Outstate News (6-2-13)

Al, Franni Franken Are 1st-Time Grandparents. (AP)

Emmer/Krinkie/et al: Bachmann ‘confident’ in decision not to run. (ForumNews)

Michele Bachmann announces she will not run for re-election. (MinnPost)

Bachmann’s presidential ambitions might have cost her. (Rochester)

Bachmann announcement: DFL and GOP statements appear to be about two different people. (CityPages)

Where will all of Bachmann’s cash go? (MPR)

List: Republicans who may be interested in Bachmann’s job. (MPR)

Fact checkers mourn Bachmann’s departure from Congress. (MPR)

Reinert/Franken/Simonson/Thissen: Capitol Chatter: Bachmann promises she will remain active in government. (ForumNews)

With Bachmann not running, Jim Graves pulls out of 6th District race. (MinnPost)

Democrat drops out, says goal was to oust Bachmann. (AP)

Dahle/Frederickson: Legislative session good for agriculture. (AgriNews)

Swedzinski/Dahms: Legislators reflect on session. (Marshall)

Dahms, Torkelson review session. (New Ulm)

Skoe: Minn. lawmakers hope property tax help will stick. (AP)

Cohen: Minn. sinks $10 million into state’s film industry. (Moorhead)

Bakk/Dill: TIF legislation helps city taxpayers. (Ely)

Franken pushes back on GOP allegations about IRS. (MPR)

Al Franken Vs. the Unknown #MNSEN. (RollCall)

Franken: DFL-aligned group and McFadden square off over his business record. (MPR)

Klobuchar meets with local dairy farmers. (Red Wing)

Walz/Klobuchar: Walz confident that farm bill will pass in 2013. (Faribault)

Peterson: Farm bill ‘not out of the woods.’ (Moorhead)

After Bachmann shake-up, Peterson mum on future. (Marshall)

Norm Coleman sees big paydays from nonprofits. (MinnPost)

Dayton Press Secretary Katie Tinucci to run governor’s re-election campaign. (MinnPost)

Wright: DFL budgets invest in Minnesota’s future. (Hutchinson)

Jesse Ventura suggests he might make 2016 presidential bid. (AP)

More money: Cities to see boost in state aid next year, meaning funds for new projects or avoiding tax hikes. (Winona)

Child care providers go to court. (ForumNews)

Day care provider union bill could have local impact. (Glenwood)

New Minnesota solar law boost to fledgling industry. (AP)

Copper-nickel mining divides Ely residents. (MPR)

Minn. will host nation’s state legislators in ’14. (AP)

IP to push for the legalization of marijuana in Minnesota. (MPR)

Winter kills alfalfa across southern Minnesota. (AgriNews)

Locals disappointed that ‘Fargo’ will go to Canada. (AP)

Reinert Letter: Legislative session brought mixed results for Duluth. (Duluth)

Lien Letter: Minn. legislative session good for state and for District 4A. (Moorhead)

Letter (Franson-Metsa): Why shouldn’t people make livable wage? (Alexandria)

Letter (Anzelc-Saxhaug): Representation? (Brainerd)

Letter: Minnesota Court of Appeals tosses challenge to wolf hunting season. (Brainerd)

Gruenhagen Column: New legislation needed to resist gay agenda. (Litchfield)

Radinovich Column: Session adjourns with a balanced budget. (Aitkin)

Ruud Column: 2013 legislative session is defined by taxes. (Aitkin)

Brown Column: Minnesota must reduce the tax burden. (Mora)

Sparks Column: A balanced budget that addresses priorities. (Austin)

Kelly Column: ‘Tax the rich’ actually means tax everyone. (Red Wing)

Drazkowski Column: Government overreach spikes during final week. (Red Wing)

Bakk-Thissen-Dayton Column: Progress for Minnesota. (Winona)

Column (Metsa-Melin-Murphy-Daudt): Hypocrisy evident on lawmakers’ pay. (Duluth)

Column (Thissen): Legislature taxes and politics. (Mankato)

Column: High gas prices no fun, but indicate better times ahead. (Fergus Falls)

Column: Media mostly missing the real scandal in IRS brouhaha. (Timberjay)

Column: Michele Bachmann’s legacy: prototype of today’s post-fact politician. (MinnPost)

Editorial: Bachmann bows out. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Bachmann retirement could help in some ways. (Fairmont)

Editorial (Reinert): Sunday sales? We’re still talking about this? (Duluth)

Editorial (Bakk-Thissen-Dayton): Worried about an overreach? Well, that’s certainly what the DFL did. (Virginia)

Editorial (Bakk-Dill): Voters will decide results. (International Falls)

Editorial (Newman-Urdahl-Dayton): Most egregious of many bad bills coming out of 2013 Legislature. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Democrats go to extreme with day care union bill. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: High gas prices – Oil industry pads profits by rigging the supply of refined fuels. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Tomassoni-Metsa): What’s not clear to MnDOT? Bureaucrats keep talking westerly 53 option, while all officials on all levels say it’s dumb. (Virginia)

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