Outstate News (6-8-14)

Otto/Hatch/Rukavina: Entenza’s auditor bid riles DFLers. (PIM)

Otto/Swanson/Abeler/Swanson/Franken/Krinkie/et al: 15 minutes before deadline, Entenza jumps into state auditor race. (PioneerPress)

Otto/Dayton/Nolan/Bakk/Dill/Anzelc/Entenza: DFL fight erupts over state auditor position. (Virginia)

Column (Otto): What is Matt Entenza thinking? (MinnPost)

Editorial (Dayton-Nolan-Franken): One of the all-time dumbest votes – Auditor Otto’s position against exploratory mining major DFL headache. (Virginia)

Blog: Entenza springs primary challenge on Otto: Is this about mining? (MinnBrown)

Otto/Entenza/Zellers/Seifert/Johnson/Abeler: Capitol Chatter: Minnesota primary to be different. (ForumNews)

Ritchie/Abeler/Westrom/Entenza/Franken: Busy end to political filing. (ForumNews)

Torkelson, Dahms mull ‘big government’ (New Ulm)

Newman/Gruenhagen: Legislators warn of big spending. (Glencoe)

Seifert/Kelliher: Seifert shakes off shaky weekend. (Marshall)

Seifert: ‘I’m the most electable candidate’ (New Ulm)

Seifert making his primary pitch. (Fairmont)

Seifert touts himself as ‘maverick’ (Rochester)

Seifert stops in Willmar. (Willmar)

Howe: Former state senator who sued city of Austin withdraws from campaign. (Austin)

Blog: Wagenius primaried by pro-family dairy marketing specialist who first ran in 1982 against Sviggum. (BlueStemPrairie)

Kresha: Doty wants to return to House. (Brainerd)

Clearwater attorney Johnson challenges Newberger in House 15B. (St. Cloud)

Torkelson: Kanne files for House of Representatives in District 16B. (Sleepy Eye)

Ward: Heintzeman endorsed by GOP for 10A seat. (Brainerd)

Anderson: Bye seeks 9A state House seat. (Brainerd)

Beard: Loonan will challenge Mackenthun in Aug. 12 GOP primary. (Shakopee)

Nornes/Franson: Miltich, Sieling win DFL endorsement in District 8A, 8B. (Alexandria)

Franken/Nolan/Rukavina/Dayton/Martin: Hot issues, uneven growth have 8th District voters restless. (Strib)

Franken/Johnson/Nolan/Daudt: New GOP contenders united on Duluth stop. (Duluth)

Franken taps Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir for fundraiser. (MPR)

Nolan/Otto: Nolan, Mills come out swinging as campaigns get underway in the 8th. (Duluth)

DFL Rep. Nolan touts record as he launches re-election bid. (MPR)

Franken hears rail concerns. (AgriNews)

Franken and Ted Cruz on a campaign-finance constitutional amendment. (MinnPost)

Al Franken opposes George Tsunis’ stalled Norway ambassador nomination. (NewsDay)

Franken: Congress seeks curb on NSA domestic spying. (MinnPost)

Walz, VA seek out mother of veteran with PTSD after story airs on KTTC. (KTTC)

Capitol Hill gridlock leads Rep. Tim Walz to lose 85 pounds, get in shape. (Strib)

Peterson: Westrom running for Congress after 18 years in Legislature. (Willmar)

Minnesota memorial services set for Oberstar. (Duluth)

Knoblach: Senate office building gets legal green light. (AP)

Minn. DFL party chair predicts demise of state, local political parties. (MPR)

EPA unveils new U.S. carbon limits, Minnesota Power says it’s ready to act. (Duluth)

Vilsack rolls out new conservation program. (AgriNews)

USDA orders farmers to report deadly pig virus cases. (AgWeek)

Consumer pressure leads Cargill to give pigs more room. (Strib)

Green Letter: Democrat spending why I voted ‘No’ on bonding. (Detroit Lakes)

Samuelson Letter (Radinovich-Ward): Lawmakers work hard. (Brainerd)

Letter (Nolan): Advertisement for Mills. (Brainerd)

Letter: The farmers have all left Minnesota’s DFL. (Duluth)

Torkelson-Dahms Column: Farmers hit too hard on taxes. (AgWeek)

Blog: [Analysis] Northern MN House races set for 2014. (MinnBrown)

Column (Franken-Dayton): Handicapping the 2014 Minnesota Republican chances. (TCDaily)

Column (Daudt-Banaian): Minnesota’s GOP minority ‘unimpressed’ with Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton’s ‘unsession’ (WashExam)

Editorial (Franken): You should know when apps are tracking you. (Park Rapids)

Editorial (Seifert-Dayton-Franken-Klobuchar): Beware candidates on mining – DFLer Dayton far too passive; GOP’s Seifert forgets his own history. (Virginia)

Editorial (Gruenhagen-Newman): Remember what DFLers did in 2013, not what they claim in 2014. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Franken-Otto-Nolan-et al): DFL, GOP avoid shooting themselves in the foot. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Ken Martin): What happened to dance with who brung you? (Virginia)

Editorial: [EPA Carbon Rule] Shock to state will be relieved given planning. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Hospital problems unrelenting. (Mankato-Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Franken-Dayton): Party rifts can’t be hidden. (Duluth-Worthington)

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Outstate News (6-1-14)

Jeff Johnson wins GOP gubernatorial endorsement; Marty Seifert criticized. (MinnPost)

Seifert/Hausley/Zellers/et al: Jeff Johnson wins GOP governor nod. (ForumNews)

Franken/Rukavina/Simon/et al: DFLers celebrate as Dayton nominated for second term. (ForumNews)

DFL Endorses Us Sen. Al Franken For Re-Election. (AP)

Rukavina/Cravaack: Franken says he’s still about ‘getting it done’ (Strib)

McFadden comes back to take GOP Senate endorsement. (ForumNews)

McFadden wins Minnesota GOP U.S. Senate endorsement on 10th ballot. (MinnPost)

Minnesota DFLers endorse Steve Simon to succeed Mark Ritchie as secretary of state. (MinnPost)

Severson gets GOP secretary of state endorsement. (AP)

Severson wins secretary of state nod over Howe. (ForumNews)

DFLers endorse Rebecca Otto for 3rd term as state auditor. (AP)

Gilbert gains GOP nod as auditor. (AP)

DFL Endorses Lori Swanson For Attorney General. (AP)

Attorney general candidate Scott Newman wins GOP endorsement. (Hutchinson)

Frans/Franken/Walz/Falk/Hansen/Hamilton/Kahn: Lawmakers give farmers property tax break. (AgriNews)

Ingebrigtsen/Franson/Anderson/Westrom: Area lawmakers decry ‘mob rule’ of Legislature. (Morris)

Kiel likes bonding bill, worries about rural Minn.’s voice in St. Paul. (Crookston)

Teamsters Union withdraws endorsement for Sen. Roger Reinert, critic of blue laws. ( CityPages)

Sawatzky/Falk/Daudt: [House] Republicans look for an opening. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Franken/et al: Capitol Chatter: The Minnesota ‘L’ gets lots of political attention. (ForumNews)

Rukavina files for seat on county board. (Timberjay)

Poppe: Schminke officially in 27B race. (Austin)

Savick, Bennett file for 27A. (Austin)

Savick: Independence Party candidate files for District 27A seat. (Albert Lea)

Scott Honour picks Karin Housley as gubernatorial running mate. (MinnPost)

Franken calls for improved rural rail service. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Franken, Peterson, Walz: Shinseki should resign. (MinnPost)

Kind, Walz react to Shinseki resignation. (Winona)

Rep. Nolan announces Congress Comes to You meetings. (HTF)

Burned by propane, ag sector turns to gas. (Litchfield)

Minnesota moves to B10. (AgriNews)

Good progress made with spring planting before rain. (Benson)

Farmers hope drones will yield valuable information on fields. (Brainerd)

Letter: Veterans deserve better than Walz. (Winona)

Letter: Savick, Sparks come through. (Albert Lea)

Letter (Sawatzky): The DFL’s successful record. (Willmar)

Letter: Nolan vs. Gazillionaire – Go with the candidate who is pro-union, will protect Social Security. (Virginia)

Miller Column: Legislative session was eventful and productive. (Rochester)

Radinovich Column: Session adjourns; progress was made. (Aitkin)

Norton Column: Legislature’s next task? Keep the momentum going. (Rochester)

Faust Column: House finishes session early; passes tax cut, budget bills. (Mora)

Brown Column: Positive, negative in 88th biennium. (Mora)

Marquart Column (Savick): Simplified funding formula is positive for Minnesota schools. (Albert Lea)

Torkelson-Dahms Column: Farm property tax hikes are thanks to Democrats. (Albert Lea)

Column: Iron Range sulfide mining can be done without harming wild rice or raising mercury levels. (HTF)

Editorial (Cassellius): State should not have intervened [in 4-day school week]. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Dayton-Thissen): Legislature failed on road funding. (Mankato)

Editorial (Seifert-Dayton-Franken-Klobuchar-Pawlenty): Beware candidates on mining – DFLer Dayton far too passive; GOP’s Seifert forgets his own history. (Virginia)

Editorial (Seifert-Ortman-Franken-Emmer): Picking candidates who can win. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Action needed at St. Peter Security Hospital. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Minnesota just can’t shake anti biz rep. (Duluth-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Lynn Rogers and the DNR – State agencies have a solemn duty to treat everyone fairly. (Timberjay)

Editorial: ‘Unsession’ was great; now let’s slash burdens. (Fairmont)

Editorial: State should get out of [nursing home] wage issues. (Fergus Falls)

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Outstate News (5-25-14)

Rukavina announces run for St. Louis County Board. (Duluth)

Former state rep Tom Rukavina to run for SLC Commissioner. (HTF)

Seifert: Indifference is hostility – Republican gubernatorial hopeful takes gloves off with Gov. Dayton over copper/nickel mining on the Range. (Virginia)

Persell/Skoe: American Indian veterans honored. (ForumNews)

Marquart/Savick: State representatives visit Alden-Conger school. (Albert Lea)

Poppe/Murphy: DFL leaders: Session was productive. Representatives call for more focus on transportation, higher education. (Austin)

Daudt/Hann: Minnesota Republicans fly in to denounce DFL spending. (Duluth)

Ingebrigtsen: Greater Minnesota legislative issues receive mixed grades. (ForumNews)

Torkelson/Dahms: Area lawmakers evaluate 2014 session. (New Ulm)

Savick/Dorman: Legislature delivers for several local projects. (Albert Lea)

Simonson: With bonding cash nearly in hand, Duluth mayor ready to work. (Duluth)

Ingebrigtsen/Westrom/McNamar/Murphy: Cyrus fire all among local programs funded by Legislature. (Morris)

Dahms: Senate Chaplain for a day. (Redwood Falls)

Urdahl/Gruenhagen/Newman: District 18 lawmakers set town hall meetings. (Hutchinson)

Sen. Branden Petersen’s cell phone tracking bill becomes law. (CityPages)

Westrom: Lawmakers demand higher speed limits on more miles. (AP)

Poppe files for 6th term in House District 27B. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Howe: Jensen to run for District 13A seat. (St. Joseph)

Johnson/Kuisle/Zellers/Simpson/Thompson/Seifert: Activity picks up in GOP governor’s race. (ForumNews)

Zellers/Simpson: GOP governor candidate taps former Perham lawmaker as running mate. (Moorhead)

Zellers/Simpson: Zellers decides on running mate, not on convention. (ForumNews)

Nolan: Mills visits Pine City on ‘Job Building Tour’ (Pine City)

Walz: Hagedorn changes mind, re-enters Congress race. (AP)

Hagedorn back in First District race, focuses on Walz. (New Ulm)

Franken: Dahlberg’s porch rolls into Marshall. (Marshall)

Franken: GOP Senate hopeful Mike McFadden has skipped primary elections. (HotDish)

Franken-Klobuchar: Congress authorizes Fargo-Moorhead diversion. (AgWeek)

Franken, Klobuchar, Nolan seek action after VA health care allegations. (St. Paul)

Franken-Klobuchar: Bill aimed to boost dredging efforts in Great Lakes harbors awaiting President’s signature. (NorthlandNews)

Franken-Reinert/et al: Capitol Chatter: Minnesota political conventions provide interesting about-face. (ForumNews)

Nolan calls on VA secretary to resign. (Brainerd)

Nolan: Shinseki should resign. (Virginia)

Nolan/Walz: Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki should resign. (MinnPost)

Bill Clinton’s upcoming U of M appearance received more favorably than Condi Rice. (CityPages)

Obituary: Laura L. Welle [Wife of former Representative Alan Welle). (Willmar)

Minnesota is First to Mandate B10 Biodiesel. (DomesticFuels)

Release: University of Minnesota names Brian Buhr as dean and director of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. (UofMN)

Faust Letter: House passes bonding, tax cut, budget bills. (Pine City)

Schomacher Letter: Legislator reflects on session’s wrapup. (Worthington)

Hansen Letter: Savick spoke up for Freeborn County. (Albert Lea)

Cohen Letter: Sparks showed he cares about Albert Lea. (Albert Lea)

Gunther Letter: Democrats keep spending. (Fairmont)

Gruenhagen Letter: Against medical marijuana bill. (Glencoe)

Letter (Persell-Saxhaug): State Legislature was friendly to college students. (Bemidji)

Letter (Radinovich): Progress for middle class. (Brainerd)

Kaler Letter: U, ag remain partners. (Fairmont)

Savick Column: Legislative session shows progress for Minn. (Albert Lea-Owatonna)

Schomacher Column: Ending the dry spell – Lewis & Clark funding secured. (Worthington)

Torkelson-Dahms Column: GOP: Many farmers see property tax increases thanks to Democrats. (Austin)

Column (Ray-Slocum-Nelson-Mariani-Bonoff): Legislators listened to students wanting more Post Secondary Enrollment Options info. (ECM)

Column: Governor should sign Timberjay bill about government contracts. (Alexandria-Little Falls-Worthington)

Editorial (Rukavina-Nolan-Bakk-Dill-Franken): Somebody asked for a PEIS, nobody will admit it, yet we know the truth. (Ely)

Editorial (Walz): Hagedorn smart to re-enter GOP race. (Winona)

Editorial (Sparks-Savick): Many thanks to go around. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Chance to end ban on Sunday liquor is lost. (Alexandria)

Editorial: Legislators quickly pivot toward politics. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: We can be proud of our legislature. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Four-day school week deserves still another look. (Grand Forks)

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Outstate News (5-18-14)

Endorsement: We support: Dahlberg for GOP Senate endorsement. (Virginia)

Column (Franken-Klobuchar-Nolan-Ellison-Paulsen): It’s Carp Wars as Minnesota takes on Asian carp. (Strib)

Metsa/Bakk/Melin/Saxhaug/Tomassoni/Anzelc/Dill/Radinovich/Nolan/Franken/Klobuchar/Dayton: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! State, Federal elected officials say Superior National Forest PEIS not needed. (Virginia)

Sparks/Poppe/Peterson/Thissen/Daudt/Cohen: Medical marijuana, tax bills pass on final day. (Albert Lea-AP)

Thissen/Lenczewski/Winkler/Daudt/Hausman: Bonding, budget, taxes: How key Minnesota Legislature agreements fell into place. (MinnPost)

Sparks/Savick/Poppe: Senator: ‘It’s a very exciting day for Albert Lea’ (Albert Lea-AP)

Schmit/Liebling/Nelson: Legislative session winds to a close. (Rochester)

Kiel: Wellness Center in House bill. (Crookston)

Schmit: For rural broadband boosters in Minnesota, $20M makes a start. (AP)

Thissen/Daudt/Hornstein: Pipelines allow Legislature to flow to end. (ForumNews)

Eken/Hann/Bakk/et.al: Just-ended Minnesota legislative session was personal. (ForumNews)

Melin/Shoen/Hamilton/Dibble: Medical marijuana compromise brings tears of happiness. (ForumNews)

Melin/Bakk/Dayton: Capitol chatter: Medical marijuana took a strange trip. (ForumNews)

R.Erickson: Pot potential? MN 2020, NORML advocates in Bemidji for marijuana reform as Legislature works on medical cannabis bill. (Bemidji)

Rep. Diane Loeffler tells feds to get moving on marijuana research. (CityPages)

Pappas/Melin/Thissen: Gov. Dayton signs Women’s Economic Security Act into law. (HTF)

Senjem: A glimpse of agriculture in Germany. (AgriNews)

Hansen/Wagenius: Concerned for bees, Minn. lawmakers call for pesticide review. (AgWeek)

Dehn/Scott: Abortion foes kill ‘corporations aren’t people’ legislative push. (MinnPost)

Brynaert: Considine secures DFL endorsement for 19B run. (Mankato)

Franken: Kevin Terrell seeks Independence Party nomination for U.S. Senate. (MinnPost)

Franken: GOP Senate hopeful Mike McFadden gets ‘soft-focus’ specific. (MinnPost)

Walz/Benson: Hagedorn re-entering 1st District race – Will challenge endorsed Republican candidate in primary. (Mankato)

Walz says veterans facilities do not have wait lists. (Rochester)

In bid to unseat Kline, Democrat Obermueller embraces Obamacare. (MinnPost)

U.S. Senator Al Franken pushes to lower student interest rates. (NorthlandNews)

Franken calls FCC net-neutrality vote ‘woefully misguided’ (MinnPost)

Al Franken Says FCC Proposed Rules Are “The Opposite of Net Neutrality” (Time)

Franken/Heitkamp/Klobuchar: Senators want feds to support biofuels. (AgWeek)

Franken/Klobuchar: Senators want more U.S support for biodiesel; say 1,500 Minnesota jobs at stake. BringMeTheNews)

Red Lake Band elects Darrell Seki as new president; Jourdain out after 10 years. (MinnPost)

County, state and legislative candidate filing period begins May 20 runs through June 3. (Little Falls)

Will Montevideo host Minnesota’s first medical cannabis distribution center? (Willmar)

Doctors: Minnesota medical marijuana law’s effects unclear for now. (Grand Forks)

Dusty Trice breaks down MN medical marijuana bills in colorful infographics. (CityPages)

State ag teacher shortage affects schools. (Albert Lea)

Power line draws ire. (Fairmont)

Grape industry continues to grow. (AgriNews)

Search for Capitol Christmas Tree underway in Chippewa National Forest. (Bemidji)

Letter: Thanks to Patti Fritz. (Faribault)

Letter (McNamar-Murphy): Prioritized spending will be how legislators are judged. (Alexandria)

Savick Column: Legislature wrapping up productive session. (Albert Lea)

R.Erickson Column: State fighting spread of aquatic invasive species. (Bemidji)

Column: Investing in Minnesota’s next generation of farms and farmers. (Worthington)

Column: State’s mineral wealth is key to supply stability. (Duluth)

Editorial (Franken): Congress should ease the burden of student loans. (Rochester)

Editorial (Franken): Goodbye to an open Internet? (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial (Nolan-Oberstar): No thanks to MnDOT, accidents continue to wreak havoc on 169. (Ely)

Editorial (Dorholt/Theis/Pederson/Howe/O’Driscoll/Fischbach): Area fares fairly well in 2014 session. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Erhardt-Winkler): Minnesota must boost transparency in campaign finance. (Mpls-Austin)

Editorial: State Legislature needs to put the brakes on spending down $1.2 billion surplus. (St. Paul-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Ruling on prayer more of a wedge than solution. (Glencoe)

Editorial: When it comes to prayer at meetings, there’s a nice middle ground here. (Crookston)

Editorial: Four-day week has fallen short of goal. (Fairmont)

Editorial: 4-day school weeks? Too good to be true. (Marshall)

Editorial: State ending test of shorter school week. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Easing state into medical marijuana. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Denying man-made climate change makes matters only worse. (St. Joseph)

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Outstate News (5-11-14)

Editor’s Column (Dayton-Thissen-Hamilton-Schomacker-Weber): With Lewis & Clark, what’s said (and not said) is often politically motivated. (Worthington)

Editorial (Seifert): A governor’s opener and a challenger’s opener. (Glenwood)

Stanek: Hennepin Co. Sheriff’s son goes mudding, could face felony charges. (KMSP)

Swedzinski/Schomacker: Minnesota House passes medical pot legislation. (Marshall)

Melin/Lohmer/McNamara/Garofalo: House, Dayton put Minnesota closer to medical marijuana. (ForumNews)

Lille/Hamilton/Schoen: ‘I’m proud to be a flip-flopper’ [on medical marijuana]. (ForumNews)

Reinert/Skoe/Miller/et al: Republican libertarians flay Teamster-coddling DFLers over Sunday liquor sales. (MinnPost)

Skoe/Reinert/Miller/et al: Capitol Chatter: Sunday sales an evergreen issue. (ForumNews)

Dehn/Davids/Marty: Corporations are people? DFL can’t even muster votes to protest. (MinnPost)

Gazelka/Lenczewski/Skoe/Daudt: Negotiators agree to new type of ‘Jesse checks’ (ForumNews)

Davids/Lenczewski/Show/Thissen: Minn. lawmakers agree on bill with $100M in tax cuts. (AP)

Sparks/Latz/Benson/Ray: Senate sends Dayton women’s workplace rights bill. (Austin-AP)

Dill/Tomassoni/Bakk: Senate OKs $14 million for Vermilion State Park. (Timberjay)

Reinert: Duluth projects come up short in Senate bonding bill. (Duluth)

Ruud/Gazelka/Ward/Solon: Governor’s Fishing Opener marks the start of the season. (Brainerd)

Latz: Legislature eliminates part-time police licenses. (Detroit Lakes)

Benson: Rochester Attorney Richard Wright Announces Run for House [26B] Seat. (KAAL)

Canby school board member Driessen seeks the Minn. House seat in District 16A. (Granite Falls)

Seifert to hit airwaves during tonight’s Wild game. (Marshall)

Stormy time for Republican U.S. Senate candidate McFadden at tea party event. (HotDish)

Al Franken’s first 2014 campaign TV ad debuts. (MinnPost)

Franken: Need to prevent future propane shortages. (Glencoe)

Franken: Playing field leveled for U.S. steel producers. (HTF)

Al Franken’s crusade to stop Comcast and save media. (CNET)

Net Neutrality finds new champion in Al Franken. (DigTrends)

Net Neutrality Is The ‘Free Speech Issue Of Our Time,’ Says Senator Al Franken. (IBT)

Bachmann worries women’s museum honoring her will become “shrine to abortion” (CityPages)

Franken/Klobuchar: Oberstar remembered as ‘a man of purpose and grit’ (Duluth)

Bakk/Dill/Sertich/Tomassoni/et al: Oberstar hailed as big fighter for Minnesota. (Timberjay)

Special Ship Salute For Oberstar. (Duluth)

Oberstar was there at start of Fond-du-Luth Casino, lamented recent city-band dispute. (Duluth)

Gutknecht/D.Benson: Mourners pay tribute to former Sen. Nancy Brataas. (Rochester)

Minnesota revenue officials racing to get refunds out. (Duluth-Strib)

Change in pension prompts law enforcement retirements. (Willmar)

[Winona County Administrator] Hebert fired over role in sour solar deal. (Winona Post)

[Wells] Family takes teen’s expulsion to state officials. (Austin)

Wild rice sulfate standard – Officials: Too early to judge impact of enforcement. (Timberjay)

Protest delivers ‘bill’ to Minnesota Power for hidden pollution costs. (Duluth)

MN fishing: Invasive species battle could make it hard to find live bait. (Brainerd-MPR)

Climate disruptions already bringing extreme heat, drought, downpours to Midwest. (MinnPost)

Climate change lands Hibbing on front of NY Times. (MnBrown)

State: Wabasha County owes $115,579 for feedlot fiasco. (AgriNews)

ITC rules American [sugar] producers unfairly hurt by Mexican competition. (AgWeek)

Letter: Savick fails to tell the whole truth. (Albert Lea)

Letter (Savick): Taxes drive people away from Minnesota. (Albert Lea)

Letter (Kresha): MNsure improved health coverage. (Little Falls)

Letter: DFL’s inclusion leaves impression. (Red Wing)

Bakk Column: Senate office building is cost-effective, long-term solution. (Duluth)

Hann Column (Thissen-Bakk): Hurried project is unnecessary and self-serving. (Duluth)

Editor’s Column (Dayton-Hamilton-Schomacker/Weber/Thissen): With Lewis & Clark, what’s said (and not said) is often politically motivated. (Worthington)

Reinert Column: Work around Senate office crunch by canceling 2016 legislative session. (Duluth)

Sanders Column: Missed opportunity on bipartisan insurance-fraud legislation? (MinnPost)

Poppe Column: Legislature keeps state’s fiscal house on sound footing. (Austin)

Savick Column: Legislature wrapping up a very productive session. (Owatonna)

Gruenhagen Column: Bill helps lawyers more than women. (Glencoe)

Schmit Column: Red Wing demonstrates value of connectivity. (Red Wing)

Sawatzsky-Koenen Column: Making progress to support caregivers. (Willmar)

Honour Column: Better bonding bill amount? Zero. (Worthington)

Column: Oberstar understood media’s — and the public’s — role in a strong democracy. (MinnPost)

MN Corn Growers Column: Are farmers up for the challenge? (Morris-Rochester)

Ken Martin Column: A better MN with more growth to come. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: On medical marijuana, Dayton disappoints. (Crookston)

Editorial: Senate scores on medical marijuana. (Marshall)

Editorial: DFL bows shamefully to union. (Mankato)

Editorial (Pederson/Howe/Fischbach/O’Driscoll/Theis): Area legislators should back bonding plan. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Oberstar left his mark – Longtime Congressman worked hard and well for the Eighth District. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Oberstar had major impact on highways. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Sparks-Savick): Time for public to get involved. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Indigenous People’s Day; what’s that mean? (Glencoe)

Editorial (Dayton): MNsure: Still a work in progress. (ECM)

Editorial: Keep focus on Bakken oil trains. (Moorhead)

Editorial: This PETA memorial idea is bit of a turkey. (Willmar)

Editorial: High praise for Minnesota’s dental therapists. (Grand Forks)

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Outstate News (5-4-14)

Oberstar funeral set for Potomac, Md. (Strib)

Blog: Jim Oberstar – a memory held up by union steel. (MnBrown)

Video: Minn. politicians remember Oberstar for inspiration, service. (KARE)

Blog: Prof. Oberstar’s seminars. (Strib)

Coffee and potica in Chisholm: Oberstar brought together passions for policy and the Iron Range. (Duluth)

Obituary: Oberstar remembered for commitment to northern Minnesota, public good. (Duluth)

Former Congressman Jim Oberstar dies at 79. (MinnPost)

Jim Oberstar, Iron Range’s longtime congressman, dies at 79. (Strib)

Longtime Minnesota congressman Oberstar dies at 79. (AP)

James Oberstar, 1934-2014. (MPR)

Tom Rukavina considering return to Iron Range politics? (MnBrown)

New building bears his name – Rukavina honored by Iron Range Engineering. (Virginia-HTF)

More liberal medical marijuana bill likely to win Senate approval, Scott Dibble says. (CityPages)

Melin: House medical marijuana bill doesn’t allow anybody to smoke marijuana. (CityPages)

Melin/Benson/Dibble: Minnesota medical pot bill moves ahead despite rift. (AP)

Melin/Thissen/Murphy: Newest medical marijuana plan unveiled. (ForumNews)

Dahms: Where’s the Senate bonding bill? (Marshall)

Schoen/Dill/Ward: House votes to take guns away from domestic abusers. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Simonson/Reinert: Capitol Chatter: Wrapping up a legislative session. (ForumNews)

Newman/Ritchie: Online voter registration quickly passed, signed. (Glencoe)

Loon/Garofalo/Fitzsimmons/et. al: With primary fight looming, big GOP names co-host Loon fundraiser. (MinnPost)

Ward: Kellett-Walz won’t run for House [10A seat] in 2014. (Brainerd)

Kiel/Lieder: Bergeson throws his hat in the ring in District 1B. (Crookston)

Community Connections 2014: Will Bergeson add legislator to his life story? (Crookston)

DFL nod comes as no surprise for Peterson. (Granite Falls)

Radinovich/Franken: Democrats endorse Nolan for re-election, pay tribute to Oberstar. (Duluth)

Franken touts energy grant. (Mankato)

Franken discusses propane shortage
at UFC with farm, energy leaders.
(New Ulm)

Franken: Senate committee holds propane hearing. (AgWeek)

Franken, others demand more plans to avoid propane dearth. (St. Cloud-Gannett)

Video Feature: ‘This Week’ Closer Look: Sen. Al Franken. (ABC)

Senator Franken, Comcast’s fiercest critic, tries to lure allies from Silicon Valley. (WashPost)

Walz presses re-election bid as voters sour on Congress. (Mankato)

Dayton/Frans: Confiscating contraband or seizing sovereignty?: State and Leech Lake band at odds over selling cigarettes. (Bemidji)

President Obama plans June 26 fundraising trip to Minnesota. (MinnPost)

To close rural broadband gap, Minnesota communities consider public option. (MinnPost)

Federal fund for fighting wildfires is coming up short. (Duluth)

Minnesota farms decline 8 percent. (AP)

After a long, hard winter: Rain, cold stalls farmers at starting gates of crop year. (Willmar)

Planting delayed, but hope springs eternal. (Alexandria-PioneerPress)

Recent rain improves drought, delays planting. (Marshall)

PED virus reporting required by USDA in order to slow spread. (Willmar)

Newman Letter (Ritchie): Online voter registration bill bad for Minnesota. (Hutchinson)

Letter: Kresha misrepresents facts. (Little Falls)

Letter: Kresha confuses bigger with smaller. (Little Falls)

Letter (Savick): GOP is reason for balanced budget. (Albert Lea)

Letter (Faust): Majority of Faust’s donations are local. (Mora)

Letter: We need Mills. (Brainerd)

Letter (Drazkowski-Dayton): Medical marijuana is easy call. (Winona)

Letter: Sand mining is not new to region. (Winona)

Drazkowski Column (Dayton): Find medical marijuana compromise. (Winona)

Sparks Column: Positive news found in the State of the State. (Albert Lea)

McNamar Column: Much accomplished, much left to do this session. (Morris)

Column: Rep. John Petersburg’s Legislative Update. (Waseca)

Column (Sawatzky-Koenen-Murphy): It’s time to invest in Minnesota seniors. (Willmar)

Column: Obamacare haters persist at their peril. (Aitkin)

Column: Indigenous peoples lead on environmental issues. (Timberjay)

Column: EPA biodiesel retreat bad for Minn. economy, environment. (AgWeek)

Column: PolyMet plan dangles dollars at environment’s cost. (St. Cloud)

Editor’s column: Guns only scary when in the wrong hands. (Marshall)

Editorial: Investing in education – Tom Rukavina receives much-deserved honor for his work. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Urdahl-Gruenhagen-Newman): A cautious stance on medicinal pot. (Hutchinson)

Editorial (Schoen-Cornish): Gun restrictions are reasonable. (Mankato-Austin)

Editorial (Ritchie): Lawmakers rightly OK online registration site. (Fairmont)

Editorial (Ritchie): Logic trumps partisanship in voter registration. (Rochester)

Editorial: It’s crunch time for bonding bill. (Worthington)

Editorial: Campaign donations are free speech, period. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Why even talk of legal recreational marijuana use, more gambling? (Glencoe)

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Outstate News (4-27-14)

Senjem/Nelson: [Obituary] Brataas left her mark. (Rochester)

Editorial: Senate should free broadband funding hostage. (Mankato)

Editorial: We need broadband expansion – Rep. Metsa’s comments about the issue truly baffling. (Virginia)

Dorman: Supporters look to MN Senate for broadband funding. (Marshall)

Metsa/Tomassoni: Range lawmakers cool to broadband bill. (MnBrown)

Column (Dayton): Waiting for their [medical marijuana] miracle. (Marshall)

Dibble/Benson/Eaton: Medical marijuana bill advanced by Minnesota Senate panel. (ForumNews-St. Paul)

Rosen/Dibble/Eaton: Medical marijuana bill clears senate health committee hurdle. (CityPages)

Dibble: Minnesota Senate panel approves medical marijuana. (AP)

Urdahl/Garofalo/Newman: Urdahl ‘more open’ to medical marijuana. (Litchfield)

Newman/Bakk: Newman opposes new Senate office building. (Litchfield)

Davnie/Martin/Johnson: Political parties use anti-bullying law to fire up voters. (MPR-Bemidji)

MNGOP Rep. Mary Franson sued for defamation by ex-boyfriend Eric Harpel. (CityPages)

Eric Harpel says scandalous lawsuit isn’t meant to destroy Rep. Mary Franson’s political career. (CityPages)

Rep. Mary Franson infuriated by Earth Day, calls it “Pagan holiday” (CityPages)

Mariani/Nelson: Bills aim to improve English-language instruction in schools. (MPR-Austin)

Chamberlain/Skoe: Sens. vote to outlaw online lottery tickets. (AP)

Liebling/Rosen: Drug database generates data-privacy concerns for some lawmakers. (Rochester)

MNGOP Sen. Branden Petersen to introduce “nation leading” electronic data privacy law. (City Pages)

Latz/Winkler/Swanson: State AG backs immunity bill. (AP)

Franson wins GOP endorsement. (Alexandria)

District 12A: Nancy Taffe will continue campaign for [GOP] state representative. (Morris)

Zellers stops in Fergus Falls to discuss economic affairs. (Fergus Falls)

2 GOP Senate candidates, Dahlberg and Ortman, say McFadden evading tough questions. (AP)

DFL endorses Obermueller to take on Kline. (AP)

Democrats endorse Rep. Tim Walz for fifth term. (Winona)

Walz/Franken/Jensen/Fritz: DFL-ers out strong at First District convention. (Faribault)

Ortman votes against Women’s Act days after blasting Franken for being anti-women. (CityPages)

PoliFact: FALSE – GOP challenger says Al Franken voted to exempt himself from health care law. (Polifact)

Franken: Proposed net neutrality rules ‘deeply disappointing and very troubling’ (MinnPost)

Netflix tells Sen. Al Franken it opposes Comcast merger too. (Strib)

Netflix to Al Franken: Comcast takeover would harm consumers. (CNN)

Nolan introduces bill mandating American steel for energy pipelines. (Duluth)

Rep. Nolan touts U.S. steel, ore. (Virginia)

Nolan calls for U.S., Iron Range steel in pipelines. (MnBrown)

Nolan avoids event controversy in Duluth, cancels appearance. (Duluth)

Dayton/Frans: State seizes tribe’s cigarettes: Leech Lake Band views as attack on sovereign rights. (Bemidji)

Sertich: IRRRB board approves loan to Segetis Inc. (Duluth)

Minneapolis abandons Columbus Day. (ForumNews-Red Wing)

Wild rice debate re-ignited after PCA report. (Aitkin)

Mille Lacs residents sue DNR over walleye. (AP)

U.S. hogs and pigs inventory at its lowest level since 2007. (Willmar)

St. Paul leaders call for fewer farm antibiotics. (MnDaily)

Robots seen as wave of future in dairying. (Worthington)

Leslie Davis Letter: Disagrees with governor about legalizing cannabis. (Alexandria)

As its people prosper, the Minnesota town of Hector hollows out. (MinnPost)

Letter: Kudos to Rep. Gunther. (Fairmont)

Letter (Sawatzky): Bill won’t end bullying. (Willmar)

Letter: Sanctimonious editorial erred on Nolan fundraiser. (Duluth)

Letter: Mining opponents licking their chops [on wild rice sulfate standard]. (Timberjay)

Letter: Biodiesel fuels are here and working. (New Ulm)

Sparks Column: Legislature makes progress on many issues. (Albert Lea)

Ortman Column: Law already protects women in workplace. (Chaska)

Savick Column: Improved broadband Internet access is good. (Albert Lea)

Gruenhagen Column (Davnie): Anti-bullying, one of worst bills, passes. (Glencoe)

Column (Kresha): Is there a battle if only one side is fighting? (Little Falls)

Editorial: We can do better than ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ (Little Falls)

Editorial (Dayton): Mining opponents head south – Any move to ban the process should be decided locally. (Virginia)

Editorial (Franken-Klobuchar): University should back patent reform. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Best government services in the nation. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial (Oberstar): Another delay for a safer 169. (Ely)

Editorial: New jobs on the Range? “Green” bio-chem plant looks promising, but keep hopes realistic. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Both sides have points about police lobbying. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Legislature needs to fix sex offender commitment program. (New Ulm)

Editorial: State’s anti-bullying law should be lauded, supported. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: State building code means safety to some, more intrusion to others. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Walz-Miller): The evolution of a candidate. (Worthington)

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Outstate News (4-19-14)

Editorial (Knoblach): Senate Office Building plan still lacks answers. (St. Cloud)

Ingebrigtsen/Rosen: MNGOP senators pen fear-mongering anti-pot letter, write that ganja “rips families apart” (CityPages)

McNamar/Murphy: Cyrus Fire Hall gets legislative boost. (Morris)

Urdahl/Hausman: No money for Litchfield in House bonding bill, yet. (Litchfield)

Schomacker/Hamilton/Weber: State lawmakers hear from constituents at Legislative Breakfast event. (Worthington)

Melin/Pedersen/Lesch: Minnesota lawamkers fret about law enforcement clout. (MPR-Grand Forks)

Schoen/Bakk/Koenen/Thissen: Tired legislators take their holiday break with much done, much left. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Daudt/Thissen/Garofalo: Post-break, DFL legislators face dealmaking with GOP, selves. (MinnPost)

Zellers/Seifert/Thompson/Johnson: Dayton fundraising laps GOP gubernatorial field. (PIM)

Franken: $5.9M in campaign funds. (Strib)

Franken campaign gets fundraising assist from Amy Poehler. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken talks sugar, rail service in East Grand Forks, Minn. (AgWeek)

U.S. Senator Al Franken discusses slowing sugar production. (WDAZ)

Franken visits Fergus Falls. (Fergus Falls)

Sen. Al Franken pushes nutrition for kids and seniors. (HotDish)

Franken adds to push for more rail inspectors. (Moorhead)

MN Sen. Al Franken Talks Railway Safety in Moorhead. (KVRR)

Senator Al Franken asks Netflix CEO Hastings to fight Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. (BizJournal)

Peterson/Franken: UAS Taking Flight In Minnesota; Summit Highlights Regional opportunities. (Grand Forks-AviationPros)

Sertich: Segetis seeks $21 million from IRRRB for big project. (MnBrown)

[Doug] Peterson shares travel tales. (AgriNews)

Charges possible after fight at GOP committee meeting. (Fergus Falls)

Poll: Minnesotans remain split on same-sex marriage one year later. (CityPages)

Federal judge strikes down Minn. rules on out-of-state power plants. (Willmar)

Federated seeks to expand its fiber cable in area. (Benson)

Court case set for trial to test Minnesota’s ‘Buy the Farm’ law. (AP)

Property taxes at top of issues list [for farmers]. (AgriNews)

BNSF outlines fertilizer shipment plan to feds. (AP)

USDA orders farms to report pig virus. (AP)

Faust Letter: Local projects in bonding bill. (Pine City)

Kiel Letter: Reflections on the 2014 Minnesota Legislature. (Crookston)

Letter: Concerns about Westrom’s political agenda. (Morris)

Letter (Franson-Davnie): Representative turned her back on school district. (Alexandria)

Letter (Sawatzky): Bill won’t end bullying. (Willmar)

Letter: Walz gets this writer’s vote. (Worthington)

PolyMet Letter: Visit with us at Earth Fest. (HTF)

Jensen Column: Why I voted against the minimum wage hike. (Owatonna)

Poppe Column: Minimum wage, equal pay for women, increase will benefit families. (Austin)

McNamar Column: Women’s Economic Security Act provides the fairness we expect. (Morris)

Kresha Column: Bigger is not always better. (Little Falls)

Column (Hausman-Stumpf): Minnesota’s bonding cap needs to be raised. (Grand Forks)

Column: Building opportunities for MnSCU and state. (Red Wing)

Column: Transportation is a non-partisan issue in greater Minnesota. (Crookston)

Column: Iron Range sulfide mining can be done without harming wild rice or raising mercury levels. (MinnPost)

Column: Iron mining and the environment: Reclaiming the land. (HTF)

Column: Irrigation helps U.S. farmers feed the world. (Willmar)

Column: Legislation won’t end bullying. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Franken): Oil train regs front and center. (Moorhead)

Editorial: Stronger bullying law should help schools. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Wild rice and sulfate – Legislators undermine their own cause by resorting to power politics. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Pay attention to politics in spring. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Minimum wage bill. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Three cheers for wage increases. (Sartell)

Editorial: Hiking minimum wage commendable, but it is a double-edged sword. (Glencoe)

Editorial: We would say wage hike goes overboard. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Buying an election through lies is in vogue. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Capitol restoration should have ‘big wow factor’ (ECM)

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Outstate News (4-13-14)

Column (Savick-Malin-Kahn-Erickson): Progress, past and present, for women. (Strib)

CGMC Column: Senate, governor need to follow House lead on rural broadband, local gov’t aid. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: On medical marijuana, Dayton disappoints. (Crookston)

Editorial: Debate Medical Marijuana. (Mankato)

Dibble/Benson/Dayton: Public health commissioner Ed Ehlinger testifies against senate medical marijuana bill. (CityPages)

Thompson: KSTP/SurveyUSA Poll: Minnesotans Favor Medical Marijuana. (KSTP)

Benson/Dibble/Dayton: Panel’s medical pot hearing continued. (AP)

Melin/Kiel: House passes women’s economic aid. (ForumNews)

Lawmakers pressured Dayton on water quality rule. (Timberjay)

Barrett/Lourey/Radinovich: Legislature clarifies farmer market requirements. (ForumNews)

Hamilton: Renewable fuels bill progresses through legislature. (Windom)

Reinert/Skoe/Atkins: Sunday alcohol sales may stall over ‘growlers’ (MPR-Austin)

Mary Franson characterizes anti-bullying bill as “fascism,” GLBT community as “special interest” (CityPages)

MNGOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen misses the days when teachers hit students. (CityPages)

MNGOP Rep. Jim Newberger compares anti-bullying bill to Orwell’s 1984. (CityPages)

Thissen/McNamar/Murphy: DFL’s “Building a Greater Minnesota” Tour stops in Cyrus April 16. (Morris)

Sparks/Bly/Radinovick/Poppe/Winkler/et al: Poppe votes for minimum wage hike. (AP-Austin)

Ward, Radinovich support raise in minimum wage. (Brainerd)

Mahoney/Uglem/Lien/Drazkowski/Metsa/Winkler/Anzelc: Minimum wage headed up. (ForumNews)

Zellers/Thompson/Johnson: Republicans claim near-total power to cancel minimum-wage raises. (MinnPost)

Ruud, Gazelka support bipartisan tax bill. (Brainerd)

Bakk/Ritchie: Legislature finishes some issues, several left for after break. (ForumNews)

Most of legislative session already completed. (AP)

Metzen/Klobuchar: EPA ban creates tough call for ice rinks. (St. Paul-Moorhead)

Sheran/Johnson: Legislators host mid-session town hall forum in St. Peter. (St. Peter)

Schomacker/Webaer: Legislative breakfast is Friday. (Worthington)

Urdahl to speak about ‘Conspiracy!’ (Litchfield)

Gruenhagen to escort Dayton. (Glencoe)

GOP newcomer from Byron to challenge U.S. Rep. Walz. (Faribault)

Walz: Aaron Miller, GOP-endorsed Congress candidate, repeats bizarre anti-evolution story. (CityPages)

Nolan: Stewart Mills endorsed for Congress by 8th District GOP. (Brainerd)

Nolan: GOP endorses Mills for Congress in 8th District. (ForumNews)

Nolan: Stewart Mills distances himself from recording suggesting his family supports illegal PAC. (CityPages)

Emmer wins endorsement in 6th District. (MPR)

Krinkie/Emmer: Succeeding Bachmann: GOP rivals pledge to ignore Saturday’s likely Emmer endorsement. (MinnPost)

Peterson raises $218K in first quarter. (MPR)

Franken/Martin: Rivals for Minnesota Senate seat are tied to same investment firm. (AP)

Franken: Mike McFadden hits back after DFL calls presser “a train wreck you have to see to believe” (CityPages)

Franken: Mike McFadden fences with reporters and ducks specifics. (MinnPost)

Franken: U.S. Senate candidate says he’ll let voters know his philosophy, but he avoided giving specifics. (HotDish)

Franken: McFadden favors philosophy over specifics. (MPR)

Franken: Ten elected officials endorse U.S. Senate GOP candidate Dahlberg. (MinnPost)

Franken raised $2.7 million in 2014′s first quarter. (MinnPost)

[Franken] and Peterson to host UAS meeting in Thief River Falls Tuesday. (WDAZ)

Franken/Klobuchar/Heitkamp: State, federal minimum wage laws find new attention. (Grand Forks)

Franken: Family discovers painting of late World War II Brainerd veteran hangs in the Pentagon. (Brainerd)

Franken takes shots at Comcast/Time Warner merger in Senate hearing. (BMTN)

Franken’s Campaign Against Comcast Is No Joke. (NYT)

Sen. Franken backs Duluth Airport expansion project. (NorthlandNews)

Gophers victory sweet for Klobuchar, Franken. (HotDish)

Sens. Franken, Kirk Introduce New Bipartisan Bill to Keep Costs Down for Employers & Workers. (InsNews)

Bachmann reflects on career, says she is ‘going to different perch’ (AP)

Dayton/Jesson: MNsure: Anatomy of a breakdown. (PIM)

State commissioner [Sieben] impressed with Bemidji’s entrepreneurial spirit. (Bemidji)

McCarthy: RFS will reflect most recent data. (AgWeek)

Sparboe Farms expands, upgrades Litchfield egg complex. (Litchfield)

USDA announces $19 million in grants for beginning farmers. (AgWeek)

Slow train service impacts ethanol industry. (AgriNews)

Farm leaders, energy producers: Rail delays are fewer, but still causing widespread havoc. (Grand Forks)

Anti-bullying law will add to old rules, Steele County superintendents say. (Owatonna)

Newman Letter: DFL placing burden on businesses, taxpayers. (Hutchinson)

Letter: Dahlberg’s campaign takes time away from constituents. (Duluth)

Savick Column: House continues progress on caregivers’ pay. (Albert Lea-Owatonna)

Poppe Column: Lawmakers move forward on benefits for greater Minn. (Austin)

Newman Column: Passed Bullying Bill reminder of ‘1984’ (Glencoe)

Westrom Column: Bullying Bill bullies its way through the legislature. (Morris)

Column (Nolan-Wagenius-Dayton): Franken, Klobuchar gamble with PolyMet letters to DNR. (Duluth)

Column: Does your vote really matter? Consider Minnesota and Wisconsin. (Strib)

Editorial: Senate panel passes [DFL] office plan. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Davids): Break out the champagne, folks; time to celebrate ACA success. (St. Joseph)

Editorial (Wellstone-Boschwitz): Editorial: Voting still trumps money in politics. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Hornstein-Marty): State needs a recycling jump-start. (Strib-Austin)

Editorial (Thissen): What in the world is Speaker talking about? (Fairmont)

Editorial: Low-income voters will protect their pay raises. (Rochester)

Editorial: DFL’s minimum wage plan goes too far. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Jensen’s vote on minimum wage bill shows strength. (Owatonna)

Editorial: Minimum wage hike goes beyond reason. (Bemidji)

Editorial: Finance roads, but ask for less. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Take steps to protect state waters from invasives. (ECM)

Editorial: Anti-bullying law can’t be worse than bullying. (New Ulm)

Editorial: “Anti-bullying” law is somewhat misleading. (Marshall)

Editorial: Special legislators’ privilege; Reps. Metsa, Melin, Dill vote to keep ridiculous immunity. (Virginia)

Editorial: End DWI immunity for lawmakers. (ForumNews)

Editorial (Klobuchar-Franken): Democratic senators missed an opportunity. (Virginia)

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Outstate News (4-6-14)

Melin/Dibble/Hamilton: Notebook: TV commercial blasts Dayton medical marijuana stand. (ForumNews)

Gov. Mark Dayton slammed in medical marijuana commercial. (CityPages)

Bakk/Thissen/Daudt/Winkler/Cohen: With DFL unity at stake, Bakk sets his own priorities at State Capitol. (Strib)

Murphy/Dean/Daudt/Bakk/Zellers: House advances plans for $77 million Senate office building. (MinnPost)

Nelson/Anzelc/Liebling/Drazkowski/Davids/Simonson/et. al: House lawmakers OK union bill despite opposition from city, chamber. (Rochester)

Hamilton/Schomacker/Weber/Hausman: Officials meet with Dayton on Lewis & Clark. (Worthington)

Bryneart/Torkelson/Johnson/Sheran: Legislators take a look at session as it nears a close. (New Ulm)

Anzelc: Range lawmakers spiked wild rice report. (MNBrown)

Anzelc/Tomassoni: Iron Range rebellion halted wild rice initiative. (Strib)

Dayton: MNsure defects were no surprise. (Strib)

Hansen/Wagenius: South St. Paul lawmaker Rick Hansen isn’t easy to categorize. (PioneerPress)

Dill: Legislator wants more money for deer feeding in Minnesota. (Duluth)

Davnie/Torkelson/Marquart/Skoe: Farm families could get property tax relief. (AP)

Murphy/Daudt/Simonson/Huntley/Hornstein: House budget bill leans toward greater Minnesota. (ForumNews)

Poppe/Daudt/Marquart: House passes $322M budget. (AP)

Nornes/Thissen: Rep. Nornes: ‘It’s just a poor way to do business’ (Fergus Falls)

Melin/McNamara/Anzelc/Anderson/Persell: Bill to close gender pay gap advances in Minnesota Legislature. (ForumNews)

Urdahl/Hausman/Stumpf: House bonding bill grants Duluth’s wishes. (ForumNews)

Sen. [Weber]: Possible bullying law too costly, sets schools up to fail. (Marshall)

Sparks: Minnesota Senate passes anti-bullying bill. (AP)

Kiel: U of M Crookston students discuss issues at State Capitol in St. Paul. (Crookston)

Kahn, Noor to face primary after deadlocked DFL convention. (MinnPost)

Ward, Radinovich endorsed for Legislature. (Brainerd)

Gordy Wagner to consider run for House District 12B. (Glenwood)

Walz: Miller wins upset victory in Republican [1stCD] endorsement. (Mankato)

Walz: Miller selected as [1stCD] GOP nominee. (Albert Lea)

Walz/Quist/Benson/Martin: DFL releases statement about [1stCD] GOP nomination. (Albert Lea)

Franken: Dahlberg travels the state in underdog Senate run. (Duluth)

Franken: Ortman marches to the right with endorsements, positions. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken urging for creation of oil transport fund in midst of Bakken oil boom. (NorthlandNews)

Franken slams Supreme Court decision on campaign contribution limits. (HotDish)

Nolan/Klobuchar/Oberstar/Grams: 20th senior trip to D.C. underway. (Ely)

Glen Taylor, new Star Tribune owner, once paid $10k for a Bachmann-Palin photo op. (CityPages)

Conservationists claim victory on new farm bill. (AP)

MPCA outlines sediment reduction strategy for rivers. (New Ulm)

Red Lake 15 years later: Historic agreement the Red Lake Band of Chippewa and Minnesota DNR signed in April 1999 produced walleye recovery. (Bemidji)

Minn. cattle group will consider its options after failed beef check-off increase. (AgWeek)

US-Mexican sugar dispute sweetens US sugar prices. (AgWeek)

Minn. veterinarians discuss PEDv. (AgWeek)

Radinovich Letter (Erickson-Ruud-Brown-Ward): Bipartisan efforts underway. (Aitkin)

Skoe Letter: Funding reform helps rural school districts. (Bemidji-Park Rapids)

Letter (Persell): Legislator misinformed on medical marijuana. (Bemidji)

Letter: Savick’s definition of life is hers. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Kresha’s ‘no’ votes don’t lie. (Little Falls)

Letter: Who’s giving money to Faust? (Mora-Pine City)

Letter: No DUIs for lawmakers, no marijuana for us. (Duluth)

Ruud Column: Controversial [Senate office building] project sends wrong message. (Aitkin)

Penny-Horner Column: Minimum wage: Balancing fairness, cost. (Duluth)

Column: Transportation funding in critical need. (Granite Falls)

Column: Musings on legislative session, quality of life. (Aitkin)

Editorial (Kahn): Hemp, drone regulations can’t leave the U behind. (MnDaily)

Editorial (Walz): Quick endorsement in First District. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Change state constitution to fix Senate election schedule. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Hosting Super Bowl is not stadium funding. (Austin)

Editorial (Sheran): Gather data on legislative immunity. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Sheran/Thissen): Lawmakers don’t need DWI immunity. (Mankato-Austin)

Editorial: Lawmakers’ work for elderly not done. (Duluth)

Editorial (Bakk): Legislators on right track about minimum-wage issue. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Let legislators make their own decisions. (New Ulm)

Editorial: We elect lawmakers to decide these issues. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Please ban e-cigs indoors. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: MNsure stats will determine if changes are needed. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Pipeline opposition simmering. (ForumNews)

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