Outstate News (3-17-13)

Radinovich/Juhnke: Bill Aims To Back State Off On Chili Cook-Offs. (AP)

Sparks, Poppe support latest budget plan. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Bakk/Hann/Daudt: Governor’s revised budget less bold and less controversial. (ECM)

Torkelson: Dayton’s revised budget offers better out-state LGA distribution. (New Ulm)

Thissen/Seiben/Bakk/Daudt: Dayton-Senate DFL ‘switcheroo’? Lawmakers may consider some of his dropped sales-tax provisions. (MinnPost)

Saxhaug: Forestry issues heading to state Capitol. (Bemidji)

Now in the minority, Rep. Davids criticizes Democratic colleagues. (ECM)

Down-home Minnesota quotes from John Persell. (Bemidji)

MNGOP Rep. Mary Franson, through tears, says: “Democrats are just destroying this state”. (CityPages)

Juhnke/Faust/Erickson/Poppe/PetersburgWagenius/Kresha/Hamilton: Ag funding bills fails to advance in policy committee. (AgriNews)

Bly/Hamilton/Anderson: Many proposals for spending AGRI fund dollars. (AgriNews)

Eaton/Benson: Wolf hunting moratorium advances. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Liebling: Minnesota’s proposed nurse staffing legislation scaled back. (AP)

Atkins/Franson/Lourey/Daudt/Abeler/Hann: Proponents see healthful step forward. (Red Wing)

Dahms: Mental health advocates have their say at the state Capitol. (Marshall)

Latz/Ortman/Limmer/Hilstrom: Senate panel passes gun bill. (ForumNews)

Chamberlain/Dahle: Bill would end Minnesota’s high school graduation tests. (AP)

Senator Al Franken introduces a bill to make cell phone transferring easier. (WDAY)

Franken bill would restore tax incentives for volunteer firefighters. (Winona)

Franken/Klobuchar: Senators Ask STB to Back [Rail] Shippers. (ECT)

Sen. Franken wins victory in ongoing fight to end dropped calls in Greater Minnesota. (ECM)

Franken: Eh? Poetry contest for military family members. (Duluth)

Nolan/Franken/Klobuchar/Rukavina: ‘EPA not Anti-Mining’. (Virginia)

Nolan supports Historic Veterans Art Project. (Little Falls)

Kline under fire over fundraiser for scandal-plagued Tennessee congressman. (HotDish)

Kline/Peterson: Republicans reject mininum wage push on Kline jobs bill. (HotDish)

Bachmann/Franken: Is Senate run in Michele Bachmann’s future? (St. Cloud)

After keeping a low profile, Bachmann re-emerges at CPAC. (MPR)

Bachmann at CPAC: ‘We do it because we love. We do it because we care.’ (MinnPost)

Michele Bachmann says bloggers are a “miracle” and “where it’s at!” during CPAC speech. (CityPages)

Low-profile Bachmann homes in on Minnesota road projects. (HotDish)

Amy Koch to appear at MinnRoast; will she be “gently skewered” about Brodkorb? (CityPages)

Michael Brodkorb pleads guilty to DUI, says he “should be dead” (CityPages)

Constitution key for local Tea Party members, Republicans. (Bemidji)

Local officials make pitch for trail bonding money. (Detroit Lakes)

Snowbird tax faces opposition. (Rochester)

DNR counts wolves in Minnesota. (ForumNews)

DNR seeks public input on new Lake Vermilion park. (AP)

Meat inspector furloughs coming in July. (AgWeek)

Federal legislation would ban slaughter of US horses. (AgWeek)

St. Patrick’s Day recipes for the Irish lads and lassies. (HTF)

Johnson Letter: Working on Highway 14. (New Ulm)

Schomacker Letter: Health care exchange does more harm than good. (Worthington)

Letter: Klobuchar misreads 2nd Amendment. (Pine City)

Letter: Let’s invest in our child care providers. (Bemidji)

Sparks Column: Busy week for lawmaking and constituents. (Albert Lea)

Ingebrigtsen Column: Healthcare exchange bill limits choices. (Alexandria)

Newman Column: Insurance exchange bill flawed. (Glencoe)

Franken Column: Wrestling should remain an Olympic sport. (PineJournal)

Column: Secretary of State Ritchie proposes changes in election laws. (Brainerd)

Column: Legislature must pass Senate File 786 to protect rural communities from frac sand rush. (Preston)

Column: Powerline battle came to Pope County 35 years ago. (Glenwood)

Column: Trip to Washington opens eyes on how country is run. (AgriNews)

Column: Time article gets to the root of the problem on health care [costs]. (Timberjay)

Column: HSUS aims to end animal ag. (AgWeek)

Editorial: Want more stadium revenue from electronic pull tabs? Good luck with that. (Crookston)

Editorial: Dayton’s step back on taxes is a step in the right direction. (Austin)

Editorial: Dayton’s move a step in the right direction; we’ll take it. (Marshall)

Editorial: Dayton right to drop taxes. (International Falls)

Editorial: MN tax reform is still needed. (Strib-Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Dayton holds to tax the rich plan. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Is Dayton giving up on tax reform? (New Ulm)

Editorial: Take same-sex marriage issue to public. (Worthington)

Editorial: Let Minnesotans vote on marriage for same-sex couples. (Duluth)

Editorial: Don’t discount importance of the farm. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Early voting makes active democracy easier. (Mankato)

Editorial: State official pay raise – is time ever right? (New Ulm)

Editorial: State pay hikes need rethinking. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Destination Medical Center adds up to a solid investment. (Rochester)

Editorial: Dems must negotiate on entitlements. (Mankato)

Editorial (Nolan): EPA needs public criticism. (Virginia)

Editorial Cartoon: New TSA Regulations. (Rochester-Houston, TX)