Outstate News (9-16-12)

Minnesota Rep. Peterson: Farm bill unlikely soon. (Moorhead)

Franken Column: Minnesota needs a Farm Bill before Congress adjourns. (Rochester)

Editorial: Congress, sow some farm legislation now. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Farm Bill’s fate helps explain Berg’s woes. (Grand Forks)

Liebling/Davids/Senjem: Who’s to blame for Mayo Civic Center not getting funded? (Rochester)

Sheran: Mankato loses on grant attempt for civic center. (Mankato-Albert Lea)

Urdahl: Litchfield secures $2.5 million wastewater grant. (Litchfield)

Mary Franson says election is about “jobs and the economy,” spends all week talking about abortion and voter ID. (CityPages)

Kiffmeyer/Winkler/Ritchie: Will the voting amendment dismantle Minnesota’s current election system? (MinnPost)

Davids/Paulsen/Dayton: Gov. Mark Dayton ‘distressed’ by current anti-tax mentality. (MinnPost)

Gauthier: Minnesota Democrats sue to replace candidate on ballot. (AP)

O’Driscoll honored as ‘Legislator of the Year’. (St. Joseph)

Lobbyist fined who donated to Davids’ campaign. (Rochester)

Class actions could get boost as Franken puts up his Dukes. (BusMan)

College Students from Woodbury Intern in Sen. Franken’s Office. (Patch)

New report credits Sen. Franken Health Reform measure. (ECM)

Franken/Klobuchar/Peterson/Walz: Minn. legislators announce disaster declaration. (AgWeek)

Obama, Klobuchar up by solid margins in Minnesota. (PPP)

Obama up 7 in Minnesota, Klobuchar up 19, says new poll. (CityPages)

Poll (Dayton-Franken): Minnesota split on marriage amendment. (PPP)

Bachmann: Middle East protests the ‘direct consequence’ of Obama policies. (MinnPost)

Gov. Dayton gets recommendations for judicial appointments. (MinnPost)

Revenue Commissioner Frans brings three-legged stool presentation to Met Council. (ECM)

Jill Biden touts Obama’s support of higher education during Macalester stop. (MinnPost)

Real Minnesotans voting no: Terry and Jesse Ventura. (MinnPost)

Marriage amendment: Both sides sharpen strategies. (MPR-Winona)

‘Yes’ versus ‘yes, but’: Minnesota gay marriage polls’ differing numbers. (MinnPost)

Willmar, Minn., area residents discuss ways to stop gay marriage amendment. (Willmar)

Voter ID law could cost Hubbard County. (Park Rapids)

Judge rejects Wisconsin law limiting union rights. (AP)

Minn. harvest beginning, initial reports yield optimism. (Willmar)

Down market has Minn. hog producers squealing. (MPR)

Letter: Hamilton had wrong priority on health care vote. (Worthington)

Westrom Column (Ritchie): Court makes right call in restoring amendment questions. (Morris)

Column: Understand the amendment regarding voter ID. (Red Wing)

Column: Mitt Romney has mess to clean up after falsely accusing Obama on Libya. (Owatonna)

Editorial: Romney made lowly comments. (Austin-Albert Lea)

Editorial: Prepare yourselves for the silly season. (Bemidji)

Editorial: Congress should act before election. (Mankato)