Outstate News (2-1-11)

Langseth to retire after term ends. (PIM)

Editorial: Bonding bills good for the economy. (Albert Lea)

Column: Conservatives Reject Job Creation…Again. (Hindsight)

Dean/Howes: Dayton proposes $1 billion bonding bill to create jobs. (AP)

Howes/Dean/Langseth/Senjem: GOP sticks to mantra, as Dayton bill gets a quick ‘no’ (ForumNews)

Howes/Hausman/Langseth/Michel: Gov. Dayton bonding bill DOA for GOP. (MinnPost)

Dean/Michele: What a philosophical difference a year makes with Dayton’s $1 billion bonding plan. (MinnPost)

Thissen/Dean: Improving Coon Rapids Dam one of projects in Dayton’s $1 billion bonding bill. (ECM)

Ridgewater College Agriculture & Veterinary tech programs in bonding mix. (Willmar)

Senjem: Dayton’s bonding bill proposal gets chilly reception from GOP. (Rochester)

Senjem: Mayo Civic Center makes Dayton’s bonding list. (Rochester)

Banaian: Dayton’s bonding Plan includes Civic Center. (St. Cloud)

Bakk: Range would benefit well from Dayton bonding plan. (Virginia)

Dayton: Metro mayors applaud projects, but GOP likely to balk at bonding bill. (MPR)

St. Paul ready to cheer for new Saints stadium if Republicans don’t rain on bonding bill. (MinnPost)

Drazkowski/Crawford/Banaian/J.Carlson/Parry/et.al: Republicans propose repeal of fair pay laws for women. (MnIndy)

Dahms will remove his name from raw milk bill. (New Ulm)

House committee chair Sondra Erickson says reforms can be accomplished. (ECM)

Fischbach/Scheid: Bill would expand gaming to electronic bingo, pull tabs. (MPR)

Taking on Cravaack. (MPR)

Bachmann fears full-body scanners will result in ‘naked pictures’ on Internet. (MinnPost)

Labor in big for Dayton post-election. (AP)

Dayton ally spent almost $6M on Minn. gov’s race. (AP)

Minneapolis CFO Born named Met Council administrator. (MinnPost)

MnSCU chancellor finalists face public interviews. (AP)

Hamilton Letter: Hamilton supports Phase 1 budget bill. (Worthington)

Shomacher Letter: Legislator fighting for Lewis and Clark. (Worthington)

Poppe Column: Not all budget cuts are created equal to Austin. (Rochester)

Kelly Column: Budget, jobs must dominate ’11 session. (Red Wing)

Column: LGA key to strong business. (Morris-Albert Lea)

Column (Drazkowski): U of M Regent: Salary for new president matches his responsibilities. (Rochester)

Editorial (Drazkowski): Gun bill won’t make us safer. (Winona)

Editorial (Davids): Rail bypass never mentioned as sales tax extension project. (Rochester)

Editorial: Sales tax exemptions worth taking a look at. (Crookston)

Editorial: Restricting raw milk the better plan. (Mankato)

Editorial: Lawmakers can let bill go up in smoke. (Duluth)

Editorial (Dayton): Indeed, time is money [with Permitting]. (Red Wing)

Editorial (Dayton): Taken alone, pay freezes, job cuts only divide state. (St. Cloud)

Editorial (Dayton-Magnus): Way to go, AGCO. (Worthington)