Outstate News (2-21-11)

Editorial (Drazkowski): Pee test doesn’t get passing grade. (Winona)

Editorial: Wisconsin happenings the latest example of bipartisan myth. (Crookston)

Drazkowski/Benson: Teachers lecture legislators at Plainview town-hall meeting. (Rochester)

Benson: Tea Party Patriots not happy with League of Women Voters. (Rochester)

Thissen/Dibble/Koch/Dean: Could Wisconsin-type protests happen in Minnesota? (ForumNews)

Beltrami County Republican Convention: Carlson, Hancock hold fast on budget principles. (Bemidji)

McElfatrick: Aitkin County Republican Committee Convention. (NewsHopper)

Pelowski/Drazkowski/Davids: Bill stops taxpayer dollars for abortions. (Winona)

Scalze/Hausman: Lawmakers: Ramsey County officials float idea of Vikings stadium sales tax. (AP)

Pederson eyes environmental agency overlap with new bill. (St. Cloud)

Rep. Peterson flipped on net neutrality. (TheHill)

Peterson/Klobuchar: Lawmakers vow to push for retention funds. (GrandForks)

Bachmann: South Carolina is a ‘GOP paradise’. (AP)

Bachmann: Glenn Beck can solve the budget deficit. (MnIndy)

Bachmann criticizes Obama for siding with Wisconsin public workers. (MnIndy)

Klobuchar wants housing for homeless vets. (AP)

Dayton’s tax-increase plan goes against the grain. (AP)

Dayton not alone in raising taxes to fix state budget gap. (MPR)

Long-term care doesn’t like Dayton plan. (ForumNews)

Dayton decries ‘divisive strategy’ in Wisconsin. (HotDish)

Wisconsin: The Police [Unions] Are Turning On Walker. (DailyKos)

Wisconsin Republicans up pressure on Dems who fled state to return and vote on anti-union bill. (AP)

For compromise in Wis., 3 GOP senators are needed. (AP)

Packers player Charles Woodson cheers on Wisconsin public employees. (MinnPost)

Gunther Letter: Dayton way off the mark. (Fairmont)

Letter: Disappointed in Urdahl. (Willmar-Litchfield)

LWV Letter: Voting organization opposes photo ID bill. (St. Cloud)

LWV Column: People should not need a photo ID to vote. (Duluth)

Klobuchar Column: Innovation key to competitive agenda. (Bemidji)

Sparks Column: Dayton’s proposed budget a good starting point. (Rochester)

Newman Column: Hoping for more optimistic speech [from Dayton]; Ethics Complaint: Unanimous, bi-partisan dismissal. (Glencoe)

Column: Gambling revenue would boost budget. (Albert Lea)

Editor’s Column (Falk-Magnus/Zellers-Swedzinski): Is it fair to make the rich pay? (Marshall)

Editorial: Dayton will keep local aids intact. (Bemidji)

Editorial (Dayton-Zellers): Real budget deal won’t happen anytime soon. (Rochester)

Editorial (Dayton): DFL, GOP need to find ways to compromise. (Faribault)

Editorial (Miller): Green Acres isn’t always the place to be if you’re a Minnesota farmer. (Winona)

Editorial (Davids): County’s quick action should earn it the cemetery. (Rochester)

Editorial: ‘Consultant’ on PolyMet not needed – Governor shouldn’t open himself to criticism of cronyism. (Virginia)

Editorial: Wisconsin, take note: N.D. shows the way. (Grand Forks)