Outstate News (3-10-13)

Column (Urdahl-Newman): Democrats spring gay marriage trap. (Litchfield)

Simon/Lesch/Thissen/Bakk/Petersen/Clark/Marty: Political boomerang: GOP’s defeated amendment put same-sex marriage on fast track. (MinnPost)

Head of college Republicans endorses same-sex marriage. (HotDish)

Dibble/Clark: Gay marriage opponents waved bizarre signs during yesterday’s Capitol rally. (CityPages)

Beard/Keil/Clark/Dibble: GOP: Gay marriage debate should not be priority. (ForumNews)

Anzelc/Bakk/Melin/Reinert/et.al: Range Legislators: Purple Caucus not really necessary. (Virginia)

Atkins/Falk/Dill/Drazkowski: Rural concerns raised over hospital minimum staffing. (ForumNews)

Lourey/Hann: Senate approves health care bill. (AP)

Ward/Ruud/Gazelka; Lawmakers disagree on health insurance exchange bill. (Brainerd)

Murphy/Halverson/Benson/Woodard: GOP legislators hope to change health-exchange bill in conference. (MInnPost)

Dahms sees holes in health insurance exchange. (New Ulm-Marshall)

MNGOP Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen: Gov’t is paying minority men to impregnate women. (CityPages)

Sawatzky/Radinovich/Thissen: Dayton prepares new budget plan without business tax. (ForumNews)

Dahms/Koenen: Politicians see governor pulling back on taxes as a good thing. (Marshall)

Thissen/Rosen/Hann: Lawmakers pleased with Dayton’s changes to budget plan. (MinnPost)

Sheran/Bryneart/Johnson: Legislators seek suggestions for reworking state taxes. (Mankato)

Rep. Kresha reflects on fast-paced session’s top issues. (Little Falls)

Phyllis Kahn and Dean Urdahl want Minnesota to invest in the movie business. (CityPages)

Urdahl takes on parents’ coach complaints. (Hutchinson)

Thissen/Daudt: Panel recommends pay increases for Minn. government leaders. (AP)

Sparks: Farm Bureau members Meet with Legislators. (Preston)

Clark: Johnson, Cohen re-elected to university board. (ForumNews)

Franken still pushing mental health parity. (Mankato)

Health Notes: Arthritis Foundation honors Franken. (Duluth)

Franken: Duluth Mail Processing Facility Gets Temporary Reprieve. (NorthlandNews)

Franken: Poetry contest open to Minn. military children. (Winona)

Franken/Dayton/Johnson/Paulsen/Kline: Coleman out of 2014 campaigns. (ForumNews)

Obama Gridiron riff on Klobuchar: Franken ‘second-funniest’ Minnesota senator. (HotDish)

Klobuchar: Minn. senator targets metal thefts. (St. Cloud)

Rep. Nolan urges EPA to amend haze timeline. (Virginia)

Dayton ready to drop Minn. sales tax overhaul. (AP)

Mark Dayton doesn’t want to raise minimum wage as much as bill advancing in House would. (CityPages)

Jungbauer/Downey: Forum scheduled for GOP party chair candidates. (MinnPost)

Poll: Most Minnesotans want way for illegals to become legal. (Strib-Albert Lea)

The Local Foods Project – growing good food near home. (HTF)

Kelly Letter: Be part of a silica sand mining legislative solution. (Red Wing)

Hamilton Letter: State’s economy continues to improve. (Worthington)

Gruenhagen Letter: Minnesota’s economy on the mend. (Hutchinson)

Letter (Hann): Where is the Republican Plan? (New Ulm)

Letter: Minimum wage increase would have many benefits. (Worthington)

Savick Column: Raising minimum wage increases profits. (Albert Lea)

Koenen Column: A permanent budget solution is needed Minnesota. (Granite Falls)

Weber Column: Relief for long-term care workers. (Jackson)

Newman Column: Let us not unravel state budget progress with more state taxes. (Glencoe)

Franken Column: Wrestling should remain an Olympic sport. (Worthington)

Walz Column: Keeping our commitment to our veterans. (WasecaCoNews)

Column (Walz-Peterson): Federal ‘Sodsaver’ would protect prairies. (Red Wing)

Column: February Forecast Bolsters Need for Revenue. (Aitkin)

Editorial (Kahn-Dettmer-Bernardy-Wills): Veterans’ concerns getting overdue hearing from state Legislature. (Little Falls)

Editorial (Latz-Hilstrom-Paymar): An opening for gun compromise. (Mankato)

Editorial (Hilstrom-Cornish): Dueling gun bills. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Ward-Radinovich-Ruud): District 10: Legislators team up for constituents. (Brainerd)

Editorial: No room for red tape in sand mining. (St. Cloud-Albert Lea)

Editorial: No new gas tax needed. (Fairmont)

Editorial: On same-sex marriage, gun-control, the voting blocks have changed. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Get tough on antibiotics given to livestock. (Mankato)

Editorial: Dayton drops business to business tax plan. (New Ulm)

Editorial (Reinert-Miller): Purple fits Minnesota for more than one reason. (Winona)