Outstate News (11-24-13)

Editorial: Obama needs to visit Corn Belt [regarding ethanol]. (Albert Lea)

Editorial (Bakk-Hausman-Knoblach-Dayton): Review Senate Building Deal. (Mankato)

Hausman/Bakk/Knoblach: New Senate building features: Natural light, reflecting pool, fitness room. (HotDish)

Paymar/Benson/Kieffer: Add another name to the list of legislative retirements. (HotDish)

DFL Rep. Michael Paymar will not seek re-election. (PIM)

Marquart/Skoe/Frans: Taxes time for Minnesota cities, counties. (ForumNews)

Downey/Dayton: Minnesota Democrats face property tax campaign issue. (ForumNews)

Anzelc proposes ballot initiative to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage. (PIM)

Faust/Anzelc/et al: Capitol Chatter: Group making gay marriage an election issue; Wage amendment planned; etc. (ForumNews)

Joan Growe endorses Steve Simon for Secretary of State. (PIM)

And Seifert makes 6. (Marshall)

Seifert ‘not afraid’ of a little competition. (Marshall)

Seifert aims to avoid repeat of ’10. (Marshall)

Seifert brings campaign for governor to Willmar. (Willmar)

Seifert announces candidacy for governor on GOP ticket. (New Ulm)

New governor candidate Seifert claims urban, rural experience. (ForumNews)

GOP’s Seifert makes it official: He’s running for governor. (MPR)

Seifert: 2nd shot for new GOP governor entrant. (AP)

It’s official: Marty Seifert launches second bid for governor’s office. (PIM)

Westrom considers Peterson job. (ForumNews)

Nolan: Stewart Mills, GOP congressional candidate, hits a beer bong. (CityPages)

Walz backs bill to guarantee same-sex couples’ access to veterans benefits. (Rochester)

Top House Democrat: Shutdown will be an issue in Kline and Paulsen’s districts. (MPR)

Bachmann: Obamacare rollout problems are ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ to smash liberalism. (MinnPost)

Franken open to delaying health care mandate if website problems persist. (MPR)

Franken: Focus needs to be on fixing health-care exchange website. (MinnPost)

Klobuchar, Franken pleased with Senate filibuster overhaul. (MinnPost)

Jobs Coalition poll finds Minnesotans breaking against Obamacare, away from Franken. (HotDish)

Franken, Dayton endorsed by Minnesota AFL-CIO. (PIM)

Klobuchar receives maritime industry award. (ForumNews)

Did Dayton pick ‘winners, losers’ with his health care decision? (MinnPost)

Ritchie proposes new election rules on ID, proof of address. (PIM)

Rukavina: Vikings’ new stadium won’t make much use of Minnesota iron ore. (AP)

Rukavina: Copper nickel mining debate divides Range. (KARE)

Who’s investing in copper-nickel mining on the Range? (KARE)

DNR proposes plan to stop spread of Asian carp. (Worthington)

Hormel, farm bill and more at Agri-Growth meeting. (AgriNews)

GMO: Label or no? (AgriNews)

EPA proposes to lower gallons of ethanol required in 2014. (Benson)

St. Cloud-based GNP Co. formerly Gold’n Plump, getting new owner. (Willmar)

Letter (Otto): Auditor’s mining stand a proper watchdog role. (Duluth)

Letter: LGA increase easing burden on cities. (New Ulm)

Davnie Column: Minnesota lawmakers delivered on property tax relief. (Duluth)

Klobuchar Column: Lessons learned from our farmers. (Morris)

Column: Can copper mining be done safely? Yes: Technology and regulations ensure protection of environment. (Duluth)

Column: Can copper mining be done safely? No: Even Wisconsin’s Flambeau mine demonstrates pollution is unavoidable. (Duluth)

Editorial: Tuition is too high. (MnDaily-Austin)

Editorial: What does filibuster rule mean outside of Washington? (New Ulm)