Outstate News (2-16-11)

Column: Drazkowski has no shame, but we should…I want Steve Drazkowski to pee in a cup before he draws his state paycheck. (Winona)

Carly Melin (DFL) Takes District 5B Legislative Seat. (NorthlandNews)

Melin wins vacant Range legislative seat. (Duluth)

Falk/Koenen/Swedzinski/Dahms/Magnus: DFL Rep. says Dayton budget is good for rural Minnesota; GOP concerned. (Marshall)

Fritz/Zellers/Parry: Dayton’s budget draws scrutiny as debate heats up. (Faribault)

Banaian/Hosch/Brown/Fischbach: Area leaders offer reaction to budget bill. (St. Cloud)

Dorman: Dayton budget and your property taxes. (Mankato)

Ward/Gazelka/LeMieur: Area officials take wait-and-see stance on budget. (Brainerd)

Bakk/Zellers/Michel: Dayton wants to tax wealthy to fix deficit. (AP)

Lenczewski/Michele/Davids: With budget out, Dayton and GOP can start dealing. (MPR)

Zellers: Dayton plan contains massive tax hike for state’s wealthiest residents. (ForumNews)

Garofalo: Dayton’s K-12 plan: Shift stays, more all-day kindergarten. (MPR)

Davids/Zellers: Cities cheered by budget proposal, but brace for [GOP] cuts. (MPR)

Senjem: Governor, GOP leaders to visit Rochester offering different takes on budget proposal. (Rochester)

Reinert/Newman: Republicans: Calendar sent to legislators violates state gift ban. (HotDish)

Gottwalt’s bill calls for state insurance exchange. (St. Cloud)

Interview: Ken Martin – ‘We need to frame an effective message and close the enthusiasm gap’ (MinnPost)

Gaertner: Former RamCo attorney joins Gray Plant Mooty. (MPR)

State Commerce Commissioner gets the lowdown on flooding in Crookston. (Crookston)

County, city officials cautious about governor’s budget proposal, LGA. (Marshall)

Local institutions mostly pleased with Dayton’s budget proposal. (Mankato)

Mixed reaction to Dayton’s budget. (Rochester)

MnSCU students to protest [high tuition]. (AP)

Hundreds protest Wisconsin plan to cut worker rights. (AP)

Carlson Letter: Pioneer’s editorial missed mark. (Bemidji)

Steve Murphy Letter: Senators stab vets in the back. (Red Wing)

Letter (Drazkowski): Gun owners glad about background checks. (Winona)

Kline Column: Mandates mustn’t block education reform. (Red Wing)

Column: Sales tax on local government is out of control. (Red Wing)

Editorial: Minnesota LGA vital to cities. (Moorhead)

Editorial: Dayton keeps LGA budget promise; but cuts likely. (Virginia)

Editorial: Dayton budget lays out starting point. (Mankato)

Editorial: The 800-pound [budget] gorillas. (Albert Lea)

Editorial: Dayton’s budget won’t be popular. (New Ulm)

Editorial: Governor Dayton fulfills promise, unfortunately. (Owatonna)

Editorial: Deer discussion a civil example for all. (Rochester)

Editorial: Redrawing political lines should spur call to change. (St. Cloud)