPost)

Rick Nolan Criticized for Carelessly Toting AR-15. (CityPages)

Obermueller: Minnesota’s 2nd District, real challenge for Bill Maher and Maher’s “Flip-a-District” contest. (MPR-Brainerd)

Independence Party’s Nicollet struggles to be noticed in uphill bid for governor. (Strib-Duluth)

Johnson: GOP candidate for governor talks business, education in Owatonna. (Owatonna)

Dayton, Johnson differ on campaigns, issues. (ForumNews)

National conservative group plans anti-Dayton push. (MPR)

Johnson/Emmer: [Dayton] Running Ahead, as if Behind. (Virginia)

Johnson: Gov. Mark Dayton has touted his office’s achievements more than his politics in his first attempt at a second political term. (St. Paul-Grand Forks)

Ritchie: Early voting with absentee ballots now underway. (HTF)

Norm Coleman Now Lobbying for Gov’t that Doesn’t Allow Women to Drive. (CityPages)

Hutchinson home to unusual campaign signs. (Hutchinson)

World’s Largest Hot Dish happens! (Alexandria)

Deer hunts will take place at some state parks. (HTF)

Legal Marijuana Could Bring in $46 Million Annually for Minnesota, Study Says. (CityPages)

Union official: Sandpiper project at risk Minnesota commission voted to study other routes. (ForumNews-Fergus Falls)

BNSF: Keystone won’t harm rail business. (Moorhead)

Crude oil transport concerns
Railroads offer benefits along with drawbacks.
(Granite Falls)

MnDOT seeks farmers willing to leave standing corn rows. (AgriNews)

Extension launches 2014 Farm Bill dairy education seminars. (AgriNews)

Letter (Peterson): Westrom needs to be honest about his spending. (Morris)

Letter (Simon): Severson’s comments questioned. (Brainerd)

Letter (Hamilton): Candidate with MS will take part in debates. (Worthington)

Letter: Writer’s attack on Hamilton ‘tacky’ (Worthington)

Bettermann Letter: McNamar voted to bring Obamacare to Minnesota. (Morris)

Letter: Proud to support McNamar. (Morris)

Letter: Al Doty tempers idealism with reality. (Little Falls)

Letter: Where does Doty stand on education? (Little Falls)

Letter: Kresha defends 9B rural interests. (Little Falls)

Letter: Kresha’s vote speaks louder than words. (Little Falls)

Letter (Ward-Radinovich): Words have meaning. (Brainerd)

Letter: [Mark] Anderson has common sense. (Brainerd)

Letter: Let’s keep what works; don’t go backward. (Mora)

Franken Column: Minnesota needs federal action on railroads. (Grand Forks)

Column: Farmers grow enough corn for food and fuel. (AgWeek)

Column: Can pig farmers be good environmental stewards? (MinnPost)

Column: Candidates should fight for Greater Minnesota. (Park Rapids-Pine City)

Editorial: Rep. Sundin lets down constituents. (Duluth)

Editorial (Franken-Thissen): Student debt relief is worth exploring. (Strib-Austin)

Editorial (P. Anderson-Westrom): Our area should take opportunity for funding. (Glenwood)

Editorial (Johnson-Dayton): Road funding is a priority. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Nursing homes – Local taxpayers shouldn’t have to make up for state funding shortfalls. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities says unique challenges pose risk to rural Minnesota. (Glenwood)

Editorial: MNsure uncertainty. (New Ulm-Owatonna)

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Outstate News (9-21-14)

Poll shows slipping support for PolyMet. (MnBrown)

Minnesota Poll: Franken leads McFadden by double digits. (StarTribune)

Abeler/Benson/Hann: GOP legislators’ surprisingly nuanced response to PreferredOne’s decision to quit MNsure. (MinnPost)

Dill hits daily-double endorsements; Mills goes after Nolan; Steelworkers official returns fire. (Virginia)

Melin: [6A] Candidate faces lawsuit for sawing garage in half in ongoing property dispute. (Duluth)

MN17B: Mental health roundtable participants applaud Sawatzky’s determination. (BSP)

McNamar/Anderson: House District 12A candidates to debate Sept. 25. (Morris)

Johnson: Dayton shows ‘breathtaking incompetence’ (ForumNews)

Johnson: Dayton campaign calls Johnson’s MNsure charges a ‘smear’ (MinnPost)

Johnson makes health plan woes central to Minn. governor campaign. (AP)

Johnson/Emmer/Dayton: Governor challenger happy with poll numbers. (ForumNews)

Gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson visits Redwood Falls. (Redwood Falls)

Johnson/Severson: GOP’s top office hopefuls call for change. (Red Wing)

Dayton, Johnson agree to debates. (ForumNews)

GOP governor hopeful Johnson replaces campaign chief. (MPR)

Mark Dayton Takes Credit for Historically Low Unemployment Rate… But Should He? (CityPages)

Dayton on statewide campaign trail for the last time. (Brainerd)

Nolan/Oberstar/Cravaack/Martin: Democrats and their allies focus on changing 8th District. (Brainerd)

U.S. Rep. John Kline Named Worst Congressman in Bill Maher’s “Flip a District” Contest. (CityPages)

Westrom wields Obamacare in bid to topple Peterson. (Litchfield)

Clark/Emmer: Without Bachmann, 6th District race is off radar. (St. Cloud)

Tom Emmer Campaign Signs Weren’t Allowed at Target Field, Twins Officials Say. (CityPages)

Al Franken, Mike McFadden schedule 3 debates. (PioneerPress)

McFadden presses Franken for more Senate debates. (MPR-Brainerd)

Franken: McFadden bashes Obamacare in visit to Albert Lea. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Franken/Peterson/Klobuchar: Paul Bunyan Communications announces ‘GigaZone’ network. (Bemidji)

Franken-Ritchie: Minnesota early voting starts. (ForumNews)

Ritchie: ‘No excuse’ absentee balloting starts today. (MPR)

Minnesota jobless rate drops to 4.3 percent. (Hutchinson)

29 potential medical marijuana makers vie for two opportunities in Minnesota. (ForumNews)

LCP works with Great River Energy on solar project. (HTF)

CHS expands Glenwood Propane Terminal. (Glenwood)

New WCROC scientist studies microbes for renewable fuels. (Morris)

Milk margin program explained at Sept. 24 session. (Hutchinson)

Rep. Peterson Letter: NRCC TV ad is misleading. (Detroit Lakes-Moorhead)

P. Anderson Letter: Working together can bring about positive response to tragic death. (Glenwood)

Letter: Dean Urdahl helps protect the outdoors. (Hutchinson)

Letter: Vote Fritz for continued progress. (Faribault)

Letter (McNamar): Promises not kept. (Morris)

Letter (Erickson): Out-of-state contributions to candidate questioned. (Bemidji)

Letter: Kresha’s bad habit affects us. (Little Falls)

McFadden Letter: Franken asleep at the switch. (Moorhead)

Letter: Nolan appreciates clean water. (Brainerd)

Letter: Efficiencies must come first in transportation. (Austin)

Letter: Farmers want to share their reasons for using GMO seeds. (Rochester)

Schmit Column: School is back in session, and Minnesota is back on track. (Rochester)

EPA Column: Clean water proposal aims to help farmers. (Bemidji-Morris-Worthington)

Column: One more time: Farmers grow enough corn for food and fuel. (Alexandria-Detroit Lakes)

Column: Candidates should fight for Greater Minnesota issues. (Alexandria)

Column: Election is important for women and families. (Duluth)

Column (Dayton-Franken): Minnesota Poll: This is the fall of our acquiescent discontent – It also suggests that Republicans have focused on the wrong statewide race. (StarTribune)

Column (Daudt-Murphy-et al): Time-tested tea leaves bode well for Minnesota GOP – But unchallenged candidacies do not reflect well on participatory democracy. (StarTribune)

Editorial (Dayton-Johnson): Road funding is a priority. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Job stats both good and bad, but solutions elusive. (Little Falls)

Editorial: What’s the plan?
How does sowing division help to improve Ely’s economy?

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Outstate News (9-14-14)

Editorial: Let’s make ‘Hot Dish’ the ‘State Food’ (St.Joseph)

Poll: Gov. Dayton leads GOP’s Johnson by double digits. (Strib)

Radinovich: Thissen to address DFL fundraiser. (Aitkin)

Nolan: Star of Stewart Mills’s Latest Ad Has Off-Color Facebook Page. (CityPages)

Mills says Nolan supports too many regulations. (MPR)

Obermeuler: Maher targets Kline in ‘Flip a District’ (MPR)

Tea Party extremism? Severson slammed public schools for programming “socialist values” (BSP)

Erickson/Nolan/Franken/Oberstar: Race for 8th is defined by diverse demographics. (Duluth)

Johnson, Backer visit with local Republicans. (Morris)

Dayton blasts Johnson at union event. (MPR)

Dayton, Johnson agree to debates. (ForumNews)

First gubernatorial debate scheduled for Oct. 1. (Morris)

Johnson/Dayton/Martin: Minn. governor race drifts to talk of payback, tea party ties. (AP)

Minnesota governor candidates divided on pot laws. (MPR-Moorhead)

Franken: McFadden backs air strikes against Islamic State. (AP)

Franken/Nolan: Risky business: Is McFadden’s CEO experience an asset or liability in the Minnesota Senate race? (MinnPost)

Franken/Nolan: Lawmakers: Minntac’s permit likely to be OK’d. (Virginia)

Franken/Klobuchar: Minnesota farmers beg Congress, transportation officials to fix rail problems. (Strib)

Franken/Ritchie: Minnesota early voting starts next week. (ForumNews)

Peterson/Walz/Nolan/McCollum/et al: Capitol Chatter: Ag wins water vote. (ForumNews)

Rep. Nolan plans area meetings. (HTF)

Dayton/Klobuchar: Propane still difficult to secure. (Park Rapids)

Minnesota propane outlook improves, but officials will monitor. (ForumNews)

Minnesota will take time to study pipeline route alternatives. (ForumNews)

Rail delays knock Minnesota power plant units offline. (MnBrown)

USDA boosts corn, soybean harvest to new records. (AP)

Area crops still need some time. (Redwood Falls)

Drones find niche in local agriculture. (Willmar)

Letter (Dornholt): Despite explanation, Knoblach brochure troubles. (St. Cloud)

Letter: Appreciates Radinovich’s level-headed approach. (Aitkin)

Letter: Savick worked hard for Dist. 27A. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Rep. Savick was not a driving force. (Albert Lea)

Letter (McNamar): Legislators should know what they are voting for. (Morris)

Letter: Kresha supports children and moms. (Little Falls)

Letter: Hagedorn is just another Washington insider. (Worthington)

Column: Al Franken Drops a Truth Bomb On The Senate: Citizens United Is Money Laundering. (PoliticsUSA)

Column: Plea to Sen. Franken: tell us a joke. (MinnPost)

Column: A little reported story…Obamacare is actually working. (Timberjay)

Column: Is the party over for the Independence Party? (MinnPost)

Column: With 30,000 Minnesota jobs at risk…Address the real cause of Northern Long-Eared Bats’ imperilment. (Ely)

Editorial (Franken): Is McFadden his own guy, or is someone pulling his strings? (Crookston)

Editorial: Simon vs. Severson. (Worthington)

Editorial: Governor’s visit was productive. (Moorhead)

Editorial: Less than two months to learn about candidates. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Medical marijuana law needs change. (MnDaily-Owatonna)

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Outstate News (9-7-14)

KSTP/SurveyUSA Poll: Franken Leads McFadden in US Senate Race. (KSTP)

Poll: Dayton, Franken still hold healthy poll leads. (Virginia)

Poll: Dayton, Franken lead in polls. (Strib)

Poll: KSTP/SurveyUSA cross tabs/results. (SurveyUSA)

Polls: Minnesota Senate – McFadden vs. Franken. (RCP)

Poll: 2014 Minnesota State Fair poll results. (HIS)

Anzelc/Falk/Ward/et.al: Capitol Chatter: Conservative group focuses on defeating 12 DFL representatives. (ForumNews)

Liebling: Rochester legislative candidates cautious on Zip Rail. (Rochester)

Hansen/Wagenius/Frederickson: Pollinators need protection. (AgriNews)

Marquart: In Moorhead visit, Dayton hears concerns about flood diversion. (ForumNews)

Sen. Weber seeks more technical training for students. (Windom)

Abeler/Hosch/Berglin/Jennings: MN07: Torrey Westrom voted to cut child protection services funding in 2011. (BSP)

Daudt: HD12A: Backer thinks depression created by Satan stealing pleasures, making us want stuff. (BSP)

FitzSimmons/Franken/Peterson/Johnson/et al: The Emmer Effect: GOP banks on big win in 6th to boost candidates statewide. (Minnpost)

Walz optimistic on manufacturing. (Albert Lea)

Peterson: as the ranking democrat on the House Agriculture committee, ‘I’ve got a lot of say’ (Willmar)

Peterson: Signup begins Sept. 2 for Margin Protection Program. (AgriNews)

Rep. Peterson expects funding resolution, as conflict resumes over ag appropriations. (AgWeek)

Peterson: STB hearing testimony shows little hope for timely fix. (AgWeek)

Nolan/Franken/Dayton/Johnson/Peterson/Westrom: Northern, western Minnesota could affect political season. (ForumNews)

Franken visits Minntac, presses for more jobs. (HTF)

Al Franken seeks crackdown on terrorist recruiting. (St. Paul)

Sen. Al Franken looks to the late Paul Wellstone for inspiration. (LATimes)

Al Franken takes Senate job seriously (he’s still funny in private). (LATimes)

Franken: Incumbent vs. newcomer partially defines U.S. Senate race. (ForumNews)

Franken, McFadden trade campaign jabs in Senate race. (St. Paul-Moorhead)

New Al Franken ad criticizes Mike McFadden’s corporate move to Bermuda. (Strib)

Franken: Senate hopeful defends role in Irish firm’s merger. (AP)

Franken, McFadden slug it out over Minnesota’s connections to radical Islam. (CityPages)

Franken/Dettmer: Foreign policy, tax debate stoke Senate race. (AP)

DFL chairman: Campaign looking up – Martin has found found his voice of victory, not doom. (Virginia)

Downey: Survey finds Republicans’ biggest concern is not what you think it is. (MinnPost)

Durenberger to give eighth annual McCarthy Lecture. (St.Joseph)

Rural districts struggle to lure new teachers. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Medical marijuana makers sought for Minnesota. (ForumNews)

Bachman’s owners intend to apply to be state certified pot growers. (MinnPost)

Minnesota ex-offenders recycle barns, learn skills. (MPR-Crookston)

Minnesota hires rail inspectors along oil route. (AP)

Officials ask federal board to help on rail delays. (AP)

Potato harvest in full swing. (AgriNews)

Southern Minn. growers: Early apples are ready. (AP)

Hormel highlights strategies at conference. (Austin)

Letter (Kresha): Thank educators, not politicians. (Little Falls)

Letter (Kresha): People like DFL legislation. (Little Falls)

Letter: COACT endorses Doty. (Brainerd)

Letter (Dist 7A): Schultz will help everyday working families. (Duluth)

Letter (Dist 7A): Schultz will be a leader for Minnesota education. (Duluth)

Letter: Nolan, Obama birds of a feather. (Park Rapids)

Letter (Walz): Letter: Hagedorn will be a voice for our district. (Worthington)

Kline Column: Senate, act on school legislation. (Red Wing)

Column: Left, right – One topic, two viewpoints – TOPIC: Education. (Aitkin)

Column (Otto-Entenza): Primary: No local DFL consensus on copper-nickel. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Successful Minnesota State has done exceptionally well under Dayton, DFL Legislature. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Franken must be smiling. (Moorhead-Willmar)

Editorial (Dayton-Johnson): Road funding needs to be a priority. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Returning Ely to its mining roots. (Ely)

Editorial (Walz): Hard-working Hagedorn. (Worthington)

Editorial: Railroad delays an issue. (Willmar-Worthington)

Editorial (Newman): Paying to pave the Dakota Rail Trail. (Hutchinson)

Editorial: ‘Redskins’ is a slur, no matter the arguments. (Rochester-Albert Lea)

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Outstate News (8-24-14)

Rasmussen Poll: Dayton and Franken lead GOP rivals. (MPR)

Franken/Dayton/Johnson: GOP Candidates Trailing in Latest Governor, Senate Polls. (KAAL)

Franken/Klobuchar: Minnesota’s Senators Welcome Steel Decision. (AP)

Franken: As McFadden courts votes on the Range, DFL raises Chinese steel comments. (MinnPost)

Franken: In Minnesota Senate race, McFadden has promises of outside money, hopes for more. (AP)

Why Al Franken Should Not Be Worried (Too Much) (WSJ)

Franken And McFadden To Debate Three More Times Before Election. (UpTake)

Franken/Dayton/Downey: Twist on fair politics: GOP vs. GOP. (ForumNews)

MNGOP kicks endorsed candidate Michelle MacDonald out of party’s State Fair booth. (CityPages)

GOP Supreme Court candidate banned at fair booth. (AP)

Walz: Fillmore County GOP chairman: Hagedorn doesn’t deserve endorsement. (Rochester)

Walz: Congressional hopeful stands by old blog posts. (AP)

U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen to help families bring meningitis vaccine across the Canadian border. (MinnPost)

Peterson/Franekn/Klobuchar: $300,000 grant invigorates airport project. (DetroitLakes)

Peterson/Nolan/Franken: Capitol Chatter: Minnesota House races get noticed; Gay wedding allowed; ‘Stick on a stick’ (ForumNews)

Dayton declines Johnson’s request for debates. (Austin)

Dayton/Johnson/Franken: Politicians forage for votes at Minnesota fair. (AP)

Dayton: Former Gov. Arne Carlson says Vikings stadium should be an election issue. (St. Paul-Willmar)

Dayton pushes education, labor-force agenda. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Kelly/Dayton: Locals talk rail safety specifics. (Red Wing)

Garofalo/Norton/Senjem: State lawmaker seeks to block Zip Rail project. (Rochester)

Gazelka: Senator: Settlement shows flipside of same-sex marriage. (St. Cloud)

Saxhaug/Rosen: State Senate forms task force aimed at rural communities. (Bemidji)

Rep. Ron Erhardt allegedly said, “I’ll blow your head off” when contacted by gun rights group. (CityPages)

Dave Thompson to host new political show evenings on AM 1130. (CityPages)

Christmas tree at U.S. Capitol will come from Minnesota. (BMTN)

Minnesota State Fair’s livestock barns stay real (and rural). (AgWeek-St. Paul)

Minn. dairy industry crowns 61st Princess Kay of the Milky Way. (AgWeek)

Bounteous or bare? Area fall harvest outlook is partly cloudy, with a chance of rain. (Winona)

Letter: We need Doty again in St. Paul. (Little Falls)

Letter: Kresha sidesteps partisanship. (Little Falls)

Letter(Westrom): Letter: Peterson has served well. (Willmar)

Column: Sharp contrasts separate Johnson and Dayton. (ForumNews)

Column: What recovery? Workers are telling the Federal Reserve to get real. (MinnPost)

Column: Biodiesel a long-term solution to energy needs. (AgWeek)

Editorial (Franken-Dayton-Johnson): It’s uphill for Minnesota GOP in 2014. (ForumNews)

Editorial: Why the Faribault Daily News won’t endorse candidates this fall. (Faribault)

Editorial: We welcome education train. (Red Wing)

Editorial (Franken-Johnson-Dayton): What! No debates at State Fair. (Virginia)

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Outstate News (8-17-14)

Metsa/Rukavina/Franken/McFadden: Iron Range rally targets U.S. Senate candidate McFadden over foreign steel comment. (Duluth)

Metsa/Melin/Rukavina/Franken: Foreign steel dispute: McFadden campaign calls hypocrisy on DFL lawmakers. (NorthlandNews)

Metsa/Melin/Rukavina/Begich/Franken/McFadden: U.S. Senate candidates clash over Keystone pipeline steel. (HotDish)

Metsa/Melin/Rukavina/Franken/McFadden: Foreign steel issue heats up. (Virginia)

Melin: Franken and challenger McFadden still sparring over U.S. vs. imported steel. (BMTN)

Column: What’s that odor? U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden stepped in it big time on Chinese steel issue. (Virginia)

McFadden 2-steps on [gas tax] stance during St. Cloud stop. (St. Cloud)

Franken: McFadden campaign on Mike’s insta-flip flop: “Mike isn’t a polished politician” (CityPages)

Peterson/Nolan: Capitol Chatter: Politicians fake news sites; McFadden backs tax? No; June primary discussed; Big money, big problem? (ForumNews)

Franken/Abeler/McFadden: Junior senator candidates tackle ag questions at Farmfest. (AgriNews)

Franken/Abeler/Mcfadden: U.S. Senate, Congressional candidates debate farm politics. (Redwood Falls)

Klobuchar and Franken: Save four of Minnesota’s snail mail processing centers. (MinnPost)

McNamar: Jeff Backer takes District 12A Republican primary. (Morris)

Peterson: GOP congressional candidate Torrey Westrom says 48 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes. (CityPages)

1stCD Analysis: Hagedorn went west for primary win. (Mankato)

Zellers/Seifert/Martin/Downey: Republicans fall in behind Johnson. (ForumNews)

Johnson/Dayton/Martin: Governor race could be ‘Minnesota nice’ (ForumNews-St. Paul)

Analysis: Sharp contrasts separate Johnson, Dayton. (ForumNews)

Otto trounces Entenza in auditor race. (MinnPost)

MNGOP deputy chair Chris Fields criticized for tasteless tweets about Robin Williams’s death. (CityPages)

MnSCU deal offers 7 percent faculty salary increase over 2 years. (St. Paul-Austin)

In Minnesota, some schools get more for their money but student demographics matter, too. (Grand Forks)

Wild rice harvesting season opens Aug. 15; most areas not yet ready. (HTF)

Tractor races bring family fun and country life to Kernel Days. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Kresha voted against rural transportation. (Little Falls)

Letter (Walz): Republicans failed to support Miller. (Winona)

Letter: Boehner, Mills are out of touch with the common person. (Bemidji)

Column: It’s time to end America’s love affair with prisons. (Timberjay)

Column: State pension system needs serious reforms. (Detroit Lakes)

Column (Dayton/Johnson/Bakk): That Senate office building has a bull’s-eye painted on it. (Strib)

Editorial (Franken/Johnson/Dayton): It’s uphill for GOP in Minnesota. (Moorhead)

Editorial: School lunches – Feds, state, and local schools taking steps to improve access to meals. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Minnesota has started treating sexually exploited children as victims, not criminals. (Duluth)

Editorial: Move crops up on railroads’ priority list. (Grand Forks)

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Outstate News (8-10-14)

Endorsement: For GOP governor: Scott Honour. (Virginia)

Endorsement: For DFL State Auditor: Entenza. (Virginia)

Endorsement: Kahn over Noor in heated Minnesota House race. (StarTribune)

Drazkowski: High-speed rail expert tells fair crowd that Zip Rail shouldn’t go. (Red Wing)

Thissen/Persell/Eriscson: Let’s talk taxes: DFLers encourage tax credit applications. (Bemidji)

Thissen: North Country Food Bank/Farm to Food Shelf Program: Farmers help get food to families in need. (Crookston)

Kahn: Why Minnesota’s longest-serving lawmaker is fighting for her political life. (MinnPost)

Benson/Bradley: Campaign complaint filed against Wright. (Rochester)

Persell, Pederson to face off in primary Tuesday. (Bemidji)

McNamar: District 12A Republicans have primary choice Tuesday. (Morris)

Johnson draws fire as GOP primary nears. (AP)

Jeff Johnson wants to see government change. (Hutchinson)

Honour: The state requires ‘bold vision’ (Red Wing)

Zellers: Minnesota’s competitiveness vital. (Red Wing)

Seifert would tap reserve for roads as governor. (MPR)

Zellers/Seifert/Johnson: GOP race for governor; here’s a look at four candidates. (St. Paul-Alexandria)

Seifert/Johnson/Zellers: Republican governor candidates split on greater Minnesota issues [at FarmFest]. (ForumNews)

Seifert/Johnson/Zellers: GOP governor hopefuls attack each other as primary nears. (MPR)

Johnson/Zellers/Seifert: Minnesota primary will test GOP’s endorsement value. (St. Paul-Grand Forks)

Seifert/Johnson/Zellers/Dayton: Candidates face off during Farmfest forum. (Redwood Falls)

GOP candidates say Minnesota should be more like Kansas and Wisconsin. The numbers say otherwise. (MinnPost)

Otto/Entenza/Dayton: Intense, expensive race for the usually obscure auditor’s office. (AP)

Otto/Enrenza/Kuisle/Johnson/Seifert/Housley/et al: A crash course on primary candidates who have visited Owatonna. (Owatonna)

Franken: McFadden blasted on steel issue. (Virginia)

McFadden: Build Keystone Pipeline With Foreign Steel If Cheaper. (UpTake

Franken, McFadden clash on energy issues at Farmfest – Keystone and American-made steel. (MinnPost)

Franken/Dayton/Newman/Peterson/et al: Capitol Chatter: McFadden’s Chinese steel comment at Farmfest thrown back at him by Democrats; Where’s the difference?; No [special] session decision; What did he [Dayton] say; Politicalfest notes. (ForumNews)

Abeler: Challengers want to link Franken with Obama [at FarmFest]. (ForumNews)

Abeler: Senate candidates focus on Franken at Farmfest debate. (MPR)

Franken tours RELCO plant in Willmar: Company paid workers to learn the skills they would need. (Willmar)

Franken visits Worthington. (Worthington)

Sens. Franken, Portman, Baldwin Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Help Prevent Future Propane Shortages. (PolNews)

Portman, Franken work together to help eradicate homelessness among students. (ClermontSun)

Emmer puts 2010 behind him in 6th District bid. (AP)

Peterson/Walz/Westrom/Emmer/et al: U.S. House candidates agree, but disagree. (ForumNews)

With little policy difference, Westrom hopes to pin Peterson to national Democrats. (MinnPost)

Peterson, Sinner talk grain train delays. (Worthington)

Walz, Republican opponents debate at Farmfest. (Rochester)

Miller, Hagedorn vie for right to face Walz. (Austin)

Walz: Republicans vying for District 1 congressional seat. (Mankato)

Nolan: Boehner to raise money for Mills at Grand View. (Brainerd)

Nolan: The (pipe)line that divides: Politicians weigh in on Sandpiper crude oil system. (Bemidji)

Nolan: Hubbard Broadcasting’s decision to pull anti-Stewart Mills attack ad sparks controversy. (CityPages)

Ritchie: Secretary of State reminds voters of upcoming primary election. (ECM)

Dalrymple urges Dayton to speak with local leaders about diversion. (Moorhead)

Ventura’s award ruled reasonable. (St. {Paul-Worthington)

UMM named most effective public, four-year institution in Minnesota. (Morris)

Rep. Cassell Letter: Marty Seifert as governor would understand outstate needs. (Alexandria)

Letter: Irrigation concerns in Bonanza Valley. (Morris)

Column: Making the most of Farmfest. (Redwood Falls)

Editorial (Dayton): [ND] Governor needs to speak out [on Diversion]. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: Rail delays demand solutions. (St. Cloud-Albert Lea)

Editorial: If it’s bad, Obama surely caused it. (Sartell)

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Outstate News (8-3-14)

Endorsement: Abeler over McFadden in GOP Senate primary. (Strib)

Endorsement: Seifert is knowledge-able, pragmatic, experienced. (ECM)

Endorsement: Sivarajah over Emmer in Sixth District. (Strib)

Zellers/Seifert/Johnson: Republican governor candidates split over rural issues. (ForumNews)

Hoppe: MNsure to pay $3 million for additional website help. (St.Paul-Detroit Lakes)

McNamar/Marquart/Lanning: Gov. Dayton speaks out against F-M diversion, calls Minnesota impact ‘unacceptable’ (Moorhead)

Murphy: DFL bill would nullify Hobby Lobby ruling in MN, force employers to offer contraception. (CityPages)

Dayton/Nolan/Peterson/et al: Capitol chatter: Candidates go after Johnson in GOP governor race; Cook changes lines; Debating Dayton debates; Ventura draws reaction. (ForumNews)

Dist 18B: [DFL'er] Lipke wants bipartisan approach. (Glencoe)

Otto: Minnesota auditor’s race in surprising spotlight. (ForumNews)

Otto: DFL candidates spar over role of state auditor. (Rochester)

Abeler: Experience faces newcomer in GOP Senate primary. (Rochester-InsNews)

Double-checking the data: McFadden overstates unemployment in northern Minnesota. (MinnPost)

More McFadden views: From Minnesota’s ‘immoral’ test-scores gap to an economic ‘game-changer’ (MinnPost)

GOP U.S. Senate Primary: Abeler is underdog to well-funded McFadden. (St. Paul-Duluth)

Cook Political Report: Nolan-Mills race now a toss-up. (MinnPost)

Walz: Hagedorn, Miller battle it out in GOP primary. (Rochester)

Walz: Audit: Rochester VA ‘felt pressure’ to hide delays. (AP)

Kline/Bachmann/Paulsen: Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama. (MinnPost)

Michele Bachmann goes beyond parody in new audio clip. (CityPages)

Franken: Legislation would address propane shortages – Bipartisan proposal hailed by Sens. Franken, Portman. (Virginia)

Senator Franken asks White House to keep RFS strong. (NACS)

Al Franken Looks Forward to State Fair Food. (RollCall)

Pro-Palestinian protesters trespassed at Al Franken office, charges say. (St. Paul)

Dayton: Grand View gubernatorial debate canceled. (Brainerd)

Minnesota Chamber names interim president. (Albert Lea)

[DFL activist and] Isanti County native reflects on politics then and now. (ECM)

More counties to get federal flood aid. (ForumNews)

Minnesota’s new minimum wage, explained. (MinnPost)

Zip Rail plan fires up crowd. (Red Wing)

Frac sand shipping changes at Winona harbor on hold after group calls for review. (Winona)

BNSF invests in ag shipping, prepares for harvest. (AgWeek)

American Crystal CEO Berg ordered to testify. (AgWeek)

MDA to offer free waste pesticide collections in west central Minnesota counties. (AgriNews)

Farmfest gears up for annual run, Aug. 5-7. (AgriNews)

Minnesota’s crops could use more rain, heat. (Benson)

E85 faithful get their fill. (Litchfield)

Letter (Otto-Entenza): Otto the far superior candidate. (Brainerd)

Letter: Support Jim Abeler. (Brainerd)

Faust Letter: Was Faust out of touch? (Mora)

Hamilton Letter: State rep provides disaster relief update. (Worthington)

Letter (McNamar): Legislature had positive impact on rural Minnesota. (Morris)

Letter (Ward): Minnesota is working. (Brainerd)

Letter: Savick displays solid integrity. (Albert Lea)

Letter (Savick): Numbers, rankings can be anything. (Albert Lea)

Letter: New copper mines make poor economic sense. (Timberjay)

MN Conservation federation Letter: Limiting carbon pollution from power plants will help fish and hunting. (Alexandria)

Column/Blog (McFadden): Beware Iron Range hyperbole in Election 2014. (MnBrown)

Column/Blog: Before & After Entenza: what has Rebecca Otto said about protecting MN’s public pensions? (BSP)

Column/Blog: Entenza dismisses claim his auditor bid is about running for governor, Matt just wants to work hard. (BSP)

Column: Tipped workers deserve new wage gains, which some would like to roll back. (MinnPost)

Column: Rep. Ryan substituting ideology for evidence. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Citizens clearly not on board [Zip Rail]. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Get ready for new laws. (Red Wing)

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Outstate News (7-27-14)

Where are sunniest places in Minnesota [for solar panels]? U grads found out. (StarTribune)

Savick: District 27A candidates debate topics. (Albert Lea)

Poppe/Sparks/Gunther: Preparing for the new normal: higher minimum wage may hurt Austin businesses. (Albert Lea-Austin)

McNamara: 2008 amendment offers buffet of outdoors, arts funds. (ForumNews)

Hornstein/Cohen/Latz/et al: Legislators lash out at Vikings’ owner. (St. Paul-Willmar)

Capitol Chatter (Franken/Peterson/Otto/et al): White House touts new rural investment fund; Nolan education?; Campaign updates. (ForumNews)

Franken: Mike McFadden open to raising the age for Medicare benefits. (MinnPost)

Examining McFadden’s charge that Franken uses scare tactics. (MinnPost)

Franken praises new skilled-worker bill. (WinonaDailyNews)

New Report: Sen. Franken’s Health Reform Measure Sent $330 Million in Insurance Refunds to Millions of Consumers in Minnesota, Across the Country. (InsNewsNet)

Kaler, Franken discuss bills to make college more accessible. (HotDish)

Franken: White House Pressed to Keep RFS, Biodiesel Industries Strong. (QuincyJournal)

Franken: EPA may scale back renewable fuel cuts. (AP)

Franken: Ethanol mandate: Going up? (TheHill)

Franken/Nolan/Peterson/Walz/Emmer/et al: Candidate forums will highlight Farmfest. (AgriNews)

Nolan wants Enbridge Sandpiper route moved south. (Brainerd-Detroit Lakes)

Mills vs. Nolan in MN-8 tilts back toward swing status. (MnBrown)

Mills taps Scott Walker’s former campaign chief to help with race against Nolan. (MinnPost)

Bachmann heads to border. (ForumNews)

Michele Bachmann considering another presidential run. (CityPages)

Entenza voter ID complaint against Otto dismissed. (MPR)

Rebecca Otto’s campaign manager published Strib commentary against voter restriction amendment. (BSP)

Emmer/Pawlenty/Hatch/Franken: Gov. Dayton declines MPR State Fair debate invitation. (MPR)

Kaler testifies before Senate on public support for higher education. (MinnPost)

DEED kicks off statewide broadband tour. (HTF)

Immigration forum sparks some heated discussion. (Willmar)

Minnesota to allow expanded wolf kill this year. (AP)

DNR plans ‘conservative’ deer hunt to rebuild state’s population; Licenses go on sale Aug. 1. (MPR-Austin)

MDA to offer free waste pesticide collections in west central Minnesota counties. (AgriNews)

Couple developing hops farm near Two Harbors. (Duluth)

Letter: Entenza not the candidate he says he is. (Worthington)

Letter: Nolan says one thing, does another. (Timberjay)

Letter: Savick voted to boost bonding bill. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Proliferation of wolves threatens deer population. (Bemidji)

Letter: Why I vote Democrat. (Willmar)

Frans Column: Reciprocity deal must be fair. (Winona)

Column: Minnesota’s corn check-off makes positive impact beyond the farm. (Worthington)

Column: Chickens in the hen house. (Aitkin)

Column: Don’t repeat Minnesota’s ‘Legacy Amendment’ mistake. (Grand Forks)

Editorial (Otto-Entenza): State auditor race offers intrigue. (Worthington)

Editorial (Kuisle-Johnson-Seifert-Johnson-Zellars- et al): The GOP message is the same, so who to pick in Aug. 12 primary? (Glencoe)

Editorial: Time to discuss voting changes. (Austin-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Voting change is good first step; time to discuss more. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Medical field should offer upfront pricing. (Austin)

Editorial: Minnesota amendment’s support matters to N.D. (Grand Forks)

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Outstate News (7-20-14)

Mary Ellen Otremba, long-time legislator, passes away. (Alexandria)

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce director [David Olson] dies. (Albert Lea)

Garofalo/Radinovich/Thissen: Farmington leaders offer to host special legislative session. (ForumNews)

Marquart/Torkelson: Minnesota farmland taxes expected to rise. (ForumNews)

Ingebrigtsen/Moran: The DFL just came really close to putting legal pot on its list of priorities. (CityPages)

Johnson/Downey/et al: Turmoil in GOP Reaches Boiling Point. (PoliticsMn)

Johnson/Kuisle/Zellers/et al: Does Minnesota Republican frac sand fight reflect Kurt Zellers’ rainmakers? (BSP)

MNGOP stands by Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald in ultra-bizarre email. (CityPages)

Eden Prairie GOP candidate Sheila Kihne once wrote cringe-worthy book about dating. (CityPages)

Zellers/Johnson/Seifert: GOP hopefuls differ on how to rein in state budget. (Marshall)

Johnson/Zellers/Seifert: Burned before, GOP governor hopefuls quiet on abortion, gay marriage. (MPR)

Zellers/Johnson/Seifert: Republican candidates for governor want to change MNsure. (MPR)

Johnson aiming for November. (Red Wing)

Republican governor candidate Honour visits Rochester. (Rochester)

Seifert calls for health-care reform in Rochester visit. (Rochester)

Jeff Johnson’s campaign defends criticized Facebook Q&A. (CityPages)

Abeler: Rivals sow doubt about McFadden as GOP senate primary nears. (MPR-St. Cloud)

Franken/Nolan/Kline/Peterson/et al: Capitol Chatter: U.S. House races bring in money, too. (ForumNews)

Congressional fundraising: Franken raises and spends a lot, Mills self-funds, Peterson posts a big quarter. (MinnPost)

Fundraising gap between Peterson, Westrom narrows. (Alexandria)

Franken: Troops, families gather in Minneapolis to reconnect. (Strib)

Sen. Franken Urges Minnesotans to Comment on Net Neutrality. (WDIO)

Duluth, Range airports vie for Oberstar name. (MnBrown)

Dayton: State should stop using coal. (AP)

Jesson: State Medicaid changes save $10.5M. (AP)

State adds 8,500 jobs: Unemployment down to 4.5% (McClatchy)

2008 Legacy amendment offers buffet of outdoors, arts funds. (ForumNews)

Legacy funds don’t pay for projects alone. (ForumNews)

DNR: Invasive carp found in Mississippi River. (AP)

Peterson/Paap: Farmers fume over proposed EPA wetlands rule change. (MPR)

USDA federal order requires PEDv reporting. (Hutchinson)

Farmers look to salvage crops after spring soaking. (Litchfield)

Officials at Minn. meeting say farmers need to manage water before government steps in. (AgWeek)

Commercial dog and cat breeders to be regulated. (HTF)

Letter: Ward supports young people. (Brainerd)

Letter: Questions for Ward. (Brainerd)

Letter: Savick proved her mettle in St. Paul. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Kresha is a leader for District 9B. (Little Falls)

Letter: Thanks to Stumpf for his work that will benefit rural Minn. roads. (Crookston)

Davids Column (Dayton): MNsure report ignores key facts. (Worthington)

Peterson-Vilsack Column: Renewing the commitment to conservation. (AgWeek)

Column: Price of government to hit all time low. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial (Martin-Housley): PolyMet ‘just popped out’ for DFL release? (Virginia)

Editorial: Ready to vote in your pajamas? (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: It’s time to discuss voting changes. (Austin)

Editorial: Vote early and be counted. (Hutchinson)

Editorial: State is right to get tough on farms’ nitrogen use. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Tell FCC to keep Web access equal for all. (St. Cloud)

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