Outstate News (2-3-13)

Endorsement: Dorsher best suited for 14A seat. (St. Cloud)

Dayton-Bakk-Thissen Column: Time to move Minnesota forward together. (Jackson)

Column: Dayton’s tax plan is a major leap forward. (Granite Falls)

Column: May not be best time for tax plan. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial (Bakk): Dayton’s budget deserves close look. (International Falls)

Editorial: Dayton targets revenue but not costs. (Detroit Lakes-Grand Forks)

Editorial: Admire Dayton’s efforts, but more spending, more taxes not answer. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Lawmakers should reform tax reform plan. (Fairmont)

Editorial: Governor’s proposal is just a starting point…Who dares to touch the third rail? (Glenwood)

Eken/Daudt/Stumpf/Anderson/Koenen/Faust: Lawmakers wonder about Dayton budget’s rural impact. (ForumNews)

Wagenius/Poppe/Torkelson/Hamilton: Ag chairwomen take action to give farmers bigger committee voice. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Thompson: Dayton defends his budget plan, ready for a post-session re-election run. (MinnPost)

Urdahl/Newman: Dayton’s service tax irks businesses. (Litchfield)

Marquart: Dayton plan gets an ‘F’ from DL [school] district. (Detroit Lakes)

Hann: Hutchinson residents saw Dayton’s plan early. (Hutchinson)

Faust/Latz/Clausen/Cornish/Sheran/et al: Minnesota lawmakers ready for gun debate. (ForumNews)

Lenczewski/Davids/Norton: Key state lawmaker: Destination Medical Center ‘unlikely to ever happen’ (Rochester)

Swedzinski/Falk/Lourey: Rep. wants exchange group to have more accountability. (Marshall)

Simon/O’Driscoll/Winkler: First election-change bill would offer ‘no-excuse’ absentee voting. (MinnPost)

Simon/Daudt: Minn. considers small step toward earlier voting. (AP)

Nelson/Thompson: After initial LGA bump, cities’ state aid could vary under Dayton budget plan. (ForumNews)

Saxhaug: Crowd tells senator arts funding makes a difference. (Bemidji)

Stumpf/Hausman: $109 million state Capitol renovation project proposed. (ForumNews)

DFL Rep. Tina Liebling introduces bill to ban smoking in some private homes. (CityPages)

Klobuchar making strides. (Austin)

Klobuchar looks to increase visas as part of immigration reform. (MinnPost)

Franken talks education with veterans. (Hastings)

Franken introduces student mental health bill. (MinnPost)

Franken starts year with $1.3 million cushion and no clear challenger. (Strib)

Peterson/Franken/Klobuchar/Cornish: Obama to land in state not in lock-step with his gun control plan. (ForumNews)

Franken/Nolan/Dayton: Martin re-elected state DFL chairman. (AP)

Nolan adds former State Rep. Al Doty to his congressional staff. (Little Falls)

Dayton: Minnesota eyes long-ignored sales tax on services. (Duluth)

Dayton speaks to the media during Minnesota Newspaper Association convention. (ECM)

Cassellius: Commissioner visits GSL. (Glencoe)

Minn. Senate Oks 2 more Dayton cabinet picks. (AP)

State DFL hires Ellen Perrault as communications director. (MinnPost)

Minnesota GOP insiders wonder where they go from here. (MinnPost)

Andy Parrish: “The Republican Party is an absolute disaster” (CityPages)

A draft Tom Emmer for Governor in 2014 movement exists. (CityPages)

Minnesota marriage amendment fight cost us $18 million we didn’t need to spend. (CityPages)

Minnesota on track to meet renewable energy standards. (Alexandria)

Minnesota Power to convert coal plant to gas. (Duluth)

Opponents criticize hunting season on wolves. (Bemidji)

Protesters on both sides of gun debate brave a cold Duluth day to speak out. (Duluth)

Newman Letter: Here’s what is in governor’s budget proposal. (Glencoe)

Letter: My thoughts on the recent visit to Ely by Senator Franken. (Ely)

Letter (Poppe-Kresha): Is the DFL really for helping farmers? (Little Falls)

Letter: Reforms helped pension systems. (Albert Lea)

Sparks Column: Improving rural Minn. through broadband. (Albert Lea)

Hann Column: Dayton plans new taxes on Minn. families. (Albert Lea)

Miller Column: Taxes and spending: The state giveth; the state taketh away. (Winona)

Bradley Column: Learn from the disabled — and those who care for them. (Rochester)

Nelson Column: Little cigars are a big problem in Minnesota. (Rochester)

Column: I’m Just Sayin’ – Gun salesman of the year: Barack Obama. (Alexandria)

Column: The real Humane Society of the United States. (Jackson)

Column (Rukavina-Franken): Differing maps create confusion in land exchange debate. (Timberjay)

Column (Peterson): The end of the Farm Bill? (Hutchinson)

Column: Gun control does not work. (Redwood Falls)

Cartoon: Ramirez cartoon on homicide weapons. (Willmar)

Column: Compared to the ‘good ole days,’ income tax rates are better now. (Glenwood)

Editorial Norton-Senjem): Keep politics out of election law change. (Fergus Falls-Rochester)

Editorial: Legislators: Gun law changes needed, but tread lightly. (Marshall)

Editorial: Isn’t it ironic? Shortfall in electronic pulltabs to fund stadium. (Glencoe)

Editorial: Minnesota will win with Destination Medical Center. (Rochester)

Editorial: Urge legislators to pass cat-dog breeding bill. (St. Joseph)

Editorial: Where are Nolan, Klobuchar, Franken on a land swap? (Virginia)