Outstate News (5-26-13)

Editorial: A productive session – After years of gimmicks, legislators provide real solutions. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Legislators get credit for leading. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: DFL Party spends political capital it earned in election. (ECM)

Editorial: DFLers did what they promised – There were 2 examples of overreach in session. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: DFL – missed goals. (Austin)

Editorial: DFL, labor win; leave businesses to pay tab. (Duluth)

Editorial: Forget tax slams; plenty of aid coming – Business, big projects did well this session. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Martin): Moving backward as government comes first. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Legislature: Vows kept, mistakes made. (Mankato)

Editorial: Done on time. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Timing still legislative problem. (Mankato)

Al Franken goes from top target to heavy favorite for Minnesota Senate. (Politico)

Poll: Franken favored for reelection. (PPP)

Franken seeks Home Care Consumer Bill of Rights. (Alexandria)

Franken: Senate rejects Shaheen sugar program amendment. (AgWeek)

Franken challenges Energy Department on gas prices. (Moorhead)

Klobuchar, Franken form US Attorney search panel. (AP)

U.S. House passes Kline student loan bill. (MinnPost)

Peter Waldron, Bachmann whistleblower, describes a campaign and candidate in distress. (MinnPost)

Rep. Dill’s health issues part of session. (Virginia)

Marquart/Melin/Metsa/Thompson: Lawmakers pump $485 million more into schools. (ForumNews)

Koenen/Sawatzky: School officials like state education bill. (Willmar)

Ward/Radinovich/Murphy: DFLers look at 2013 legislative session. (Brainerd)

Sawatzky/Hann/Murphy: DFL and GOP leaders express views of legislative action. (Willmar)

Hamilton/Weber: County officials have mixed feelings on Minnesota’s legislative session. (Worthington)

Hann/Thissen/Bakk/Simonson: DFL touts legislative actions. (Duluth)

Anzelc: Minnesota lawmakers raise taconite tax to help pay for Iron Range school construction. (Duluth)

Kahn/Ingebrigtsen: Process leads to Dayton outdoors funding vetoes. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Bakk/Daudt/Kelly: Democrats leave session with issues they still want to do. (ForumNews)

Daudt/Benson/Petersen/et al: Dems and Republicans differ on whether the session was a success. (ECM)

Thissen/Bakk/Daudt/Hann/et al: Capitol, floods, veterans, disaster bills end 2013 legislative session. (ForumNews)

Sieben/Marquart/Wiger: Minnesotans will feel legislative session impact. (ForumNews)

Lenczewski/Hamilton/et al: Farmers await clarity on how tax bill affects them. (ForumNews)

Nelson/Senjem/Norton/Kelliher: Legislature trashes tax break despite IBM’s pleas. (Rochester)

Liebling/Norton/Senjem/et al: Behind-the-scenes of DMC’s rollercoaster route to passage. (Rochester)

Ortman: Dayton signs law to move mentally ill offenders out of jail quicker. (CityPages)

Drazkowski: Grading the legislative session: C+ for DFL, but F on reform and bipartisanship. (MinnPost)

Faust: Pride returns to Pine City on June 2. (Pine City)

Lenczewski: Tax break could make Mall of America larger. (AP)

Gov. Dayton attends memorial for landslide victims on Friday. (AP)

Dayton signs solar energy standard. (AP)

Gov. Dayton vetoes part of Higher Education Bill, eliminates Teach for America funding. (MinnPost)

U president is pleased with the Legislature’s funding. (ECM)

Minnesotans who buy online soon will pay sales tax. (AP)

No state bonding for Luce Line, again. (Hutchinson)

Taxes prompt some wealthy to consider moving. (MPR-Bemidji)

Man behind gay marriage drive seen as ‘brilliant.’ (AP)

DL woman fights daycare union. (Detroit Lakes)

Day care provider union bill could have local impact. (Glenwood)

Winter kills alfalfa across southern Minnesota. (AgriNews)

Ag scholarships available through Syngeta. (Alexandria)

Local protesters rally against Monsanto. (Bemidji)

Letter: Democrats performed poorly. (Mora)

Klobuchar Column: Fighting for our veterans. (Worthington)

Klobuchar Column: Fighting metal theft in Minnesota. (Mora)

Poppe Column: Lawmakers did what voters elected them to do. (Austin)

Newman Column: Everyone in state pays more, gets less. (Glencoe-Hutchinson)

Gruenhagen Column: Unionization means higher costs. (Glencoe)

Petersburg Column: Last few weeks of Minnesota Legislative session bring disappointment. (Owatonna)

Benson Column: All Minnesotans will pay for DFL spending spree. (Rochester)

Kiscaden Column: Mayo will do its part, but community must pitch in, too. (Rochester)

Column: Misguided Legislature needs to do better. (Duluth-Faribault-St. Cloud)

Column: DFL ends session with balanced budget, investments in Minnesota’s future. (Little Falls)

Column: Rural Minnesota needs a new Homestead Act. (Litchfield)

Column: 2013 Legislature left some education issues undone. (ECM)

Editorial: Bringing education up to date. (Winona)

Editorial (Sparks-Koenen-Stumpf): Legislators shouldn’t defer to their constituents. (Rochester)

Editorial (Thies-Dornholt) There were few specific area gains this session – 14 of 15 legislators are in the minority party. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Not enough time in the [legislative] day. (Marshall)

Editorial: Hard to knock N.D. for targeting Minn. (Duluth-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Billboard itself is no big deal, just don’t mock Minnesota. (Crookston)

Editorial: Online tax levels the field. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: A good deal on frac sand. (Winona)

Editorial: Compromise won’t let critics shut down mining. (Fairmont)

Editorial: A hidden cost of sequestration. (Detroit Lakes)