Outstate News (12-8-12)

Hortman/Juhnke/Aaron Peterson/Franken: Celebrating state’s tallest towers. (Worthington)

Thissen/Bakk/Daudt/Hann: State projects $1.1 billion budget deficit. (AP)

Urdahl/Anderson/Koenen: Reaction mixed from west central Minnesota lawmakers to revenue projection. (Willmar)

Ingebritsen/Nornes: Reps: Cutting deficit doable. (Fergus Falls)

Daudt/Thissen: Capitol Chatter: Lanning says e-pull tabs will fund stadium. (ForumNews)

Huntley/Lourey: Methadone may come under closer supervision. (ForumNews)

Murphy: State works to prepare health care exchange by October. (ForumNews)

Fritz/Petersburg/Jensen: Steele County Legislators await committee assignments. (Faribault)

Thissen/Bakk/Daudt/Hann: Dayton, legislative leaders to meet the press. (ForumNews)

Dayton/Franken: Rosen may look at higher office. (MPR)

3 Things Ashley Judd Can Learn From Al Franken. (Care2)

Franken battles smartphone ‘stalker apps’. (HotDish)

Franken Bill Would Outlaw Stalking Apps. (WCCO)

Franken: Location-Tracking Apps Would Need Permission in U.S. Bill. (BusinessWeek)

Senator Al Franken revives debate on privacy act requiring user consent for location sharing. (Verge)

Franken: 2013 Farm Bill Has Yet To Be Finalized. (KEYC)

Duffy, Franken Weigh In on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations. (WDIO)

Peterson: Farm bill closer to inclusion in fiscal cliff legislation. (AgWeek)

Klobuchar reminds Senate that “the stakes are high for Minnesota” with farm bill. (CityPages)

Klobuchar/Paulsen/Dayton: Federal budget talks weigh on important Minnesota issues. (Rochester-MPR)

Walz, Klobuchar, Franken push to expand program. (Winona)

Bachmann pays down most presidential campaign debt. (MinnPost)

Dayton/Otto/Swanson/Ritchie: Mining exploration leases delayed again. (Grand Rapids-Virginia)

Mineral lease sale delayed; Gov. scolds DNR officials. (MPR)

Mark Dayton says he’s against easing marijuana laws. (CityPages)

Dayton: Don’t be surprised if I try to tax wealthy. (AP)

Dayton to push domestic partner benefit. (AP)

Obituary: Loved ones remember DFL activist Nolan as a fighter. (St. Cloud)

Ken Martin says he’ll seek a second term as DFL Party chair. (MinnPost)

Minn. Republicans looking ahead after 2012 losses. (AP)

Moose Lake sales tax proposal to be sent to Legislature. (Moose Lake)

Locked out union members make case outside Crystal shareholders meeting. (Crookston)

Crystal CEO Berg says company is still willing to negotiate with locked-out workers. (AP)

Crystal’s profits drop by 32 percent but still near record high. (AgWeek)

Twin Metals ups estimate by 19% for copper, nickel and palladium. (Ely)

Benefits of dam’s removal will reach all the way to Mississippi River. (Willmar)

Minnesota project awarded Energy Department grant to develop energy technology solution. (Grand Rapids)

Letter: Sieben, Bakk will bring Senate back to prominence. (Duluth)

Letter: Rep. Peterson, staff responsive to business needs. (Glencoe)

Letter: Wind is a Minnesota industry. (Worthington)

Klobuchar Column: Small changes can make a big difference. (Grand Rapids)

Benson Column: Positive revenue report negates claim for tax increase. (Rochester)

Miller Column: High-speed rail needs attention from the Legislature. (Winona)

Column (Ritchie-Kiffmeyer): ‘Early voting’ is inferior to what we already have. (Bemidji)

Column: How does Minnesota compare as a well-run state? (Alexandria)

Column: Changing office spaces at St. Paul points to the problem. (Glenwood)

Column: Country needs a solid plan. (Fergus Falls)

Column: TV closed captioning aids reading skills. (Hutchinson)

Editorial: The farm bill needs attention from all of us. (ECM)

Editorial: Many issues bubble under booming [farm] land values. (Rochester)

Editorial: As smaller deficit looms, it’s time for politicians to make hay. (Marshall)

Editorial: State must budget without gimmicks. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Get serious with budgets. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Good, bad news in state budget forecast. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Minnesota legislature grapples with $1.1 billion 2014-15 biennium. (Brainerd)

Editorial: First Amendment zones are foolish. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Stadium forecast sours. (Austin)

Editorial: Ties to Washington will hurt states, people. (Fairmont)

Editorial: ‘Fiscal cliff’ should be no surprise after 2012 election. (Virginia)

Editorial: Unfortunately, we’re in for a real ‘cliff’hanger. (Marshall)

Editorial: DC work must get done. (Worthington)

Editorial: Compromise or quit, politicians. (Crookston)

Editorial: Minnesota needs stricter regulations on methadone treatment. (Crookston)

Editorial: Tax reform should be smart reform. (Mankato)

Editorial: Crystal union says ‘no’ again. (Moorhead)

Editorial (Klobuchar): Time to reform Senate filibuster rules. (New Ulm)