Outstate News (7-9-11)

Editorial: GOP remains the party of no. (Winona)

Editorial: Anti-tax extremism in Minnesota. (NYTimes-Strib)

Zellers/Dean/Michel/Koch: Grover Norquist looms over Minnesota’s budget impasse. (MinnPost)

Editorial: Vulnerable residents need more protection than wealthy. (Marshall)

Editorial: GOP must give for shutdown to end. (Fergus Falls-Austin)

Editorial (Parry-Howe): Will serious lawmakers please step up? (Rochester)

Editorial: When a bad budget deal beats no deal – GOP should accept Dayton’s offer on school aid, cigarette tax. (Strib)

Column: Minnesota provides process for recalling elected state officials. (Glencoe)

Murray gets one-on-one with Dayton. (Albert Lea)

Urdahl blames Gov. Dayton for government shutdown. (Litchfield)

Magnus/Zellers/Koch: Analysis: Budget, shutdown about spending dispute. (ForumNews)

Dustup update: Governor says he’s paying chef from his own pocket. (MinnPost)

Shutdown Roundup: Costs of shutdown piling up. (MnIndy)

State shutdown hits families, daycares. (Litchfield)

Shutdown: Plenty of disappointed, would-be anglers. (Willmar)

Dahms/Falk/Koenen: Even with panel, budget fix doesn’t come easy. (Marshall)

Zellers/Koch: Third alternative thrown on state budget negotiation table. (ECM)

Westrom: Jordan receives [county attorney] endorsements but commissioners want more information. (Morris)

Franken/Klobuchar/Anzelc/Saxhaug: Oberstar, [Irv] Anderson recognized in dedication ceremony. (International Falls)

Franken/Juhnke: Franken staff discusses potential for jobs and energy independence. (International Falls)

Franken: Two nations play tug of war; Canada wins. (International Falls)

Al Franken’s press policy – First-term senator is steering clear of interviews with the national media. (WashingtonPost-Brainerd)

Facing foreclosure? Sen. Franken urges homeowners hit by unemployment or medical bills to apply for emergency loans by July 22. (Litchfield)

Klobuchar: Senators propose immediate end to ethanol credit. (AP)

Ethanol’s tank may be near empty, Collin Peterson says. (AgriNews)

Rep. John Kline: Cut strings on federal education money. (AP)

Davids Letter: Still trying to balance the budget with Dayton. (Winona)

Kiel Letter: Minnesota can’t keep digging itself into fiscal hole. (Crookston)

Urdahl Letter: Shutdown is unnecessary. (Willmar)

Letter (Urdahl): Saved from more taxes! (Willmar)

Letter (Shimanski-Newman): Congratulations on another wasted session! (Glencoe)

Letter: Who is Rep. Hancock representing? (Park Rapids)

Letter (LiMieur-Gazelka): Tired of Republican blaming and bashing. (Little Falls)

Letter: Rep. Tony Cornish not open to criticism. (Mankato)

Letter (Kelly): Higher taxes don’t kill jobs. (Red Wing)

Letter: Gov. Dayton, have you quit listening? (Faribault)

Letter: GOP logo should be a bullhead. (Mankato)

Letter: GOP budget plan is fiscally immoral. (Rochester)

Letter: Whatever happened to ‘good old’ Republicans? (Litchfield)

Ingebrigtsen Column: An unnecessary shutdown. (Alexandria)

Miller Column: Eager to get Minnesota back to work. (Winona)

Drazkowski Column: Nice guys finish last in leadership. (Winona)

Dorman Column: How did Minnesota get to this point? (Albert Lea)

Robin Brown Column: No one campaigned to shut down the state. (Albert Lea)

Column (Downey): Income must be a part of resolving budget fight. (Austin)

Column: Government shutdown … you’ve got to be kidding? (Aitkin)

Column: From a state that works to shutdown: What changed in Minnesota politics? (MnPost)

Editorial: Pawlenty needs ‘courage to stand’ by his views. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Pass a law: No budget, no paycheck. (Rochester)

Editorial: Commission is a welcome addition to state budget talks. (Faribault)

Editorial (Parry): Mondale, Carlson combo a no-go? (Owatonna)

Editorial: It’s up to current, elected officials, not former ones, to settle state budget issue. (Virginia)

Editorial: Has-beens come up with plan that won’t help. (Fairmont)

Editorial: There really was no mandate for either party. (Glenwood)

Editorial: What if taxpayers shut down? (Hutchinson)

Editorial: Toxic attitudes created state government shutdown. (Little Falls)

Editorial: Dayton winning the narrative, but moderate Republicans could win war. (Mankato)

Editorial: Blame for shutdown goes both ways. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Politicians’ top priority isn’t people. (St. Cloud)

Editorial: Minnesotans will have no sympathy for those elected. (Virginia)

Editorial: Citizens are key to budget standoff. (Willmar)

Editorial: Time to blur the lines. (Waseca)