Outstate News (1-26-13)

Editorial: Gov. Dayton’s budget – It’s a sound proposal that deserves legislative support. (Timberjay)

Editorial: [Dayton Budget] Republicans, Democrats both seem wrongheaded. (Fairmont)

Editorial (Marquart-Thissen): Dayton plan not for faint of heart. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Budget battle begins. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Both taxes deserve our attention – Fees on clothing, Web seem reasonable. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Who will pay the tab for ‘lower’ sales tax? (Rochester)

Eken/Daudt/Anderson/Koenen/Sertich: Rural budget impact: good or bad? (ForumNews)

Shoe/Hann/Bakk/Sertich: Questions remain about Gov. Dayton’s tax plan impact. (ForumNews)

Bakk/Gazelka/Kresha/Thissen: Dayton’s budget proposal cuts tax rate; includes first-ever sales tax on clothing, services in Minnesota. (ECM)

Dahms/Koenen: Sen. Dahms: Dayton spending plan misses the mark on education equity. (Marshall)

Hamilton: Businesses worry about Dayton tax plan’s effects. (ForumNews)

Torkelson/Dahms/Klobuchar: Dahms calls for rural coalitions in St. Paul. (New Ulm)

Atkins: Crystal union supporters join anti-lockout bill debate. (ForumNews)

Dibble/Senjem/Bishop: Lawmaker wants bust of Harry Blackmun in Capitol. (Rochester)

Wagenius/Dill/Poppe/Sparks: Tough issues looming in ag and natural resources. (ECM)

Holberg/Lesch/Cornish: Lawmakers to weigh in on license plate readers. (AP)

Erickson introduces bills tackling issues at Mille Lacs Lake. (Aitkin)

Ruud named to Great Lakes Commission. (Brainerd)

Amy Koch reviews her ‘bad year,’ hits back at GOP critics. (MinnPost)

Koch: Fired Senate staffer critically injured in crash. (AP)

Koch: Family says fired Senate staffer improving after crash. (AP)

Klobuchar, Franken accept — diplomatically — modest filibuster change. (MinnPost)

Rep. Nolan receives subcommittee assignments. (Duluth)

Poll: Franken looking strong in 2014 Senate re-election bid. (PPP)

Poll: Dayton leads every potential Republican candidate. (PPP)

Swanson: State sues wind energy developer. (ForumNews)

Gov. Dayton appoints Austin’s Susan Olson to outdoor council. (Austin)

Dayton: Tax reform is the difficult route. (Albert Lea-Austin)

Gov. Dayton: No money for high-speed rail lines. (AP)

Landwehr: DNR identifies ex-worker who accessed data. (AP)

Minnesota native McDonough no stranger to Obama’s inner circle. (AP)

Obama letter to be part of Ely time capsule. (Ely)

Study: Investing more in ag research would increase efficiency, productivity. (AgWeek)

Shortchanging ag research? (ForumNews)

Letter (Wagenius-Ward-Radinovich-et al): They should ditch the ‘F’ in DFL. (Aitkin

Letter (Kelly): DFL acronym no longer includes farmers. (Red Wing)

Letter (Savick-Hamilton): House is helping agriculture issues. (Albert Lea)

Poppe Column: Respectful debate needed as state leaders discuss issues. (Austin – Rochester)

Kelly Column: Capitol has diminshed rural priorities. (Red Wing)

Drazkowski Column: Dayton’s magic act will make your money disappear. (Rochester)

Krinkie Column: GOP offers a better way to balance budget. (Detroit Lakes – Morris)

Column: Ask your local lawmakers to support the U of M. (Morris)

Column: Greater Minnesota must be a priority. (Bemidji)

Editorial (Hamilton-Hortman-Wagenius): Keep an eye out for rural interests. (Mankato)

Editorial: JOBZ replacement would be sound government. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: State databases must be secured. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Education top priority in 2013. (ECM)

Editorial: Higher tobacco taxes are win-win for Minnesota. (Rochester)

Editorial: DFL errs in closing 14A convention. (St. Cloud)