Outstate News (11-12-12)

Howes/Hann/Daley: While GOP leaders defend amendments, some losing candidates disagree. (MinnPost)

11 ex-legislators successfully fight their way back to the Capitol. (MinnPost)

Severson/Bakk/Zellers/Thissen/Hayden: Minnesota lawmakers see power flip again after election. (ForumNews)

Norton/Howe/Senjem/et al: Notebook: Legislative leadership changes follow after election results. (Rochester)

Zellers/Bakk/Dean/Thissen/et.al: Democrats, Republicans begin process of shifting power in state legislature. (ECM)

Juhnke/Solberg/Vickerman/et.al: DFL majorities pick their leaders. (PIM)

Thompson/Zellers/Mariani/Franken/Hann/Langseth/Seiben: Election Notebook – GOP lacked campaign funds. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Bakk/Zellers: Minn. Dems step gingerly around Dayton tax plan. (AP)

[New MN House members] Looking over their new digs. (ForumNews)

Thissen/Bakk/Seiben/Marquart/Murphy: Governor race rivals to hold three key state government spots. (ForumNews)

Vogel/Murray/Sawatzky: The Independence Party is back in a few areas. (MPR)

Swedzinski/Torkelson/Hamilton/Dahms: DFL power grab won’t change approach. (Marshall)

One vote wonder – Franson ahead of Cunniff in House District 8B. (Alexandria)

Candidate endorses recount in Minnesota Senate 20 race. (Northfield)

Klobuchar says ‘no’ to early 2016 chatter. (MinnPost)

Franken supports filibuster reform. (YDR)

Rick Nolan headed to Washington for new member orientation. (MinnPost)

Walz pivots to legislative work post-election. (New Ulm)

Quist blames amendments, lack of national support for loss. (New Ulm)

In Bachmann’s narrow win, hints of vulnerability. (AP)

Chris Kluwe on the election: ‘It makes me proud to be part of this state’. (CityPages)

IRRRB 101: Commissioner Sertich talks up agency successes during Tuesday visit to Ely. (Ely)

Peterson seeks action on [farm bill] legislation before Thanksgiving. (ForumNews)

Heitkamp calls farm bill ‘job one’ in US Senate. (AP)

Farm bill prospects could hinge on budget talks. (AP)

Minnesota becomes first state to reject constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. (ForumNews)

Minn. veterans have new mission: Finding jobs. (Crookston)

Minnesota Veterans Homes Celebrate 125 Years. (HTF)

More than 100 wolves killed during hunt. (AP)

Klobuchar: Now that we have a wolf season, DNR needs to do some tweaking. (Ely)

Beet harvest wraps up. (AgriNews)

Letter (Rukavina): Carron forgets his history in complaint over land exchange. (Timberjay)

Franken Column: Minnesota must invest in workforce development. (Grand Forks)

Column: Questions abound after the 2012 election. (Albert Lea – Austin)

Column: Election analyses make leaps of logic. (Mankato)

Editorial: Obama should accept Mayo’s invitation. (Rochester)

Editorial: Amendment strategy hurt Republicans. (Bemidji)

Editorial: DFL in control at State Capitol. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Can compromise return to politics? (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Voters offer answers, raise new questions. (Albert Lea – St. Cloud)

Editorial: Election a success, no matter who won or lost. (Crookston)

Editorial: A big day for Democrats. (Duluth)

Editorial: A chance to get it right – Voters back divided government again. Will it work this time? (Timberjay)

Editorial: Political analysis silly in light of tragic storm. (Fairmont)

Editorial (Dayton): Tax the wealthy more? Plenty of peril in plan. (Fairmont)

Editorial: DFL comes in talking moderation. (Mankato)

Editorial: Dayton, lawmakers have tasks to tackle. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: A stunning Heitkamp triumph. (Fargo)