Outstate News (4-30-11)

Zellers/Koch/Michel/Thissen/Bakk: Frustrated Capitol press corps tries — unsuccessfully — to get legislative leaders off same old talking points. (MinnPost)

Editorial: Voter ID shouldn’t be an amendment. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Let [voter ID] pass or fail – [do not put on ballot]. (Austin)

Editorial: Koch, GOP thumb noses at non-partisan budget department. (Rochester)

Koch: Dayton becoming “less optimistic” about a budget deal by deadline. (Rochester)

Best Villain – 2011 – Steve Drazkowski. (CityPages)

Drazkowski says Best Villain Award a “badge of honor” (Rochester)

Rukavina/Nornes/Fischbach: Higher ed funds slashed in Republican budget bill. (Timberjay)

Mary Kiffmeyer introduces voter ID constitutional amendment. (CityPages)

Tomassoni/Langseth/Hoffman/Seiben/Thompson: Senate OKs voter ID over objections that some will not vote. (ForumNews)

Murray/Kiffmeyer/Bakk: Voter ID bill passes Senate. (Austin)

Limmer/Kiffmeyer: Voter ID issue advances at Capitol, but facts continue to get in the way. (MinnPost)

Republicans fast track proposed constitutional amendment aimed at banning gay marriage. (CityPages)

Senate committee passes anti–gay marriage amendment – DFL’s Harrington: Bill ‘sends a chilling message that it is OK to discriminate’. (MNIndy)

Limmer: Minn. Senate committee passes gay marriage ban. (AP)

Winkler: DFL legislators seek business help in stopping gay marriage amendment. (MinnPost)

Gottwalt/Thissen: Gottwalt’s health bill passes House. (St. Cloud)

Cornish/Kriesel: Bill to expand gun laws passes Minn. House committee. (AP)

Schomacker: Drivers’ license bill advances. (Worthington)

Franken tours Poet ethanol plant. (Austin)

Franken: Institute leading the way. (Austin)

Franken sees 3-D tech at Hormel Institute. (Albert Lea)

Franken visits area to find energy crisis solutions. (Winona)

Franken visits POET in Preston. (Preston)

Franken to hold hearing on mobile device privacy; asks Apple, Google execs to testify. (MinnPost)

Klobuchar: Secretary Vilsack touts renewable energy in Minnesota. (AgriNews)

Walz opposes cuts to senior spending. (Albert Lea)

Walz: Roundtable covers military benefits. (St. Cloud)

Rep. Kline visits Red Wing. (Red Wing)

Mark Dayton’s turnaround: How can a ‘failing’ senator seem to have the makings of a star governor? (MinnPost)

Pawlenty on ethanol subsidies: Changes OK, but can’t ‘pull the rug out’ from under industry. (MinnPost)

Former Gov. Wendell Anderson attends ‘Cocktails with Governor’. (New Ulm)

GOP family feud erupts over racino proposal. (MinnPost)

What do [the letters] DFL stand for? (Rochester)

Sugar farmers sue over ‘corn sugar’ campaign. (AP)

Small earthquake shakes up Alexandria area. (Morris)

Letter: Drazkowski’s condescending opinions are just that: opinions. (Red Wing)

Letter (Hoffman): State GOP lawmakers are undermining education. (Fergus Falls)

Letter: Pre-election concerns with Sen. Nelson are now reality. (Rochester)

Letter: Swedzinski thanks town hall attendees. (Marshall)

Letter: Tell legislators to support senior services. (New Ulm)

Poppe Column: Final choice on budget is looming. (Austin)

Banaian Column: Zero-based budget makes sense. (St. Cloud)

Column (Banaian): Necessities come before [zero based] funding. (St. Cloud)

Murray Column: Visits with constituents were useful. (Albert Lea)

Fran Bradley Column: Liberals don’t understand that government must shrink. (Rochester)

Column: Dayton not messing around. (Marshall)

Editorial: [Legislators:] Cut your own salaries, too. (Winona)

Editorial: Bait and switch – GOP touts deficit reduction plan, but it’s really about tax cuts for the wealthy. (Timberjay)

Editorial (Koch-Dayton): Winning budget formula? Everyone pays. (Rochester)

Editorial: Protect animal abusers? Legislators want to stifle the public and the press to protect violators. (Timberjay)

Editorial: Odds favor gambling expansion in Minnesota. (Austin)

Editorial: Don’t play gaming card in Minnesota. (Grand Forks)

Editorial: Birthers embarrass the nation. (Mankato)

Editorial: Bakk’s amendment to IRRRB business loan program should have been OK’d. (Virginia)

Editorial: PolyMet loan issue didn’t need a lawsuit. (Virginia)

Editorial: Disenfranchised in Minnesota. (Winona)