Outstate News (11-27-10)

Editorial: Minnesotans have moved on, so should the state Republicans. (Glencoe)

Juhnke/Hackbarth/McNamara/Rosen/Bakk: [Vikings Stadium] Third and Los Angeles. (PIM)

Erickson/Kiffmeyer/Gazelka: New legislators say same-sex marriage amendment could go to voters. (St. Cloud)

Hackbarth suspended. (MPR)

GOP strips Hackbarth of legislative leadership role. (HotDish)

Brown: Candidates ‘confident’ in recount process. (Rochester)

Demmer says he’s likely to stay in politics. (Rochester)

What’s next for Peterson in agriculture? (NorthwoodsPolitics)

Ritchie: Ballot counters hope Minnesota voters learned election lessons. (ForumNews)

Notebook: Numbers may not add up for Emmer. (ForumNews)

PACs can donate as much as they want to recount effort. (MPR)

Norm Coleman says he won’t pursue RNC chairmanship. (AP)

Minn. may suffer from Wis. opposition to rail. (AP)

DNR releases Lake Vermilion Park draft master plan. (Timberjay)

Local Food: What’s Next? (MPR)

Letter (Solberg): We just lost a committee chair. (Aitkin)

Letter: Cravaack’s plans will destroy more jobs. (Duluth)

Letter: Minnesota Republicans have to give in to taxes. (Bemidji)

Letter: Grocers [and big oil] join opposition against farmers. (Crookston)

Column: USDA policy not good for ag industry. (St. Cloud)

Column: Raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour. (Bemidji)

Column: Minnesota is entering a season of [political] change. (Austin)

Editorial (Elmer L. Anderson): Emmer and Republicans must proceed with grace. (ECM)