Outstate News (12-1-12)

Editorial: The DFL opportunity – Time to enact a fairer tax system in Minnesota. (Timberjay)

Koch/Sviggum: Minnesota Senate gets another legal bill in Brodkorb case. (MinnPost)

Skoe/Peterson/Klobuchar: Red Lake dependable Democratic. (ForumNews)

2013 Minnesota Senate DFL committee assignments. (SenateInfoFB)

Dahle still winner after Minnesota Senate 20 race recount. (Faribault)

Franson wins two-day recount. (ForumNews)

Murphy: Two years in, Obamacare still complex, uncertain. (ForumNews)

Dibble: Group urges Dayton to raise gas tax, tab fees. (AP)

Majority Leader-elect Bakk: “Some real liberal constituencies” pushing marriage equality bill. (CityPages)

Bakk: ‘Other things to do’ than gay marriage. (MinnPost)

Pollard: Forget the forecast scramble. (HotDish)

Sen. Franken says fiscal cliff deal needs to include comprehensive farm bill. (ECM)

Franken speaks at MFU banquet. (AgriNews)

Sen. Franken disappointed that bill to protect Minnesota’s outdoor heritage blocked. (Grand Rapids)

Senator Al Franken pays a visit. (Elk River)

Franken Backs New Plan To Prevent Spread Of Asian Carp. (KDAL)

Franken’s seat leans Democratic for 2014. (MPR)

Al Franken sometimes can’t resist. (WashPost)

Franken/Klobuchar: Minnesota Democrats honor Wellstones at D.C. reception. (MinnPost)

Klobuchar, Franken cheer potential filibuster reform. (MinnPost)

Nolan hires campaign manager as chief of staff. (MPR)

[Doug] Peterson calls for action to end hunger. (AgriNews)

Union’s vote today could end American Crystal lockout. (Moorhead)

Lawsuit: Minn. improperly pays for abortions. (AP)

Research shows GMO foods are safe. (AgWeek)

ND farmland cracks $10,000 per acre. (AgWeek)

American farmers clarify where the money from higher food prices goes. (Sleepy Eye)

Letter: Peterson’s work saves Minnesota jobs. (Grand Forks)

Letter: Klobuchar and Franken are ducking their responsibilities. (Rochester)

Heitkamp Column: Pushing the priorities. (AgWeek)

Column: GOP needs to get with the program. (Fergus Falls)

Column: It’s a slope, not a cliff, and don’t let the media tell you otherwise. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Norquist’s loss of followers is a good thing. (Rochester)

Editorial: Pledge stands in way of country’s needs. (Mankato)

Editorial: Cracks arise in anti-tax pledge near fiscal cliff. (Albert Lea-St. Cloud)

Editorial: Pledge cracking. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Time to fix state’s guardianship law. (Detroit Lakes)

Editorial: Keep math standards for students. (Austin)

Editorial: Time to plan for climate change. (Austin)

Editorial: Filibuster rules need change. (Owatonna-Mankato)

Editorial: School lunch: Not one-size-fits-all. (Redwood Falls)