Outstate News (4-28-13)

Column (Bakk/Thissen): Will Minnesota lawmakers stomach alcohol tax? (Strib)

Zellers: Minnesota legislator scolded for Leinie’s rip. (Winona)

Lenczewski/Bakk: Minnesota bars, brewers blast booze tax proposal. (MPR)

Kiel/Marqurt/Murphy/Hamilton/Anderson/Thissen: Legislature: Rural Minnesota: ‘Left behind’ or a priority? (ForumNews)

Bly/Dahle/Hortman: Farm families watching Buy the Farm legislation. (AgriNews)

Hann/Thompson/Rosen/Zellers/et al: Capitol Chatter: GOP governor ballot for could be crowded. (ForumNews)

Zellers/Hann/Thompson/Rosen: Gubernatorial race touched off by Republican businessman. (ECM)

Petersen/Thissen: New conservative lobby pushes for gay marriage. (AP)

Weber/Swedzinski: Neither version of tax bill sits well with GOP. (Marshall)

Tax proposal is ‘too high,’ says Dahms. (Redwood Falls)

Anzelc/Simonson/Franson/Lenczewski/Davids/et al: Minnesota House approves tax plan. (ForumNews)

Newberger/Lenczewski/Uglem/Benson/et.al: House passes tax bill that raises taxes, eliminates deficit and repays schools. (ECM)

Skoe/Rest/Hann/Murphy/Ortman: Three tax routes face Minnesota lawmakers. (ForumNews)

Atkins/Falk/Dill/Drazkowski: Rural concerns raised over hospital staffing. (ForumNews)

Erhardt: Rochester has taken lumps during DMC debate. (Rochester)

Lesch/Norton/Scott/Liebling: House bill allows some DMC donor information to stay private. (Rochester)

Petersburg/Hornstein: House Transportation bill does not fund Highway 14 expansion. (Owatonna)

Huntley/Abeler: Minnesota dentists want higher reimbursement for public patients. (ECM)

Gunther/Rosen/Daudt/Paulsen: Fairmont grad leads College Republicans. (Fairmont)

Franken meets teacher of the year. (KUDZ)

Franken supports immigration reform. (AgriNews)

Franken: E-Verify ID check ‘isn’t ready for prime time’ (MPR)

Bachmann/Franken: Hundreds attend anti-tax rally at Minnesota Capitol. (AP)

Walz/Peterson/Franken: Efforts launched in Congress to help next generation of farmers. (AgWeek)

Surprise! Michele Bachmann’s attorney blames media for Iowa ethics scandal. (CityPages)

Gov. asks Obama for Minn. disaster declaration. (AP)

Gov. Dayton next public forum is Monday in Shakopee. (MinnPost)

Dayton’s approval rating much higher than Legislature’s, says KSTP poll. (MinnPost)

State commissioners Jesson, Cassellius visit Bemidji to discuss education, health and human services funding. (Bemidji)

Bates: Increased education funding a welcome change from years of ‘doom and gloom.’ (Crookston)

Northland anglers, bait shop owners concerned about new minnow-harvesting ban. (Duluth)

Chickens find a coop in Hutchinson. (Hutchinson)

Hamilton Letter: I’m fighting for long-term care facilities, nursing homes. (Worthington)

Letter (Bakk): Democrats tax us to cover their pay raise. (Duluth)

Sparks Column: Major legislation wins bipartisan support. (Albert Lea)

McNamar Column: Three bills will have big impacts on community. (Morris)

Westrom Column: Senate DFL’s Omnibus Transportation Finance Bill will mean everyone pays more. (Morris)

Kelly Column: Get government out of the marriage business. (Red Wing)

Column: Welcome back, American Crystal employees. (AgWeek)

Column: Historic LGA deal will strengthen our communities. (Worthington)

Column (Lenczewski): State Legislature moves to Planet Bizarro. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Morgan): Uninformed vote shortchanges Minnesota. (Duluth)

Editorial (Bakk): More taxes for more spending? This again? (Fairmont)

Editorial: Senate DFL reaching deeper for taxes. (New Ulm)

Editorial: If state must tax more, lines need to be drawn. (Marshall)

Editorial: Is there merit with state fee increases? (St. Cloud)

Editorial: DFLers are robbing the people to pay St. Paul. (Owatonna)

Editorial (Gruenhagen-Frans): State’s issues are myriad and complex. (Glencoe)

Editorial: LGA plan is good deal for rural Minn. (Willmar)

Editorial: Rochester shouldn’t renege on $5 million deal. (Rochester)

Editorial: Give e-gaming a chance to finds its footing. (Rochester)

Editorial: A fair [legislative salary] increase. (Austin)

Editorial: Education funding – Finally some good news from St. Paul. (Timberjay)

Editorial: MnDOT sales mission should be safety first. (Mankato)

Editorial: Online tax is fair. (Austin)

Editorial: Closing sales tax loophole a good idea. (Fergus Falls)