Outstate News (6-8-14)

Otto/Hatch/Rukavina: Entenza’s auditor bid riles DFLers. (PIM)

Otto/Swanson/Abeler/Swanson/Franken/Krinkie/et al: 15 minutes before deadline, Entenza jumps into state auditor race. (PioneerPress)

Otto/Dayton/Nolan/Bakk/Dill/Anzelc/Entenza: DFL fight erupts over state auditor position. (Virginia)

Column (Otto): What is Matt Entenza thinking? (MinnPost)

Editorial (Dayton-Nolan-Franken): One of the all-time dumbest votes – Auditor Otto’s position against exploratory mining major DFL headache. (Virginia)

Blog: Entenza springs primary challenge on Otto: Is this about mining? (MinnBrown)

Otto/Entenza/Zellers/Seifert/Johnson/Abeler: Capitol Chatter: Minnesota primary to be different. (ForumNews)

Ritchie/Abeler/Westrom/Entenza/Franken: Busy end to political filing. (ForumNews)

Torkelson, Dahms mull ‘big government’ (New Ulm)

Newman/Gruenhagen: Legislators warn of big spending. (Glencoe)

Seifert/Kelliher: Seifert shakes off shaky weekend. (Marshall)

Seifert: ‘I’m the most electable candidate’ (New Ulm)

Seifert making his primary pitch. (Fairmont)

Seifert touts himself as ‘maverick’ (Rochester)

Seifert stops in Willmar. (Willmar)

Howe: Former state senator who sued city of Austin withdraws from campaign. (Austin)

Blog: Wagenius primaried by pro-family dairy marketing specialist who first ran in 1982 against Sviggum. (BlueStemPrairie)

Kresha: Doty wants to return to House. (Brainerd)

Clearwater attorney Johnson challenges Newberger in House 15B. (St. Cloud)

Torkelson: Kanne files for House of Representatives in District 16B. (Sleepy Eye)

Ward: Heintzeman endorsed by GOP for 10A seat. (Brainerd)

Anderson: Bye seeks 9A state House seat. (Brainerd)

Beard: Loonan will challenge Mackenthun in Aug. 12 GOP primary. (Shakopee)

Nornes/Franson: Miltich, Sieling win DFL endorsement in District 8A, 8B. (Alexandria)

Franken/Nolan/Rukavina/Dayton/Martin: Hot issues, uneven growth have 8th District voters restless. (Strib)

Franken/Johnson/Nolan/Daudt: New GOP contenders united on Duluth stop. (Duluth)

Franken taps Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir for fundraiser. (MPR)

Nolan/Otto: Nolan, Mills come out swinging as campaigns get underway in the 8th. (Duluth)

DFL Rep. Nolan touts record as he launches re-election bid. (MPR)

Franken hears rail concerns. (AgriNews)

Franken and Ted Cruz on a campaign-finance constitutional amendment. (MinnPost)

Al Franken opposes George Tsunis’ stalled Norway ambassador nomination. (NewsDay)

Franken: Congress seeks curb on NSA domestic spying. (MinnPost)

Walz, VA seek out mother of veteran with PTSD after story airs on KTTC. (KTTC)

Capitol Hill gridlock leads Rep. Tim Walz to lose 85 pounds, get in shape. (Strib)

Peterson: Westrom running for Congress after 18 years in Legislature. (Willmar)

Minnesota memorial services set for Oberstar. (Duluth)

Knoblach: Senate office building gets legal green light. (AP)

Minn. DFL party chair predicts demise of state, local political parties. (MPR)

EPA unveils new U.S. carbon limits, Minnesota Power says it’s ready to act. (Duluth)

Vilsack rolls out new conservation program. (AgriNews)

USDA orders farmers to report deadly pig virus cases. (AgWeek)

Consumer pressure leads Cargill to give pigs more room. (Strib)

Green Letter: Democrat spending why I voted ‘No’ on bonding. (Detroit Lakes)

Samuelson Letter (Radinovich-Ward): Lawmakers work hard. (Brainerd)

Letter (Nolan): Advertisement for Mills. (Brainerd)

Letter: The farmers have all left Minnesota’s DFL. (Duluth)

Torkelson-Dahms Column: Farmers hit too hard on taxes. (AgWeek)

Blog: [Analysis] Northern MN House races set for 2014. (MinnBrown)

Column (Franken-Dayton): Handicapping the 2014 Minnesota Republican chances. (TCDaily)

Column (Daudt-Banaian): Minnesota’s GOP minority ‘unimpressed’ with Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton’s ‘unsession’ (WashExam)

Editorial (Franken): You should know when apps are tracking you. (Park Rapids)

Editorial (Seifert-Dayton-Franken-Klobuchar): Beware candidates on mining – DFLer Dayton far too passive; GOP’s Seifert forgets his own history. (Virginia)

Editorial (Gruenhagen-Newman): Remember what DFLers did in 2013, not what they claim in 2014. (Glencoe)

Editorial (Franken-Otto-Nolan-et al): DFL, GOP avoid shooting themselves in the foot. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Ken Martin): What happened to dance with who brung you? (Virginia)

Editorial: [EPA Carbon Rule] Shock to state will be relieved given planning. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Hospital problems unrelenting. (Mankato-Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Franken-Dayton): Party rifts can’t be hidden. (Duluth-Worthington)