Danger, Will Robinson

Any who watched the television series Lost in Space from the 1960’s will recall the famous catch phrase often blurted out by the Robot upon impending threat to the youngest of the children, “Danger, Will Robinson!”

I hear this message resonating in my head today.

As I post what I hope is the first of many blogs to come, perhaps I’m stepping off into the Netherland where elected political travelers rarely go. I am entering cyberspace with all of its potential pitfalls and pratfalls. Yes, there may be danger. Yes, there may be stupidity.

Of this I am certain, there will be opportunity.

There will be opportunity for political foes to push and pester, tease and taunt. It is my hope that this type of kiddish behavior will not be realized within this forum. Rather, let’s find opportunity for the curious to understand a bit more about the landscape called politics. Opportunity for the scholars amongst us to engage and educate. Opportunity for simple fun and laughter. Or most importantly, opportunity for adult interaction without the ever growing electoral chasm caused in no small part by the scorched earth mentality of today’s political pundits.

As the weeks and months progress, I will do my best to educate on the things I see, and incorporate the ideas and ideals I hold, within the written words on this page. Please feel free to join me on what promises to be an interesting walk down the middle of the road.

Come on, let’s head out together.