Outstate News (11-3-12)

Editorial: Constitutional amendments – Voters should reject efforts to short-circuit the legislative process. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Vote ‘no’ on both amendments. (Worthington)

Editorial: Amendment proposals deserve resounding defeat. (Sartell-St. Joseph)

Editorial: Vote no on same-sex marriage amendment. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Marriage amendment is just wrong. (Winona)

Editorial: Amendment on marriage unnecessary. (Fergus Falls)

Editorial: Voters, reject ‘marriage amendment.’ (Red Wing)

Editorial: Vote no on the voter ID measure. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Voter ID falls short of goal. (Red Wing)

Endorsement: Howe; Ohly (over Senjem); Nelson; Sparks; Miller; Kelly; Bruce; Quam; Norton; Liebling; Stallman (over Benson); Murray; Poppe; Davids; Klobuchar; Walz; Kline; Obama; Marriage NO; Voter ID NO. (Rochester)

Endorsement: Our picks for the Legislature – Gimse (over Koenen), Falk, Sawatszky (over Vogel), and Urdahl. (Willmar)

Endorsement: Hanson (over Eken); Marquart; Skoe; Sailer. (Detroit Lakes)

Endorsement: Hansen (over Eken), Reimche, Marquart. (Moorhead)

Endorsement: For Legislature: Dahms, Torkelson. (New Ulm)

Endorsement: Montplaisir a better choice to address budget woes (over Drazkowski). (Winona)

Endorsement: Tschumper deserves another chance (over Davids). (Winona)

Endorsement: Reward Miller’s leadership with another term. (Winona)

Endorsement: Pelowski provides bipartisan leadership. (Winona)

Endorsement: Oberloh should go to St. Paul. (Worthington)

Endorsement: Elect Hamilton to new two-year term. (Worthington)

Endorsement: Send Schomacker back to St. Paul. (Worthington)

Endorsement): Give Sen. Sparks another term. (Albert Lea)

Endorsement: Keep Murray in office in Dist. 27A. (Albert Lea)

Endorsement: In Senate 23, House 23A: We back Rosen, Gunther. (Fairmont)

Endorsement: Re-elect all District 14 incumbents – Gottwalt, Banaian, Pederson. (St. Cloud)

Endorsement: Kaiser’s pragmatism makes him the right choice for 24B (over Fritz). (Owatonna)

Endorsement: Petersburg brings skills, experience needed for District 24A. (Owatonna)

Endorsement: District 24 Senate – Swedin. (Owatonna)

Endorsement: Peterson should be returned to DC. (Worthington-ForumNews)

Endorsement: Walz deserves to be re-elected. (Winona)

Endorsement: Walz worthy of two more years. (Worthington-ForumNews)

Endorsement: For Congress – Quist sees the right problems. (Fairmont)

Endorsement: Chip Cravaack deserves a second term in Congress. (ECM)

Endorsement: We endorse in 8th District: Rep. Cravaack. (Virginia)

Endorsement: Graves is a better fit for 6th District. (St. Cloud)

Endorsement: Klobuchar, Walz deserve re-election. (New Ulm)

Endorsement: We believe Klobuchar deserves second term. (Fairmont)

Endorsement: Klobuchar deserves second term. (St. Cloud)

Endorsement: tepid for Sen. Klobuchar. (Virginia)

Endorsement: Klobuchar proven and has more to offer. (ECM)

Endorsement: Klobuchar for U.S. Senate. (ForumNews)

Gimse/Kriesel/Sviggum: Profane Twitter comments about Rep. Kriesel leads to departure. (Willmar-ForumNews)

Gimse/Kriesel/Sviggum: Bob Koss, MNGOP Senate staffer, calls John Kriesel a “piece of sh*t” — and gets fired. (CityPages)

Zellers/Thissen: Election Notebook: Speaker optimistic despite GOP obstacles. (ForumNews)

Rukavina: Our vacation – Badlands and battlefields, mountains and mammoths. (HTF)

Vogel/Gimse/Koenen: Candidates find plenty to spar about. (Willmar)

Howes/Bonoff/Dayton: Red Wing’s Howe-Schmit Senate race may be ‘nastiest’ campaign in state. (MinnPost)

MNGOP Rep. Keith Downey lists dead guys as supporters in newspaper ad. (CityPages)

Davids/Tschumper: Judges settle Fillmore County Republicans’ complaint. (Rochester)

Franken/Peterson: Montevideo hunt another success. (Montevideo)

Franken visits Dawson farm. (AgriNews)

Senator Al Franken speaks on the “RIDE” Act in Clay County. (WDAY)

Senator Franken wants applicants for military service academies. (Benson)

Franken offers up some campaign humor during Roch rally. (Rochester)

Franken a player in Democrats’ plan to keep Senate. (Strib)

Franken: Bill may increase energy competitiveness. (GLE)

Klobuchar, Franken, Peterson announce USDA Disaster Declaration. (ECM)

Sen. Amy Klobuchar stops at the University of Minnesota, Morris. (Morris)

Klobuchar swings through Pipestone. (Pipestone)

Peterson says few bipartisan legislators remain. (Hutchinson)

Congressional candidate Lee Byberg visits Morris. (Morris)

Michele Bachmann won’t say whether she thinks abortion is okay in cases of rape. (CityPages)

Walz, Quist challenge each other on job creation, deficit reduction. (Rochester)

Final hours of Cravaack-Nolan race: Big bucks, sharp attacks. (MinnPost)

Bills, Byberg, Westrom, Dutcher campaign at local GOP fundraiser. (Morris)

DFL candidates, activists work to energize voters for election. (Morris)

Ritchie: Election turnout to be highest. (Albert Lea)

Swanson: Minn. AG sues coin dealer over undelivered coins. (AP)

Poll (MN President): Obama: 53%; Romney 44%. (PPP)

Vice President Joe Biden barnstorms in Superior. (Duluth)

Small-town Minnesota publisher supports gay marriage, loses subscribers. (MinnPost)

[Vikings’] Chris Kluwe takes a stand [against marriage amendment]. (CityPages)

PFLAG: marriage amendment vote influential, will have consequences no matter outcome. (Marshall)

A look at issues surrounding marriage amendment. (ForumNews)

Proposed voter ID amendment should not be confused with current voter laws. (Willmar)

Governor aiming for more young hunters; Officials praise economic benefits. (Winona)

New state report provides insight into impact of ethanol industry. (Willmar)

Price-fixing lawsuit against Land O’ Lakes, dairy coops moves forward. (CityPages)

Franken Column: Paul Wellstone’s Legacy, 10 Years Later. (Atlantic-Duluth)

Column: Extremism running politics. (Fergus Falls)

Friedman Column (Franken-Klobuchar): In Minnesota, ‘a fight for the GOP’s soul.’ (Grand Forks)

Column (Obama-Romney): The country is making progress; it’s no time to turn back. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Cravaack-Nolan): Roots and residency – Both sides shading the facts in Eighth District race. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Clinton’s visit helps Heitkamp. (Fargo)