Outstate News (11-4-12)

Poll: Opposition outweighs support for amendments, Obama up by 8. (MPR)

Rukavina: Veterans decry voter ID amendment. (HotDish)

Editorial: Vote ‘no’ on Minn. [ballot] measures. (ForumNews)

Sturdevant Column: Send voter ID back to Legislature. (Strib)

Editorial: Vote ‘no’ or lose yours – The voter ID amendment leaves too many questions unanswered that could harm our democracy. (MnDaily)

Column: Amendment backers lack faith in the constitution. (New Ulm)

Endorsement: We endorse for Legislature: DFLers [Metsa, Melin, Dill, Bakk, Tomassoni, Saxhaug], GOP lawmaker [McElfatrick (over Anzelc)]. (Virginia)

Endorsement: Kahn for State House. (MnDaily)

One Legislature, up for grabs. (PIM)

Sen. Hann embroiled in conflict-of-interest controversy. (CityPages)

Newman/Parry/Ritchie: Judge dismisses complaint against secretary of state over photo ID. (HotDish)

Franken stumps for ‘common-sense’ Baldwin in La Crosse. (LaCrosse)

Sen. Franken Jokes Microwaves Important Tool In Gay Marriage Battle. (UpTake)

Bills faces long, long odds. (ForumNews)

Michele Bachmann is panicking over Bill Clinton’s imminent arrival. (CityPages)

Bachmann: Only abortion exception should be the life of the mother. (HotDish)

Cravaack and Nolan fight for District 8. (MnDaily)

Cravaack/Nolan: District 8 candidates speak at Cambridge debate. (Mora)

NRA chief in Minn. to campaign for Cravaack. (MPR)

President Clinton visits the U. (MnDaily)

Bob Christensen [owner of Christensen Farms] dies hunting in Missouri. (New Ulm)

Marriage amendment divisions run deep. (ForumNews)

Madonna urges Minnesota fans: “Vote No on the Marriage Amendment!”

Wolf shot near Grand Marais among at least 32 taken on first day of Minnesota hunt. (Duluth)

‘We brought them back just to kill them?’: Protesters in Duluth decry state’s wolf hunt. (Duluth)

Thissen Column: Put DFL legislators in the majority. (Strib)

Zellers Column: Keep GOP in control of Legislature. (Strib)

Column: Mark Ritchie shares true language in amendments. (Mora)

Column: WOMEN! Your mothers and grandmothers would expect you to vote! (HTF)

Column: What about the farm bill? (AgWeek)

Column: A boost from biofuels. (AgWeek)

Editorial (Howes-Persell-Saxhaug-Carlson): Redistricting hurts Bemidji area. (Bemidji)

Editorial: Compromise should not be a dirty word. (Mankato)