Outstate News (7-19-15)

Knoblach/Baker/Daniels/Fritz/Dornholt/sawatzky/Peppin: Some DFL lawmakers who lost in 2014 aim for rematches. (MPR-Willmar)

Schoen: State lawmaker gets job with medical cannabis firm. (MPR)

State Rep. Schoen takes job with medical marijuana provider. (St. Paul)

Schoen: Legislator, advocate for medical marijuana law takes job with cannabis firm, Leafline Labs. (Strib)

Dibble: Medical marijuana still not easy to get for some. (AP)

Petersen/Hosch/Moua/Buesgens/Abeler/MelinBeard: The high cost of being a Minnesota legislator. (MinnPost)

Poppe/Lesch: New law requires large breeders to be licensed. (AgriNews)

Quam: Some Rochester officials deliberately making traffic worse. (Rochester)

Al Franken visits Winona, talks mental health challenges in criminal justice system. (Winona)

Franken: Rural Health Faces Critical Shortages, Barriers. (WDIO)

Franken, Paulsen team up to save federal funds for mental health services in Minnesota. (Strib)

Franken/Peterson/Nolan/et al: Minnesota seeks work permit exemption to new Canadian work permit. (Grand Forks)

Franken/Peterson: Local members of Congress concerned, cautious with Iran nuclear deal. (Moorhead)

Rep. Peterson hits back at critics: ‘I don’t … need to spend a nickel to get elected’ (ForumNews-Willmar)

Westrom: MN07: Which lucky soul will spend a nickel to run against 13 term congressman Collin Peterson? (BSP)

Peterson sees value in Export-Import Bank. (Litchfield)

Dayton, Nolan visit damaged resorts, meet aid workers. (Brainerd)

Downey/Martin: Minnesota voters give most cash by far to Clinton. (Fergus Falls)

Minnesota adds 2,900 jobs in June. (HTF)

DNR has updated PolyMet timeline. (Timberjay)

Protest planned after Moorhead mom breast-feeding at pool told to cover up. (ForumNews)

The many misconceptions about Minnesota’s new buffer program. (MinnPost)

Toll of bird flu in Minn. approaching $650M. (MPR-Albert Lea)

Vaccine not at top of federal avian flu response plan. (ForumNews)

Hann Letter: Sen. Skoe is out of touch on political pay raises. (Detroit Lakes)

Letter (Ingebrigtsen): Senator has short memory. (Alexandria)

Letter: Why retirees leave Minnesota. (Brainerd)

Column: Why can’t DFLers realize Dayton is no Perpich? (Virginia)

Column (Daudt): Dayton’s pay raises threaten DFL. (MnDaily)

Column: We don’t need more tar sand oil pipelines. (Brainerd)

Column: Protecting water quality is not a game. (Alexandria)

Column: Despite article’s thrust, farmers understand, care about environmental challenges. (Pipestone)

Column: Today’s farms are greener than grandpa’s. (Strib)

Column: Rural communities will continue high hopes. (Albert Lea)

Column: Regulating mining – Petition reveals a state government captured by a major industry. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Franken-Nolan-Emmer): Thawing relations with Cuba is an opportunity for Minnesota. (Duluth)

Editorial (Otto-Carlson): Legislative black eye: State Auditor dealt a mean hand. (ECM)

Editorial: Labor shortage needs multi-faceted fix. (Grand Forks – Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: ‘High-tax’ Minnesota is No. 1 [business state]. (Moorhead-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Extremists trying to change rules [regarding Polymet]. (Virginia)

Editorial: School trust lands – Change in law and policies won’t make a difference for schools. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Election process shouldn’t be a joke. (Fergus Falls)