Outstate News (12-13-15)

Column (Garofalo-Baker-Sawatzky): Help wanted in Willmar, beyond – The workforce is a key to Minnesota’s future. (Strib)

Editorial: A ‘one-state’ legislative agenda – Three must-do legislative items. (Strib)

Norton/Green: Business leaders warn lawmakers of labor ‘crisis’ (Rochester)

Franson returns from Cuba trip with new appreciation. (Alexandria)

Marquart/Poppe/Nolan/Peterson/Walz/Durenberger/Carlson: Minnesota Democrats target rural vote for 2016 state legislative fights. (TheHill)

Marquart/Simon/Franken: Capitol Chatter: Democrats seek to stop rural legislative losses; Good time for Franken; Twin Cities the difference. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Dill/Franken/Nolan/Klobuchar: Bakk: Region’s future at risk – Senate leader paints grim picture of mining. (Timberjay)

Sheran: State reviewing how counties protect children after hours. (Mankato)

Daniels: State legislators tour Faribault manufacturer, hear about workforce problems. (Faribault)

Sparks named 2015 MASWCD Legislator of the Year. (Austin)

Hayden: State senator, wife settle dispute over nonprofit payments. (MPR)

Minnesota Milk completely confused about McNamara’s ownership of nursery business. (BSP)

Drazkowski/Urdahl/Greunhagen: Not waving but drowning: Draz so not getting GOP mayors’ memo on Local Government Aid. (BSP)

State Sen. Dave Thompson cracks Obama “Pussy” joke. (City Pages)

Dill/Anzelc/Daudt: Ecklund wins House 3A seat. (International Falls)

Dill/Bakk: Ecklund cruises to 3A victory. (Timberjay)

3rd time is charm: Franken scores win on schools overhaul. (St. Cloud)

Sen. Franken: “No Child Left Behind” overhaul will improve education in MN. (HTF)

Sen. Al Franken Talks about New Education Law. (KSTP)

Franken-Kline: Congress OKs less federal education involvement. (ForumNews)

VIDEO: Franken and McCain ‘debate’ during Vikings-Cardinals pre-game show. (MinnPost)

Clinton plans Minn. talk about domestic terrorism. (AP)

Tony Sertich among 2016 “100 People to Know” in Twin Cities Business magazine. (HTF)

Dayton names his lawyer human services commissioner. (ForumNews)

Landwehr: DNR extends comment period on PolyMet review. (AP)

Dayton: Environment group pans Minn. water-quality program. (MPR-Austin)

Oil pipelines still in limbo after three years. (Detroit Lakes)

Kirkbride mothballing costs estimated at nearly $4 million. (Fergus Falls-Detroit Lakes)

Deadline extended to enroll in Minnesota health insurance plan. (ForumNews)

VIDEO: Family rescues deer stuck in fence in Hancock, Minn. (AgWeek)

How will RFS decision affect the biofuel industry? (AgriNews)

WCROC study looks at a new crop in a new time period. (Morris)

Zelle Letter: It’s the state’s turn to fund road projects. (Bemidji-Grand Forks)

Schomacker Letter: Considering surplus, tax relief is a good idea. (Worthington)

Drazkowski Letter (Marquart): Urdahl, Gruenhagen have rural Minnesota’s interests at heart. (Hutchinson)

Letter (Nolan): Empty DFL promises. (Brainerd)

Letter: Nolan fights for Iron Range in world war over steel. (Duluth)

Letter (Nolan): Halt importation of foreign steel. (Little Falls)

Letter (Westrom): Fear has become a political strategy. (Willmar)

Franken Column: New education law will help Minnesota students and schools. (Brainerd-Detroit Lakes-Faribault-Rochester-Winona-Worthinton-Grand Forks)

Column (Kline-Franken): Congress finally set to adopt replacement for No Child Left Behind. (Austin-Albert Lea)

Ehlinger Column: Why I’m allowing the use of medical cannabis for intractable pain. (Duluth)

Column: Republican Mayors – Minnesota House Republicans need to reverse course and support LGA. (Brainerd-Morris-Worthington)

Column: LGA is critical to Greater Minnesota cities. (Winona)

Column: Proposed sulfide mine threatens Minnesota’s water, way of life. (Duluth)

Column: Even with known deficiencies, the PolyMet FEIS is pushed forward. (MinnPost)

Column: PolyMet water model raises doubts about FEIS. (Timberjay)

Column: Renewable fuel cuts are a step backward. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Let’s get at special session – It’s nearly a month since Gov. Dayton said it should be called. (Virginia)

Editorial: Dayton ‘crying wolf’ with special sessions. (Hutchinson-Litchfield)

Editorial: Yay, County Board on PolyMet-Boo, certain Duluth businesses on the key issue. (Virginia)

Editorial (Hann-Daudt-Dayton): Let’s provide state property tax relief for business too. (Willmar)

Editorial (Gazelka): Here’s how $1.9 billion becomes drop in the bucket. (Little Falls)

Editorial: ‘Suspects;’ ‘a crime’ — come on Sen. Franken. (Virginia)

Editorial: State budget surplus of $1.9 billion predicted. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Trump’s Muslim ban would take us backward. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Outstate News (12-6-15)

Editorial: Signs of a widening [rural/metro] gap. (Strib)

Column: Success as a united state – A history lesson in a ‘one state’ path to urban/rural prosperity. (Strib)

Column: A state of immigrants. (Strib)

Daudt/Kreska/Rosenthal: Legislators’ trip to Turkey was led by nonprofit with controversial ties. (Strib)

Hann/Daudt/Skoe: Budget surplus grows. (ForumNews)

Skoe/Daudt: How will Minnesota spend its surplus? Here’s where some stars seem to be aligning. (MinnPost)

Sparks/Bennett: $1.87B projected surplus points to healthy economy. (Austin)

Bennett: State forecast reveals $1.87B budget surplus. (Albert Lea)

Baker says surplus shows Minnesotans are overtaxed. (KWLM)

Mariani/Kahn: Advocates want state surplus to aid education. (MnDaily)

Saxhaug: Dayton backs off as Essar pays some bills. (Duluth)

Bakk: Mining on the brink? (Timberjay)

Bakk worried about mining downturn. (Ely)

Urdahl: Lawmakers consider civics test bill. (ForumNews)

Franson: Local lawmaker warns child care providers about mailing. (Alexandria)

Dean/Eken/Hamilton: Minnesota home, community caregivers seek more state money. (ForumNews)

Cornish: Prison Population Task Force tours Appleton Prison. (Benson)

Dakota County staffer charged with copying Kelly, Mack report. (Red Wing)

MN Eagle Forum gives Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen award for fighting godless infidels and stuff. (BSP)

Dill: 3A House seat to be filled Tuesday. (Ely)

Voters head to polls Tuesday – Three candidates vie for Dill’s seat in State House. (Timberjay)

Fraken: Ethanol supporters wanted higher mandates. (ForumNews)

Franken-Peterson-Walz-Klobuchar: Why the EPA is backing off on ethanol requirements, and why that has Midwesterners upset. (MinnPost)

Franken-Kline: Overhaul of controversial No Child Left Behind Act nears reality. (St. Paul-Willmar)

Nolan-Klobuchar-Franken: Federal lawmakers vary in tone on shooting. (Virginia)

Sen. Franken heads to Paris to meet with counterparts on climate talks. (Strib)

Al Franken and [Cargill’s] Dave MacLennan: Our Food Supply is in Danger of Climate Change. (WTN)

Al Franken Sells Book On Congress For Over $1 Million. (HuffPost)

Report: Franken Lands $1M Deal To Write Upcoming Book. (TCBusiness)

Peterson-Nolan: Federal transportation bill to give Minnesota $4 billion over 5 years. (ForumNews)

Peterson: Push underway to let Great Lakes states manage wolves again. (AP)

Dayton fills Court of Appeals openings. (AP)

Dayton to seek $100M for broadband. (AP)

Radinovich: IRRRB listening session set for Dec. 9 in Hibbing. (HTF)

Former President Jimmy Carter says he is cancer-free. (NPR)

Minnesota expands medical marijuana uses. (AP)

Complaints raised over Minnesota Power’s plan for solar expansion. (Duluth)

Franken/Juhnke: Alan Juhnke named executive director for Nebraska Pork Producers; will start in January. (National Hog Farmer)

Peterson: MFU members support buffer law, but want changes. (AgriNews)

NFU president urges support for voluntary COOL. (AgriNews)

Minnesota lifts poultry exhibition ban. (ForumNews)

Minnesota researchers work to prevent bird flu outbreak. (AgWeek)

For some farmers, great harvests can bring on hard times. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Drazkowski Letter (Marquart-Backer): Unwinding property tax political spin. (Morris)

Bettermann Letter: Letter on MNsure was not misinformation. (Morris)

Letter: Kresha speaks, but doesn’t act. (Little Falls)

Reinert Column: Plans for zoo will create modern outdoor park. (Duluth)

Column (Lenczewski-Abeler): Legislature needs better ethics rules. (St. Cloud)

Column: Crystal Sugar tells workers another labor dispute is a possibility. (AgWeek)

Column: If the ‘system’ is that shaky, why is the state even using it? (Glenwood)

Column: Think single-payer would be expensive? Think again. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Very welcome PolyMet statement – Governor says no interference; praise also for Speaker Daudt. (Virginia)

Editorial (Zelle-Dayton): Transportation inaction a hidden tax increase. (Mankato)

Editorial (Daudt-Dayton): Keep special session free of complications. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Hann-Martin): Everyone wants a piece of surplus pie. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial (Franken-Nolan-Klobuchar): Steel import ban. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Nolan-Franken-Klobuchar): Still no solution to steel dumping? (Duluth)

Editorial (Nolan): Good riddance, logging trucks. (Duluth)

Editorial: Good job, Sen. Bakk. (Duluth)

Editorial: Summit can lead to cleaner lakes and streams for future Minnesotans. (Glenwood)

Editorial: The Politics of Fear. (Benson)

Editorial: U.S. gun violence is a plague. (Moorhead)

Outstate News (11-29-15)

Endorsement: Ecklund is best-prepped to represent 3A. (Duluth)

Juhnke takes job as director of Nebraska pork group. (Willmar-AgWeek)

Juhnke: Pork Producers have new executive director. (Lincoln-Columbus)

Davids/Rest/Thissen/Skoe/Gazelka: Tax cut consensus is building at Minnesota Capitol. (St. Paul-Duluth)

Poppe/Sparks: MNsure town hall meeting to be held Monday in Austin. (Austin)

Ingebrigtsen: Council asks Legislature to help pay for community center expansion. (Alezandria)

Rep. Peppin says GOP focus is on jobs, not benefits. (MPR)

Video: Rep. Dean Urdahl compelled to write. (Willmar)

Bakk/Nolan/Dayton: Everybody wants to save the Range. (MnBrown)

Miller/Baker: Appleton man flays Minnesota Jobs Coalition junk mail; BS blizzard buries Willmar mailboxes. (BSP)

Political chatter: Minnesota looks to cut drug sentences; Emmer wants war declaration; U of M seeks input. (ForumNews)

Kline, Franken back rewrite of No Child Left Behind Act. (AP)

Downey/Martin: Republicans criticized for “#NegroProblem” post. (CityPages)

Otto: LGA increases for Minnesota communities. (Park Rapids)

MnSCU chancellor: We need to plan for jobs of the future. (Willmar)

Funding for 15 broadband projects in Greater Minnesota announced. (HTF)

MNsure: Tax credits can reduce, or eliminate, large premium increases. (HTF)

Dayton announces plans for Water Summit. (AgriNews)

Landwehr: Agencies seek legal help on PolyMet. (Timberjay)

Morse: Minnesota prepares for legal fight over PolyMet mine. (St. Paul-Fergus Falls)

DNR releases new elk management plan, comment meetings set. (Alexandria)

Turkey farmers thankful to be working. (ForumNews)

Westrom Letter: Keeping Minnesota safe. (Morris-Willmar)

Letter: Rep. Peterson votes like a Republican. (Moorhead)

Marquart Letter (Theis-Knoblach): Blame tax hikes on LGA freeze. (St. Cloud)

Marquart Column (Backer): Property tax increases are a betrayal of rural Minnesota. (Morris)

Drazkowski Column: Ask local governments why property taxes continue to rise. (Morris-Litchfield-Red Wing)

Kresha Column: Farmers, Minnesotans need all-of-the-above energy approach. (Brainerd-Little Falls)

Lueck Column: A muskie, IRRRB meeting, education session. (Aitkin)

Newman Column: State bonding sought for local projects. (Glencoe)

Column (Lenczewski-Thissen): A top Democtat’s career move is everything you hate about politics. (CityPages)

Editorial (Hausman-Daudt): If surplus must be spent, spend it on the roads. (St. Paul-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Stumpf): Same old story: more [transportation] need than money. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Nolan-Franken-Klobuchar): Rep. Nolan’s proposal sends right message –
Obama, media, most of Congress ignoring ore/steel national crisis.

Editorial: Time for a special session. (Duluth-Worthington)

Editorial: We should accept refugees after vetting them carefully. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Don’t politicize the refugee crisis. (MnDaily)

Outstate News (11-22-15)

Kelly/Dibble: For small Minnesota cities, road aid is little help. (St. Paul-Moorhead)

Urdahl/Miller/Koenen: Lawmakers agree about transportation needs, not funding. (Willmar)

Marquart: Cities urged to fight for state aid. (Alexandria)

Thissen/Franken: Political chatter: Again, property taxes head up; Railroads fight back; Franken tries again; Revenue up again; LGA remains priority. (ForumNews)

Newman: Senate office building controversey – Newman not ready for move to new building. (Litchfield)

Dayton: Administration won’t demand Senate GOP office move. (AP)

Bakk/Daudt: Senate joins Dayton in backing Range unemployment special session. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Hayden: DFLers look to aid black Minnesotans in special session. (MPR)

Daudt/Peppin: GOP wants mining, oil pipeline in special session talks. (MPR)

Daudt/Bakk/Dayton: Daudt wants assurances before Minnesota special session. (ForumNews)

Sparks/Bennett/Daudt/Walz/Dayton: Sparks, Bennett agree screening needed for Syrian refugees. (Albert Lea)

Daudt/Dayton: Republicans increase demand to pause refugee flow. (ForumNews)

Dayton Decries Political ‘Showmanship’ Over Syrian Refugees. (AP)

Baker: Session equips rural first responders with tools to treat drug overdose victims. (Willmar)

Stumpf/Rosen: Montevideo rallies for veterans’ home. (Willmar)

Stumpf: Senate committee tours route of railroad wye. (Willmar)

Cornish: State group approves slashing sentences for drug offenders. (AP)

Benson: MNsure selects candidate to lead insurance exchange. (AP)

Lenczewski/Davids/Thissen: Key state legislator on tax issues to resign, takes new job. (AP)

Bishop/Kiscaden/Doug Johnson: Retired legislator: ‘A lot of lessons’ in new book. (Rochester)

Sanuelson: Meet the 6 who want to fill the Brainerd Mayoral position. (Brainerd)

MN07 Independence Party: non-profit hero Kevin Winge exploring challenge to Collin Peterson. (BSP)

Kline/Sviggum: [2ndCD] Kittelson vies for Congress. (Red Wing)

Kline/Howe/Myhra: GOP debate offers vast differences in style, if not substance, among CD2 candidates.(MinnPost)

Kline/Walz/Nolan/Peterson/et al: Walz joins Republicans to back tougher refugee screening. (Rochester)

Rep. Emmer has a novel idea: actually declare war before fighting one. (MinnPost)

Franken’s Senate Secret Santa hits 5th year of bipartisan giving. (TheHill)

Franken: Mortgage-free home dedicated to injured veteran. (KARE)

Klobuchar, Franken push anti steel-dumping bill. (Duluth)

Klobuchar, Franken, Nolan tout paper import measures. (Brainerd)

Simon: Park Rapids stop one on final leg of Secretary of State 87-county tour. (Park Rapids)

Swift County wins $4.95 million state broadband grant. (Benson)

Greater Minnesota Broadband Grants: HTC gets $424K for Gentilly Township. (Crookston)

State to fund Itasca County rural broadband proposal. (MnBrown)

Groups discuss housing woes. (Red Wing)

Forest Service backs land exchange for PolyMet mine site. (Duluth)

Forest Service issues draft decision on PolyMet land swap. (Timberjay)

Mineral leases latest mining pressure point. (Timberjay)

Cliffs to idle Northshore Mining through first quarter of 2016. (HTF)

Mining/logging job losses mount as state rate declines. (Virginia)

High yields, low prices for local farmers in 2015 harvest. (Morris)

Drazkowski Letter: Legislative pages serve as well as learn. (Red Wing)

Hamilton Letter: ‘Costly debacle’ of MNsure must cease. (Worthington)

Letter (Backer-Marquart): Thankful McNamar is running for legislature again. (Morris)

Bettermann Letter: Response to being called a liar. (Alexandria)

Letter: Nolan does little for state’s mining industry. (Duluth)

Letter: Nolan offers only rhetoric on PolyMet and pollution. (Timberjay)

Nolan Column: Budget deal good for those on Medicare. (Aitkin)

Drazkowski Column: Ask local gov’t why property taxes are rising. (Albert Lea)

Franken Column: Don’t delay mental health help. (St. Cloud)

Column: Leaving a legacy – Bruce Dayton highlighted family’s commitment to philanthropy. (Timberjay)

Column: BLM officials hear competing visions of the future. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Daudt-Melin-Anzelc-Dayton): Get jobless benefits done, period. (Virginia)

Editorial (Bakk-Daudt): Special session is looking more likely. (Rochester)

Editorial (Dayton): Minnesota shows compassion, Wisconsin fear in message to refugees. (Winona)

Editorial: Legislature needs to get local government aid on track. (Fergus Falls-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: [Broadband] It’s just smart tax policy. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: In Minnesota, we’re smart and taxed. (Detroit Lakes)

Outstate News (11-15-15)

Hann/Bakk/Massman: Minnesota GOP senators don’t want offices in new building. (ForumNews)

Hann/Bakk: Senate GOP to stay put for now, spurn new office building. (AP)

Bakk/Daudt: Dayton seeks special session for unemployed miner benefits. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Daudt: Dayton seeks special session for steelworkers. (AP)

Thissen/Martin: DFLer abruptly quits race after saying ‘ISIS isn’t necessarily evil’ (Strib)

Martin: Candidate ends campaign after Twitter comments on ISIS. (MPR)

Kresha/Sheran: Lawmakers say state not putting child safety first in abuse cases. (ForumNews)

PolyMet EIS done, but project still faces hurdles. (MnBrown)

Tomassoni/Nolan/Dayton/Landwehr: Debate heats up with final PolyMet review. (Timberjay)

Morse/Dayton/Landwehr: Environmentalists urge more comments on PolyMet. (ForumNews)

Otto/Johnson/Fraser/Dayton/Oberstar/et al: How the specter of the decades-long fight over the BWCA hangs over PolyMet. (MinnPost)

Daudt/Bakk: Gov. Dayton asks for extension for REAL ID compliance. (ForumNews)

Sen. Jensen discusses education, health care in Owatonna. (Owatonna)

Sen. Scott Newman addresses School Board Monday. (Litchfield)

Baker/Johnson/Garofalo: Chronicles of broadband: Assistant Majority Leader Dave Baker confused about what year it is. (BSP)

Miller/Baker/Wiger/Thissen/Marquart: Peculiar postcards hit mailboxes in greater Minnesota House districts flipped in 2016. (BSP)

Samuelson: 6 men apply to fill mayor vacancy in Brainerd. (Brainerd)

Laine/Bernardy/Goodwin: Sen. Barb Goodwin won’t run again. (MPR)

Norton/Waltman: Sauke to run for Minnesota House in 2016. (Rochester)

Petersen/Abeler/Thompson/Ingebrigtsen/Newman/Rosen/Westrom: GOP endorses candidate in race to fill Petersen vacancy in Minnesota Senate. (Strib)

Senator Al Franken tours farm that’s implemented Rural Energy for America Program. (KTTC)

U.S. Senator Al Franken visits local farms utilizing REAP. (KIMT)

Franken/Klobuchar: Officials praise collaboration to secure $10M federal grant for Willmar railroad wye. (Willmar)

Franken/Klobuchar: Federal Grant will Start Willmar Rail Yard Realignment. (KSTP)

Franken/Klobuchar/Baker: Ceremony in Willmar announces TIGER Grant. (KWLM)

Sen. Franken reintroduces Location Privacy Protection bill to prevent smartphone apps from targeting abuse victims. (WDAY)

Franken: Your apps know where you are, but do you know who they’re sharing that information with? (MinnPost)

Franken: ‘Refocus our efforts’ on defeating ISIS. (Rochester)

Bruce Dayton dies at age of 93. (St. Paul-Detroit Lakes)

Bruce Dayton dies, father of governor and leader of retail giant. (ForumNews)

Lt. Gov. Smith announces free admission to state parks on Black Friday. (Brainerd)

Zelle: Increase in state transportation funding gap projected over next 20 years. (HTF)

Passion for liberal arts and sustainability important for next University chancellor, Kaler says. (Morris)

Sexual harassment case spurs Minnesota Public Safety payout. (AP)

Duluth businesses brew up controversy_Member of anti-PolyMet coalition says opposition to Range project misunderstood. (Virginia)

Iron Range mines could see boost from Brazilian disaster. (MnBrown)

Agri-Growth, AGree launch water quality partnership. (AgriNews)

Senate bill would drop protections for wolves in MN. (AP)

Fertilizer plant planned for Grand Forks will minimize plumes. (Grand Forks)

Animal rights investigator says issues stem from push for speed. (Austin)

QPP vows changes following video’s release. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Farmers can get monarch-saving money. (ForumNews)

Letter: Questioning Nolan’s support of veterans. (Brainerd)

Letter (Backer-McNamar-Betterman): MNsure among lowest premiums in nation. (Alexandria)

Franken Column: Many ways to remember our veterans. (Pine City-Rochester)

Davids Column: It’s time to admit mistakes about MNsure. (Albert Lea-Worthington)

Baker Column: Feasibility study is vital step for broadband in Kandiyohi County. (Willmar)

Sheran Column (DeKruif): Health care is not “free stuff”… It is very expensive. (Mankato)

Column (Gunther-Klobuchar): A special visit from a U.S. Senator. (Blue Earth)

Column (Nolan-Landwehr): Views on PolyMet final Environmental Impact Statement. (Duluth)

Column: Xcel’s solar slow walk casts shade on energy savings for thousands. (MinnPost)

Editorial (Tomassoni): Open government? Not even in Minnesota. (Duluth)

Editorial (Daudt): Don’t grade government on a curve. (Rochester)

Editorial (Torkelson-Dahms-Considine): Invest in those who take care of the disabled. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Zelle): New urgency for roads, bridges. (Alexandria)

Outstate News (11-8-15)

Editorial: Have some beet sugar, it’s GMO disease free. (Grand Forks-Detroit Lakes)

Kelly/Dibble/Zelle: Minnesota road costs jump as lawmakers debate how to pay for it. (St. Paul-Duluth)

Davids: Sharp words exchanged over MNsure budget. (St. Paul-Detroit Lakes)

Nornes/Ingebrigtsen/Landwehr: Big fish stir up controversy: Minnesota DNR muskie stocking plan draws ire of lake residents. (Fergus Falls)

Hackbarth/Tomassoni: Public shut out from Mille Lacs fisheries meetings. (Brainerd)

Loon: Minnesota teacher licensing reform gets conflicting reports. (St. Paul-Duluth)

Tomassoni/Metsa/Nolan/Franken/Klobuchar/Zelle: Long-awaited Highway 53 bridge project to begin. (Hibbing-Virginia)

Tomassoni/Metsa/Zelle: Officials gather for Highway 53 project groundbreaking. (Duluth)

Metsa/Tomassoni: Virginia wants outside lobbyist. (Virginia)

Stumpf/Rosen: Which projects will get bonding money? (Rochester)

Reinert/Simonson: Duluth lawmakers look to ‘package’ bonding requests. (Duluth)

Senjem/Loeffler: Your input is wanted on art displays at state Capitol. (ForumNews)

Pugh/Whelan: MN state representatives attend Wallbuilders’ ProFamily Legislators’ Conference in Dallas. (BSP )

Franken: Senator solicits veterans stories for Library of Congress collection. (Princeton)

Sen. Franken To Introduce Anti-Stalking App Bill. (WCCO)

With Politico interview, Franken embraces national role as key Democratic fundraiser. (MinnPost)

Franken gets serious about flipping Senate to Democrats. (Politico)

Klobuchar, Franken urge renewal of student loan program. (Brainerd)

Franken/Nolan/Paulsen/Klobuchar/et al: Obama blocks Keystone pipeline, ending debate for rest of term. (MinnPost)

John Kline proves again he’s Minnesota’s most anti-gay congressman. (City Pages)

Dayton cancels trip to be with father. (ForumNews)

Dayton/Landwehr: PolyMet review calls for cleanup assurance, water monitoring. (AP)

Dayton says mine, community need interaction. (ForumNews)

Landwehr/Dayton: PolyMet primer: Where we go from here. (Duluth)

Key question in PolyMet mine fight: Whose data to trust? (MPR-Albert Lea)

Anzelc/Bakk/Tomassoni: Dayton wants financial review. (Timberjay)

Environmental report on NW Minnesota transmission line released. (ForumNews)

MN deer hunting still in rebound mode. (Detroit Lakes)

Minnesota DNR provides buffer mapping project details and timeline. (HTF)

Bird flu ‘a possibility but not a certainty’ (AgriNews)

USDA: Chicken, turkey farms affected by bird flu can restock. (AP)

EU farmers share concerns of US farmers. (AgriNews)

Urdahl Letter: A response to Rep. Mahoney’s criticism. (Litchfield)

Letter: Rick Nolan has a proven record. (Aitkin)

Letter: Nolan should rethink putting trucks on I-35. (Duluth)

Letter: McNamar understands needs of schools. (Alexandria)

Franken Column: Remembering our veterans. (Worthington)

Column (Franken-Oberstar): Honor veterans’ legacies, not decorations. (Duluth)

Schmit Column: Prepare to grow rural Minnesota economies. (Red Wing)

Atkins-Metzen Column: Veterans owed more than thanks – state owes them money, too. (Pine City-Worthington)

Ken Peterson Column: Apprenticeship – Workforce training for today and tomorrow. (Alexandria)

Column: Sandra Peterson was a rare, remarkable woman, who deserves more attention. (ECM)

Column: Railroads are improving on a strong record of safety. (Alexandria)

Column: Are there really two Minnesotas? (Alexandria)

Column: Minnesota will make sure mining done safely. (Duluth)

Column: Dayton’s due diligence – Governor deserves credit for taking an in-depth look at PolyMet proposal. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Landwehr-Dayton): DNR did great job on PolyMet – Thorough, objective analysis on vital project. (Virginia)

Editorial: Embrace PolyMet’s milestone. (Duluth)

Editorial (Franken-Klobuchar): Help Senate ‘get to 60’ on GMO labeling. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: Time is right for Austin’s bonding requests. (Austin)

Editorial: Conservation proves to save some big money. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Cancer study on meat lacks context. (Moorhead-Alexandria)

Editorial: Train safety too important to put off. (Winona)

Editorial: Keystone XL delay is a setback for public safety in Minnesota. (Austin)

Outstate News (10-25-15)

Obituary: Rep. Sandra Peterson (Strib)

Sandra Peterson dies; former head of state teachers’ union also served four terms in Legislature. (Strib)

Obituary: Rep. Leo Reding (Austin)

Reding/Pelowski/Johnson/Martin: Friends and family remember a ‘classic public servant’ (Rochester)

Daudt/Bakk: Dayton wants study of PolyMet. (AP)

Dayton looks for answers in mine tours – Says PolyMet decision ‘most momentous, difficult and controversial’ (Timberjay)

Editorial (Dayton-Smith): Dayton all-in to control PolyMet decision – Seeking outside legal firm unnecesary and costly tactic. (Virginia)

State Sen. Petersen faces questions over campaign funds. (MPR)

Goodwin/Shoen/Dehn: Abandoned prison gets new support. (ForumNews)

Bennett/Schomacker: Nursing home leaders thank legislators for passage of bill with increased funding. (Austin)

Daudt/Baker: Minnesota Capitol comes to NLS. (Willmar)

Torkelson/Scalze: Minnesota lawmakers hit the road on bonding tours. (St. Paul-Grand Forks)

Garofalo/Newberger: Republicans want China to reduce emissions before Minnesota does. (City Pages)

Miller/Senjem/Nelson/Drazkowski/Pelowski: Political Notebook: Should Senate Republicans stay or go?; Money in politics. (Rochester)

Franken/Walz: Capitol Chatter: Hurdles remain to reopen private prison; City liquor stores do well; College loans stop; Counties join eCourtMN; More ignore bus law; Walz demands VA testimony. (ForumNews)

Franken seeking students interested in attending military academy. (KIMT)

Franken slams cyberbill over privacy protection. (WashExam)

Franken: Democrats On Indian Affairs Committee Support Fast-tracking Tribal Energy Development. (HuffPost)

Franken/Nolan/Klobuchar: Minnesota lawmakers claim unfair Canadian paper imports. (Duluth)

Delegation shreds illegal paper imports – Franken, Klobuchar and Nolan testify before International Trade Commission. (Virginia)

Franken/Dayton/Klobuchar: D.C. fetes Fritz for his efforts with vice presidency. (ForumNews)

Klobuchar, Franken, celebrate mental health grant. (Brainerd)

Kline: Tragic harvest: The farm is one of the deadliest workplaces. (Strib-Winona)

Swanson: Attorney general seeks nursing home resident protection. (ForumNews)

Zelle: MNDOT Commissioner: Long-range transportation plan a must. (Bemidji)

Ritchie: MN bids for world’s fair. (MnDaily)

Gov. Dayton criticizes shift of oil shipments through Twin Cities. (ForumNews)

Dayton orders swifter inspections of oil rail routes. (AP)

Dayton suggests Sanders is not a real Democrat. (MPR)

Norm Coleman announces he has cancer. (ForumNews)

Lobbyist: Small legislative gains bode well for future. (Fergus Falls)

Range War: Essar, Cliffs clash shows Mesabi at crossroads. (MnBrown)

Minnesota reaffirms commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. (HTF)

Enbridge, PUC turn to Minn. Supreme Court for ruling. (ForumNews)

Ducks shot in Minn. test negative for deadly bird flu. (AP)

Prime October conditions have farmers nearing harvests’ end with strong yields, but prices are lagging. (Austin)

Mahoney Letter: Urdahl opposed Job Creation Fund. (Litchfield)

Letter: Franson challenged to explain her denial of climate change. (Alexandria)

Letter: Schmit’s and DFL’s stance on MNsure costs too much. (Red Wing)

Letter (McNamar-Dayton): Minnesota is the 2015 Top Business State in the U.S. (Morris)

MN Chamber Letter: Bridge the gap on transportation; State needs new strategy for funding infrastructure. (Austin-Detroit Lakes)

MN Deer Hunters Assn Letter: Minnesota reaps huge benefits from hunting. (Winona)

Thissen Column: GOP leaves communities disconnected. (Albert Lea)

Franson Column: Blame governor and Democrats for no increase in Social Security. (Alexandria)

Gruenhagen Column: Obamacare, MNsure are failing Minnesotans. (Glencoe)

Heintzeman Column: Wolf protections should be reconsidered. (Brainerd)

Paul Anderson Column: New EPA water regulations cause ripples. (Alexandria)

Nolan Column: Saving the land and water conservation fund. (Aitkin)

Franken Column: What a real conversation about mental health looks like. (Rochester)

Column: Capitol’s paintings should go – The elimination of this artwork is essential to maintaining Minnesota’s political integrity. (MnDaily)

Editorial: Warrantless blood test is worrisome. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial (Dayton): Northstar rail should be extended to St. Cloud. (St. Joseph)

Editorial (Klobuchar-Heitkamp-Franken): Misguided filibuster blocks Sanctuary Cities bill. (Grand Forks)

Outstate News (10-18-15)

Pelowski/Dean Johnson/Arne Carlson: Turmoil swirls around U of M president. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Quam/Liebling: Should you be able to ‘pick and choose’ [same sex] customers? (Rochester)

Quam/Gazelka: Duane Quam wants to talk religious freedom. Or is it discrimination? (CityPages)

Hann/Stumpf/Cohan: Minnesota’s new Senate offices — the building that became a campaign theme — are almost ready. (MinnPost)

Thissen: Why members of the House aren’t going to be able to pee inside next session. (CityPages)

Knoblach/Kleis: Dayton: Don’t like immigrants? Get out of MN. (St. Cloud-Detroit Lakes)

Knoblach/Kleis: Dayton, officials, citizens discuss racial tensions. (Sartell)

At St. Cloud forum with governor, Knoblach shares support for North Star line extension. (BSP)

Davids/Lourey/Benson: MNsure expects smoother enrollment. (ForumNews)

Stumpf: Senate Bonding Committee heading to dam sites. (Austin)

Pelowski/Davids/Miller: Rushford-Peterson breaks ground on new school. (Preston)

GOP presidential hopefuls courting Daudt. (MPR)

Election for Branden Petersen’s state Senate seat to be Feb. 9. (MinnPost)

Senator Al Franken gets a grasp on Duluth housing crisis. (NorthlandNews)

Sen. Al Franken wants college textbooks to be free, online. (KMSP)

Al Franken is helping to collect Minnesota veterans’ stories. (BMTN)

Franken encourages applicants for military service academies. (Brainerd)

Franken discusses rural skills gap. (St. Cloud)

Sen. Franken Discusses Health Care ‘Skills Gap’ During St. Cloud Visit. (WJON)

Franken: Charter-Time Warner merger under fire. (TheHill)

Franken to write about life on Capitol Hill. (Strib)

Franken/Peterson/Klobuchar: Conserving the great outdoors: Minn. fund has ended, some want it back permanently. (ForumNews)

Franken/Peterson/Nolan/Klobuchar: POET general manager, board members speak with government officials on Capitol Hill. (BCN)

Klobuchar: Senate Dems push new gun control laws. (MPR)

Kline/Howe: Candidates plow own money into [2nd CD] congressional race. (AP)

Swanson: Minnesota AG seeks protection for nursing home residents. (ForumNews)

Auditor raises new question about Dayton. (AP)

Minnesota’s unemployment rate drops to 3.8 percent in September. (HTF)

Gov. Dayton, officials meet with Essar to negotiate repayment. (MnBrown)

Cliffs CEO threatens to close a Minnesota taconite operation. (AP)

PolyMet mine plan draws pro and con rallies. (ForumNewss)

Enbridge, PUC ask Minnesota Supreme Court to take up Sandpiper pipeline case. (Brainerd)

U.S. Courts temporarily block implementation of WOTUS: Groups respond. (AgriNews)

Pheasant season off to hot start. (Duluth)

Farmers work on harvesting bumper crop. (Blue Earth)

Anderson Letter (Lueck): Propane affordability will be revisited by legislature. (Aitkin)

Anderson Letter (Franson-Backer): Propane more affordable in Greater Minnesota, but more changes needed. (Alexandria)

Anderson Letter (Backer): Legislature did good work on propane affordability. (Morris)

Anderson Letter (Backer): McNamar helping middle class families get ahead. (Alexandria)

Anderson Letter (Hancock): Legislature improved affordability, accessibility of propane. (Bemidji)

Anderson Letter: Green works hard to make propane affordable. (Detroit Lakes)

Backer Letter: Morris Area School District a winner in legislative session. (Morris)

Thissen Letter: Letter: GOP has disconnection on broadband. (Worthington)

Letter (McNamar): House Republican majority did nothing on taxes. (Morris)

Letter: Baker falls short on broadband. (Willmar)

Letter (Baker): No broadband support for Willmar? (Willmar)

Letter: Recognition for Rep. Baker. (Willmar)

Letter: Glad to see Jay McNamar running for election again. (Fergus Falls)

Letter: Walz made ‘unbelievable’ vote on abortion measure. (Worthington)

Letter: Agreeing with Nolan on Iran deal. (Aitkin)

Letter: Nolan will continue fight for the middle class. (Duluth)

Kresha Column: State Republicans have broadband plan. (St. Cloud-Worthington-Grand Forks)

Lueck Column: Exploring lands that support schools. (Aitkin)

Column: Flex-fuel pumps allow us to breathe easier, save money. (Litchfield-Morris)

Column: Land and Water Conservation Fund a bipartisan success. (Duluth)

Column (Ecklund): Time to talk honestly about those man camps. (Timberjay)

Editorial: We are pleased with governor’s 2 mine visits – Eagle in Michigan represents modern facility; Gilt Edge looks at the past. (Virginia)

Editorial (Ecklund): 3A: Strong vote for copper/nickel mining. (Virginia)

Editorial (Nolan-Cravaack): Mills to try again – Fleet Farm scion changes hair style, but new policies would be more welcome. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Dayton-Zelle): Highway 14: Expedite funding for corridor of commerce. (Mankato-Austin)

Editorial: Appleton prison a win-win for state. (Benson)

Editorial: Drop in unpaid hospital care benefits everyone. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Important LWCF needs to be reinstated. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Legislators, heed the loved ones of the dead and pass gun laws. (Sartell)

Outstate News (9-6-15)

Mack/Kelly: Citation: two lawmakers caught ‘making out’ in park; lawmakers: ‘completely false’ and a ‘lie’ (St. Paul)

Minnesota Reps. Tim Kelly, Tara Mack ticketed for “Making out” in a car. (CityPages)

Kelly/Mack: Lawmakers will fight citations for ‘making out’ in park. (Red Wing)

Mack/Kelly: #LegislatorLivesMatter plot thickens as Kelly tells local paper citation is “rotten politics” (BSP)

Mack/Kelly: Daudt said he supports Kelly and Mack. (Rochester)

Lawmakers won’t fight fines for ‘making out’ in park. (MPR)

Kelly/Mack: Kelly agrees to pay fine, but denies allegation. (Red Wing)

Mack/Kelly: Capitol Chatter: Lawmakers pay ‘making out’ fines; Obama thanks Kline; Funny Franken (ForumNews)

Loon/Hann/Hausman/Murphy/Marty/Moe/Kelliher: Does Gov. Mark Dayton’s often-tense relationship with legislators help or hurt him? (MinnPost)

Lueck: Public has say on Enbridge proposal. (Aitkin)

Dill: Big mix of candidates, intrigue in House 3A special election. (MnBrown)

Amorosia runs for State Rep. 25A. (Byron)

Second Democrat seeks to take on Quam. (Rochester)

Hornstein/Franken: Better communications may mean safer oil trains. (ForumNews)

Franken: Broadband ‘as important as textbooks’ (ForumNews)

Franken: MN veterans are being recruited to tell their stories for Veterans History Project. (HTF)

Franken: Talking Points: How Should The U.S. Respond To The Refugee Crisis? (WCCO)

Franken Encourages Job Training Programs within Local Businesses. (KSTP)

Klobuchar, Franken, Nolan announce $600K grant for Brainerd airport. (Brainerd)

Franken/Klobuchar/Nolan/McCollum: It’s who you know: the Minnesota delegation’s ties to the Democratic presidential field. (MinnPost)

Kline will not run in 2016. (Red Wing)

Drazkowski/Atkins/Franken: Kline’s retirement announcement stuns 2nd District. (Rochester)

Kline/Garofalo: Report: Mary Pawlenty weighs Minnesota congressional bid. (AP)

Kline/Atkins/Drazkowski/Hansen/Albright: Gerson grabs CD2 spotlight as others weigh options. (MPR)

Walz-Emmer: Congressmen want to know why St. Cloud VA report was shelved. (AP)

ND oil shipments by rail drop with falling oil prices. (Moorhead)

TransCanada pipeline fire reported in northern Minn. (ForumNews)

Rising levels of nitrate in Minnesota drinking water are a costly challenge for homeowners. (St. Paul – Grand Forks)

Poultry producers prepare for potential fall flu outbreak. (ForumNews)

Corn crop stands tall at end of season. (St. Joseph)

Buffer law draws a crowd at Minnesota meeting. (Willmar-AgWeek)

MFU involved in variety of activities at the fair. (AgriNews)

Minnesota Farm Bureau grows Minnesota crops at the state fair. (AgriNews)

Letter (Backer): Fund education right from the start. (Morris)

Letter (Backer): Students sucker punched by tuition hikes. (Morris)

Letter (Kresha): Republicans fail rural broadband. (Little Falls)

Letter (Baker): Legislative help begins at home. (Willmar)

Letter (Baker): Legislation reduces chance for home-owned solar. (Willmar)

Letter: Support clean energy to boost local jobs. (Austin)

Letter: DFL members should support ranked-choice voting. (Duluth)

LaDuke Column: Dear Governor Dayton. (Brainerd)

Swanson Column: Fake check scams persist. (HTF)

Norton-Dettmer Column: Students’ return to school raises need for safe routes. (Rochester)

Rarick Column: How did your school benefit from 2015 session? (Pine City)

Newman Column (Collin Peterson): Update on summer legislative issues. (Glencoe)

Column (Franken-Nolan-Klobuchar): If steel dumping is illegal, why don’t we stop it? (HTF)

Column: Investments in our education will pay dividends for years. (Little Falls)

Column: Things I’ve learned about corn. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: [BWCA] Land exchange, not purchase. (Ely)

Editorial: EPA letter good news for PolyMet. (Virginia)

Editorial (Newman-Dayton): Talks over help for Mille Lacs sputter. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Kline): Getting elected is now full-time job. (Glenwood)

Editorial: Making room for the grain trains. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Action welcome to improve Minnesota’s water quality. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: On Labor Day, jobless numbers don’t tell the whole story. (Owatonna)

Editorial: Tax change raises state’s business-friendly grade. (Litchfield)

Editorial: State needs to keep building mental health care. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Sen. Heitkamp makes right call on Iran accord. (Moorhead)

Outstate News (8-30-15)

Melin/Tomassoni/Metsa/Smith/Nolan/Klobuchar/Rukavina/et al: Thousands show solidarity at United Steelworkers rally. (HTF)

Franken/Klobuchar/Nolan/Smith: Tensions rise as steel talks approach deadline. (Strib)

Eken: In search of a senate majority leader in MN, Sen. David Hann visits DL to rally Republican troops for 2016. (Detroit Lakes)

Cities honor Marquart, Eken with distinction award. (Detroit Lakes)

Jensen: Agritourism law protects farmers from lawsuits. (TheLand)

Gruenhagen encourages applications for grants for broadband services. (Glencoe)

Koenen/Miller: MN17A lawmakers meet privately with Swift Co, CCA & lobbyists about private prison lease. (BSP)

Capitol Chatter: Dayton calls ND’s approach to climate change ‘Neanderthal’; Comparing Walker with Pawlenty; Klobuchar for president?; Dayton relaxed. (ForumNews)

District 3A special election set for Dec. 8 – Primary will be held Sept. 29; at least four candidates seeking David Dill’s seat. (Timberjay)

A Q&A with Al Franken. (Grand Forks)

Al Franken: Most of what Congress does isn’t sexy. (CBS)

Franken/Klobuchar: Find politicos at the Minnesota State Fair. (St. Paul)

Immigrant rights group to protest during Klobuchar book event at St. Paul church. (MinnPost)

Martin: Sen. Chuck Schumer to speak Oct. 3 at DFL Founder’s Day Dinner. (MinnPost)

Martin: MN GOP blasted over gun tweet following Virginia murders live on TV. (City Pages)

Dayton says protest planned outside fair is ‘inappropriate’ (AP)

Dayton: Peaceful marchers find gates closed to state fair. (St. Paul-Duluth)

Landwehr/Dayton: DNR redoubles Mille Lacs Lake walleye management efforts. (Brainerd)

Landwehr/Dayton: DNR unveils changes aimed at mending Mille Lacs relations. (AP)

Dayton: Governor’s fishing, deer hunting openers shine spotlight on northeastern MN. (HTF)

Presidential candidates address delegates at DNC meetings. (Brainerd)

No quick answer for UCare in fight to maintain contracts. (AP)

State Office of Medical Cannabis to hold community sessions around state. (HTF)

New invasive species found in Minnesota lakes puts squeeze on plants, fish. (Mpls-Duluth)

BWCAW land swap awaits EIS – Exchange between state, federal governments aims to generate school revenue. (Virginia)

Paper shows PolyMet runoff could reach BWCA after all. (MnBrown)

PolyMet denies access for wetlands research by U of M scientist. (MinnPost)

Frederickson: State’s turkey industry and avian influenza recovery featured at the Minnesota State Fair. (AgriNews)

Farmers prepare for possible fall avian influenza outbreak. (ForumNews)

Wright County finalist is 62nd Princess Kay. (AgriNews)

Marquart Letter: Backer should have made broadband a priority. (Morris)

Letter (MarquartThissen-Backer): Broadband isn’t just nice, it’s essential. (Morris)

Kaler Letter (Sparks-Bennett-Poppe): U of M impact reaches all of state. (Albert Lea)

Letter: Klobuchar supports disabled, not unborn. (Pine City)

Column (Franken-Klobuchar): Minnesota’s senators can help keep the Internet tax-free. (Rochester)

Erickson Column (Dayton): Long-term fix needed for Mille Lacs Lake. (Aitkin)

Dean Johnson Column: U of M addressing Teague affair. (Willmar)

Column: New Amtrak train would boost local economy. (Red Wing)

Column: PolyMet regulators need a second opinion on water flow. (Timberjay)