Outstate News (5-19-13)

Editorial: More pain at the pump – just in time for road trips. (Worthington)

Hausman/Hamilton/Daudt/Carlson: Minnesota House defeats construction projects bill. (AP)

Swedzinski: House nixes bonding bill. (Marshall)

Poppe/Wagenius/Franson/Dill/et al: Outdoors, ag provisions include paint, bees and farmers. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Thissen/Franson: DFL infighting has minimum wage hike on life support. (CityPages)

Westrom: Loud union dispute joins legislative budget debate. (ForumNews)

Newman/Eaton/Bakk/et al: Senate legacy funds debate turns rural-urban. (ForumNews)

Minn. House backs nursing home pay hike. (AP)

Lourey/Huntley/Rosen/McNamar/et al: Budget funding elderly, disabled heads to governor. (ForumNews)

Dayton: Use cigarette, corporate taxes for stadium. (AP)

Dibble/Pratt: MNGOP Sen. Pratt: Gay marriage ceremony had nothing to do with move to lock Senate doors. (CityPages)

MNGOP Rep. Gruenhagen on climate change: “It’s just a complete United Nations fraud” (CityPages)

Zellers/Hann/Thompson/Rosen/et al: Republicans are already lining up to run for governor. (ECM)

Franken looks to restrain e-Verify errors in immigration reform. (MinnPost)

Sen. Franken Pushing to Reform Credit Rating Agencies. (NorthlandNewsCenter)

Franken wants board to monitor credit ratings firms. (MPR)

Franken, Walz introduce bipartisan legislation to tackle VA backlog. (ECM)

Klobuchar, Franken question gas prices. (Duluth)

Klobuchar says more women are needed in manufacturing industry. (Alexandria)

Rukavina: Nolan staff pledge support in job loss. (International Falls)

A preview of things to come: Republicans smack Rick Nolan on Keystone. (MinnPost)

FBI joins probe of Bachmann’s presidential campaign. (MinnPost)

Walz continues push for transparency. (Austin)

Rep. Tim Walz to speak at St. Peter Memorial Day program. (St. Peter)

Peterson: House Ag Committee approves farm bill. (AgWeek)

Dayton asks Senate to reject tax court appointee. (AP)

Delta plans to add jobs on Range. (Virginia)

Farmers were finally able to make significant planting progress. (Benson)

Steele County, Minnesota farmers making progress in the fields. (Owatonna)

Farmers: Recent damp weather is more bad news. (Austin)

Statewide planting average stalled by almost 50 percent. (Pipestone)

Newman Letter: Did not support vote to increase minimum wage. (Glencoe)

Gruenhagen Letter: Thoughts on passage of state’s gay marriage bill. (Glencoe)

Letter: McNamer’s same sex marriage vote. (Morris)

Letter: McNamer’s vote on same sex marriage is disappointing. (Morris)

Letter: Jay McNamer is out of touch. (Morris)

Letter (Ward-Radinovich): Thanks, Joe and John. (Brainerd)

Letter (Ward-Radinovich): Supports Joe, John. (Brainerd)

Letter (Ward-Radinovich): Courageous action. (Brainerd)

Letter: Miller’s misleading frac sand statement. (Winona)

Letter: Now is the time to fund Hwy. 23. (Marshall)

Savick Column: Investments are a priority at the Capitol. (Albert Lea)

McNamar Column: Budget will help students, communities and businesses. (Morris)

Westrom Column: The final week of session. (Morris)

Column: Klobuchar needs help to promote STEM education. (Rochester)

Krinkie Column: Minnesota commits another stadium error. (Grand Forks)

Column: High-profit food companies target sugar farmers. (Crookston)

Column: Economic tools will boost Greater MN. (Pine City)

Column: What will happen at the legislature still unknown. (Glenwood)

Column: Gay marriage law doesn’t affect most folks. (Fergus Falls-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Marriage equality – A step forward for many Minnesota families. (Timberjay)

Editorial: In Minnesota all are now equal under the law. (St. Peter)

Editorial (Dornholt-Gottwalt-et al): Equality is spreading in Minnesota – Too many from area tried to block progress. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Nolan steps up to the plate. (Ely)

Editorial: DFL erred by pursuing party-line approach. (Grand Forks)

Editorial (Falk-Gruenhagen-Martin): Bigger budget, big changes. (Hutchinson)

Editorial: Dayton shouldn’t oppose a gas tax increase. (Rochester)

Editorial: Minnesota governor shows true colors with tobacco tax. (Owatonna)

Editorial (Davids): What happened to restraint, DFL? (Duluth)

Editorial: We won’t regret these not passing [Unionization-Min Wage]. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Dayton-Klobuchar-Franken-Nolan): Self-righteous, sanctimonious B.S. from MCEA. (Virginia)

Editorial: Costs of health-care reform will be borne by counties and states. (Duluth)